Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Biggest Loser - Episode Two

The Dreaded Week Two.

Generally after the big loss during Week One the body reacts and slows it down during week two.  In the past they they have challenged that if the whole group loses a certain amount than no one goes home.  This week they limited their times in the gym.  WHAT?  During week two?  Are they insane?

The teams were limited to two hours in the gym a day and it was the same time every day.  One had the 5am slot.  One had the 12pm slot.  And one had the 9pm slot.  I would lose it if I had to workout at 9pm.  Now I'm sure that when they weren't at the gym they were outside walking.  These numbers were too good.

In addition to this week's twist, they also met with the doctors.  I hate to say it, but this is always my favorite episode.  This is when it sinks in.  Being fat isn't just unattractive. It is UNHEALTHY.  High blood pressure.  High cholesterol.  Diabetes.  Heart disease.  Bad joints.  Fat around the lungs.  They did not show enough of it this week.  If the slothiness on the treadmill doesn't trigger the 'A-HA' moment, it should be the trip to the doctor.  You are killing yourself and you don't even care.  This week, one of the younger contestants learned he is diabetic.  He is diabetic and he did not know it!  That's even worse.

One of my favorite moments was the weigh in of one of the girls with a knee injury.  This hit home.  When my knees were totally busted I could do nothing.  If only I had Bob.  He modified her workouts and she pulled a big number.  YOU GO GIRL!

Here's the good thing.  Fitness and nutrition will help.  TA DA.  You don't need all of the medicine, you just need to treat yourself right.  There you go.  That's how you do it.

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