Monday, March 31, 2014

No Sugar Day 26...

No Sugar Day 26...

So the good news is that it really is getting easier to say no. It doesn't mean that the temptation isn't there. But, the urges are not as...well as urgent.

Saturday I spent with Ms. Bibble and her daughter. We went for a mani/pedi and then out to lunch. It ended up being a late lunch at Outback. We split a small Aussie Fries (cheese fries with bacon) and I got a cheeseburger with soup. It wasn't the healthiest of meals, but it was too early for a steak for me and I can't go to Outback and not get meat.  Plus I did a LOT of weights this week and I tend to crave that after. And it was also counting as dinner too. The dessert menu sat next to me. I could see the ice cream sundae picture on the top staring at me throughout our whole meal.

Secretly I was hoping that when the waitress asked if we wanted dessert everyone else would say yes. They did not. It's okay though. I already blew my calories.

We ran some more errands and then went to Starbucks on the way home. I wanted a cookie, but no, I ordered a hot chocolate instead. That was my sugar for the day. It's high in sugar, but I wanted something warm. It was too late for coffee or I would be up all night.

The next day I went to Starbucks after church to read for a little while.

No one is with me. I can get a cookie and no one has to know!

I ordered a tall flavored coffee. There was no need for a cookie. It was cold and rainy outside. Every time the door opened I got cold. I didn't last too long. I took my drank and headed home to curl up under my blanket and read. I left without getting a treat to eat.

I'm not perfect with this, but I'm consuming WAY less sugar than previously. My body is adjusting. It's craving it less (unless it's in my face). It's looking better. It's feeling better.

We are less than 5 weeks out from the cruise and then birthday month. I am a little worried. I don't want all of my hard work cleansing my system from this to be sabotaged. I think my plan will need to be all fruit treats until the last night. And then I can have something then. That's also my rule for alcohol for the trip (except for the obligatory Pina Colada send off when we leave Port).

I have faith in myself. I do. I've done really well all things considered. Most of my strategy the last couple weeks has been to just plain remove myself from the path of temptation. The less I am around it, the less I think about it.

Have a Blessed Evening

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

#RNRUSA Part 2 - Race Time

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Okay I have been working on this post for a little while now. I'm going to try and finish it before Grey's Anatomy comes on...but if you are reading this on Friday I didn't make it. haha. *Clearly I didn't make it since it's Sunday*

So back to race morning. 4am came and I was up. I can generally hit snooze once and then I am good. Into the shower I go. I made the call to not wear my long sleeve shirt under the sleeveless running jersey. I would still be wearing the leggings and didn't want to overheat. When Aunt Kathy saw me, the first thing she said was "Look how fit you are!" Okay, I'm good.

The night before I got my sneakers ready. One of my Christmas presents from Nephew was a pair of wings for my sneakers. That way he would be with me for my races. Awwww.

While everyone was getting ready I ate my banana and made everyone some mini bagels with peanut butter (and made some for post race). It's a difficult choice considering I limit my water intake race I still refuse to use a porta potty. I bring a bottle of water and run with it hydrating along the way.

Soon we were ready and on our way to the Metro. It was still dark out and so very early, but the train was full of people in spandex. Seriously, this will never get old for me. It makes me giggle every time.

I was lucky to get the seat to myself for the whole ride. I can put my feet up and rest the knee. I also made sure to get the obligatory shoe and race tag photo. I made the girls behind us get in for it too. 

We arrived at the start line with a few minutes to spare. We took a few photos and got ready for the National Anthem. I love this part. The start line is right by the Washington Monument. It's possibly the best place in the world for that to happen.

Okay so I didn't want to start in the corral they registered me for. It's faster than my pace. We decided to wait at the start and jump in when later. Mom was by herself, but would be meeting up with a friend after the start of the race. I wanted to stay with her. Plus, I like the energy at the start line. The problem is that I get a little bit of a warm up during the walk up to the start line.

My head said "wait for a later corral", but legs said "I want to start now!". No let's wait. No let's start now!  My body was ready and took total control. So we took off our throw away shirts, hugged mom, and got in line.   The last thing I saw before crossing the start line was Mom waving her cowbell proudly.

