Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Pretzel Day!

It's Pretzel Day!  It's Pretzel Day!  It's Pretzel Day!  FINALLY!

As you can imagine, I am a little happy today. My long awaited destiny with the Soft Pretzel with the Jalapeno Spinach Cheese dip has finally arrived.  It was pure heaven.

Before the pretzel I had to figure out what to eat for lunch.  We couldn't decide where to go and finally came up with the food court at the mall.  This is quite possibly the most challenging choice.  Mexican.  Chinese.  Hot grill.  Pizza. Deli. And the token salad joint.  No matter what I plan on I always get sucked into the Chicken Cheesesteak and fries.  It's such a good deal. It's always the "Special" so that means it's a bargain right?

Today I was very proud of myself though. I was walking past the Chinese counter and spotted the most beautiful steamed Vegetables. I stopped dead in my tracks. And sitting prettily behind it was my favorite Bourbon chicken.  So I asked for a plate with both.  No rice.  As with any Chinese mall food court, they piled it on.  I actually had to tell them to take some off.  Don't be afraid to do that.  Remember: If it's not on the plate then you can't eat it :-)

When I got back to work I was comfortable and not full. My jeans were even still loose.  GO ME.  I was feeling pretty good about myself when I realized that I had not really had any water since I got to work.  Dang it.  I drank a bunch before and on my way in, but not really anything since.  Bah.  So I quick knocked back 20 ounces.  And before I knew it, it was time for Happy Hour.  Happy PRETZEL Hour.

On my way into the bar I found some cash laying on the ground (important for later).  It was a good chunk and there was no one around. So I walked in pretty dang happy.  I could buy Pretzels all night long!  It was the first thing I ordered.  I had strong armed my work-husband into sharing it with me.  And I'm so glad I did.  I could barely finish one, let alone two (although I'm fairly certain it's meant to share).  It was delicious and worth the wait, but there was a whole lotta salt going on.  I tried wiping some off, but it was practically glued to it.  Didn't care.  I wanted it. On my last bite I thought I might die.  I had a pocket of salt in my mouth and felt like I was going to be in a permanent pucker for the rest of the night.

By now I was ready for a drink.  I wanted the berry sangria, but naturally they were out and I was forced to get a strawberry margarita.  Honestly, I had no choice ;-)  And what comes on a Margarita?  Salt.  I have had my weekly intake in about an hour.  I should have asked if they had a skinny Margarita, but I was in such a Pretzel after-glow that I couldn't think.

It is important to mention that another round of pretzels made their way to the table, but I was satisfied and did not have any.  I'm still full and so I did not have anything else.  It's not the best dinner, but I don't want to force anything on me either.  I'm already going to wake up a big bloated salty mess.  I did ask for a glass of water before I left and have been drinking another glass since I got home. My tongue is definitely feeling less shriveled.

So you know that money was burning a hole in my pocket.  And well my beloved Phillies had just clinched a playoff birth yesterday.  I need a new shirt!  We walked into the sports store and picked out a few shirts. I no longer have to go to the men's section for my shirts. I can go to the women's!  But, their sizes still suck and I always have to try them on.  Remember the salt?  It was not a pretty picture.  My little happy glow was now a big frown :-(  Why did I do that to myself?  I still bought one thought.  It's pretty cute and I will try it on again tomorrow when I've de-saltified.

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