Thursday, September 22, 2011

Season's 52 - Part 1

Today was WAY better than yesterday :-)

My company offers a wellness program and one of my favorite events is the cooking demonstration at Season's 52.  Season's 52 is an awesome restaurant that has a seasonal menu and all entrees are 475 calories or less.  They use local products and no butter. That's right you heard me. NO butter.  The Horror you say!  I would have said the same, but their food is outstanding.  If anyone wants to go for dinner call me. I am totally in.

Last year work husband and I had the small table up front and got to share the same size samples as the tables of 8. It was awesome.  So you can imagine how excited I was for this today.  In preparation I ate my lunch early since the demonstration started at 3.  I did make it a light lunch though so that I could partake in the deliciousness.  Sadly I was not able to procure a small table and had to share with everyone else, but that's ok.  It was still worth it.

Please note that I took lots of notes and will provide them in a future post, Part 2, but I need some time to research to make sure I spell things properly for you.  I also need to decipher my chicken scratch.  Hopefully I will have this for you this weekend.  You're going to love it!

The first item of business was a Duck salad.  Yes, I cringed.  Seriously?  Ick. The salad part was full of butternut squash, cranberries, toasted pecans, and root vegetable that looked like a potato and tasted like a pear (I don't have my notes next to me and I can't remember what it's called).  The dressing was a sesame dressing. YUM.  The duck was marinated and served medium well.

Who the heck knew that I LOVE duck.  I'm horrified by this discovery because they are so cute and pretty, but sakes alive it was tasty.  Since a table of eight is splitting the dish it's kind of hard to take a lot of the food.  I just sat there staring at the leftovers on the plate wondering where the line was between being polite and GIMME!

The second dish was a cucumber salad with chili flakes.  Delicious.

The main entree was scallops and pearl pasta (cous cous) over asparagus.  Since I'm allergic to seafood they were kind enough to bring me a side of Pearl Pasta.  Holy crap that was good. Someone was good enough to ask where to find it in the grocery store.  Should be with the pasta, but if not check the international section.  I did brave it and grab a piece of asparagus that looked like it hadn't touched the scallops.  And that was tasty too.

And then it was time for the really good stuff...the stuff we were all waiting for...Dessert!  They serve little dessert shooters.  Last year I had the key lime shooter.  Today I had the pecan pie with mousse shooter.  If I could have stuck my tongue all of the way in the glass I would have.  I was in heaven.

A big shout out to Carol for organizing this!  If you need someone to go next week I'm so volunteering :-)

It was nice when we left so I decided to go to the park to walk instead of the mall.  I put on my skinny jeans this morning because I want to know when I'm full, but I hadn't figured on the walk.  Not the ideal pants for it, but oh well I am committed.

I was literally on the track for 30 seconds and then I wanted to cry.  I should have gone to the mall.  I can walk on the hottest day. I can walk on the coldest day.  I can walk in the rain.  What makes me not want to walk are gnats.  They were everywhere.  I put my water bottle in my bag and pursed my lips. Okay, so maybe I won't do the 3 miles I had planned.  Maybe just two and then I can lift weights.  Ugh it was gross.  Now I should have prefaced this with: before I got out of the car I put on lip lips were gnat magnets.

I am Sooo not a bug person.  I pretty much freak out when they are around.  Do not even get me started on stink bugs.  Anyway, I pushed myself to stay out for four miles in an hour. Which is saying something considering I did not have a sip of water the whole time for fear of what would happen when I opened my mouth.

I was pretty proud of myself.  I pushed myself when I really really really wanted to shower.  If I could walk through the gnats I could do just about anything.  If Mr. Hardbody showed up I might have even asked for his number.  (Yeah right, I had a mouth full of bugs...that wasn't going to happen).

So now I will amend a previous statement.  It is okay not to go straight to the kitchen when you come home if your body is a gnat graveyard.  A shower is an acceptable diversion. As long as you don't sit after that.  Immediately after the shower I made a matching salad for dinner and for lunch tomorrow.  Go me!

What is our lesson tonight?  Working out is not always pretty, but it's always worth it.

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