During the race last year I totally forgot to look to the right and see the White House. So I was determined to see it this time. I sort of forgot how far back it was from Constitution Ave. It made it a little difficult to take a decent picture with my phone while moving.

Okay before the race I told Aunt Kathy not to stay with me. She has a faster pace. If she wanted to stay she could, but I wasn't going to try and outpace myself with her. I lost her right before mile 2. Truthfully, I breathed a little easier. I was really worried that I would try to keep up with her and then end up hurt. I was already apprehensive since I didn't get all of my training in. I wanted a good finish time, but more importantly, I wanted to walk away uninjured. I wasn't the only one. People were dropping like flies later. And everyone I spoke with says they didn't get to train as much as they had hoped.

Okay so on mile 3 we are crossing the Potomac River and running over to Arlington and back again. I saw Aunt Kathy passing me in the other direction. She was about 3/10s of a mile ahead of me. She looped back and ran the circle with me. Just as we were starting the circle a guy in a full gorilla suit went running past us...haha. I don't even want to know what he smelled like at the end.

On my way back over the bridge I saw the juggler. I've seen him a couple of times juggling apples. This time he was jugging bowling pins and was wearing a clear mask.  Clearly this is more difficult, but it made me nervous for when he would pass me. That's a little a little too dangerous. If he's looking at the pins, what if he misses a pothole?

So my first 5 miles were pretty good. I was on a pace that I was extremely happy with. I was feeling good. I was faster than I anticipated. We hit the pretty stretch along Rock Creek Parkway, which is really the only section that I didn't see that many spectators. There were some on overpass and some along the intersection areas, but for most of the stretch there is a creek on each side of the road. Pretty.  That is when I came across a run buddy. We never introduced ourselves, but we pushed each other for about 4 miles. The gentleman was a double amputee.I got choked up as people would run by and ask to shake his hand. It was a wonderful reminder of just how capable our bodies are.

After a mile I realized what was coming up. THE HILL. C-R-A-P!

I slowed down a little before it. I didn't want my momentum to come to a halt so I slowed to a speed walk. It was probably my best idea. I still hated the hill. I still had big four letter words running through my head. It wasn't pretty.  The Hill sucks. It feels like it's never going to end. It's steep and long. It hurts my knees. I hurts my hamstrings. It hurts my calves. It hurts my pride.

The Hill is at the halfway mark. It's kind of cruel. There should be relief when it's over. But, it takes my legs/knee a couple of miles to recover. Not to mention that right after it is a concrete bridge. My number one rule: NEVER run on concrete. It's the worst surface for your knees. 

I still had my water bottle in my hand, but every water stop I took at least 2 cups. Sometimes it was: water, gatorade, and water again.  I was definitely staying hydrated. And I needed it.

My plan was to walk the hills to save my knee. I sort of forgot that the majority of the second half of the race was full of hills. I relished downhills. Unfortunately, they usually resulted in an immediate up hill.  grrr.  I was getting frustrated. My time was decreasing. My knee hurt. I didn't want to do it any more. And then "The Eye of the Tiger" came on...Okay, let's do this!

During one of the hills I ran into a problem. I couldn't breathe. I sill had 5 miles until I reached my inhaler...this isn't good.  I pulled off to the side and slowed it down to super uber slow pace.  I recovered quickly, but it was tough.

Around mile  9 we hit the stretch running through the residential areas. They are always fun. There are people camped out on their front steps drinking and cheering you on. Some even put their out beer tables for you. I don't drink beer, but I will take a cup on long runs. I spilled a little on my shirt that I smelled for the rest of the day. Right after it I saw a margarita stop on the other side of the street. I didn't think I could handle that. Besides, the 9 mile water stop and gel stop was right around the corner. And yes, I grabbed extra gel packs and shoved them down my sports bra.

Soon we were approaching the Capital. I wish we got closer, but it's pretty cool to head towards it for a while. I did pull over and take a photo.

I especially loved seeing it because we were now on the home stretch. I wasn't going to have the finish time that I wanted, but I could still finish ahead of last year. And then it happened. My calf got tight and seemed to pull up my big toe. WHAT?  My body does freaky things during races sometimes.  Basically, out of 7 half marathons my body has been good for 2. Of course they are the ones that I trained the most for.

