Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tips Part 1 - Sneakers

I have many little tips to share that have helped me. I will try to share as many of them with you as I can.

The first thing I will say is: Invest in a good pair of sneakers. 

You need a good comfortable and supporting pair with traction.  Make sure you buy the sneaker that is appropriate for your workout. Don't get cross-trainers if you're going to be running.  And don't get running sneakers if you are going to be playing tennis all of the time.  They have different functions and the last thing you want is to twist your ankle because you don't have the right support.

If the bottom of your sneaker is worn out, please buy new ones.  It will make the world of difference.

And please make sure they are the right fit.  You want to avoid blisters.

*Just a fun fact is that when I lost most of the weight I also went down a shoe size.  Your feet hold fat too.  It was kind of cool, except I had some really awesome heels that I loved...and now they look like I'm a little girl putting on her mom's shoes.

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