I loved all of the signs that I saw people holding. I saw several signs that said "At Least It's Not Snowing!" Amen to that!  We got lucky with the weather. The sun came out around mile 9 and it started to get very warm.  My favorite sign made me pull over to take a picture.

I cannot stress how much the support along the course meant so much. This was a mentally exhausting race for me. When little kids are standing there offering high fives well I'm going to take them up on it. I high fived every kid I saw.

The finish line moved this year. It was still in the general area except that instead of hanging a right at RFK stadium we hang a left. I could see the finish line and I was elated. I had done it. I turned the corner and searched for mom. I saw her. I waved and waved and she waved back. I crossed the finish line and just about passed out. I needed that inhaler something bad. I got my medal and waiting right there for me was Aunt Kathy with my race wrap to keep my body from cooling too fast. I needed to get to mom for that inhaler fast, but Aunt Kathy had me do some controlled breathing while we stocked up on chocolate milk, gatorade, power bars, and pretzels. I can't remember the numbers but I breathed in to a certain count, held it for a certain count, and exhaled for a certain count. It seemed to work.

When we exited the refreshment area mom was right there. Hugs all around.  To celebrate I went to the merchandise tent and got the grey shirt that I wanted at the expo. I also got a free t-shirt. Since the race is on St. Patrick's Day weekend I got the "Run til you're Green" shirt. I got a large since the ladies run small, but when I got home I realized that I must have gotten a Men's Large. So it's a nice night shirt now. haha.

We walked over to Charity Village to find my Run for Autism tent, but we couldn't find them. Bummer. So we headed towards the Metro. We decided to go to the Old Post Office Pavilian for lunch like we did last year. We made it through security and went inside to find it closed for renovations. DOH...but we used the bathrooms so that made it worth it.  We got back on the metro and headed back out to Virginia. I wanted my post race Cheeseburger and I was going to get it!

I got my cheeseburger and we made a stop to visit Mom-Mom and show her our medals. She was proud. Before every race she tells me that she hopes I win and after she asks if I won. She's so cute.

After that visit it was time to go home and shower...and ice my knee.  This one took it's toll on my knee. Spoiler: it's been two weeks and it's still sore when I run.

After some rest we got dressed and went out to dinner with Aunt Carol and cousin Randy. We went to a Mediterranean Bistro. I got two small dishes. One was like a spanikopita (spinach pastry) and one was a stuffed eggplant. I also got dessert. It was vanilla ice cream with berries on top. Yum.

On the second half of the race when I was having such a hard time wanting to ever do this course again. Maybe I could make this my last one. And then I thought, no!  I love this race. That was the Former Fat Girl talking. It is tough for me. It is a challenge. It would be so easy to say I'm done. I'm not going to do that though. It's a good race to get me through the winter. It's a good challenge. If I only improve my time by 5 minutes every time then I shall call it a victory!  I'm not going to let it beat me!

Have a Blessed Night

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Random Wednesday: Cookies, Savannah, and Dolphins

Happy Random Wednesday Bleeps!

Seriously, is it April Fool's and no one told me? Snow...I left Syracuse many years ago, but it doesn't feel like it.


Last night I was in a pissy mood. I had a stressful day and so I ran 5 miles and then came home to watch Sex and the City and drink some wine. It was very needed.


Um...I thought Girl Scout Cookie time was over...I thought I survived. And then I saw them when I made a potty stop on my way up to visit Ms. Carol and the girls last Friday.

Head down. Avoid eye contact. Do not look directly at the cuteness. RUN!


I forgot to tell you about the BBQ place I heard about. I saw an article about what was declared as THE BEST BBQ place in the country.  It's in Texas. ROAD TRIP!  They open at 11am and people start lining up at 6am. A 5 hour wait? THIS I MUST TASTE!


Ms. Carol made coconut chicken this weekend...OMG!  It was heaven...two of my favorite things combined!


Today I went to lunch at Wegmans with Former Fitness Challenge Arch Nemesis Ryan. I hit up the vegetarian bar. I stocked up on green beans, zucchini, and asparagus. And I did not get a Black & White cookie at the register like I really wanted to. REALLY wanted to.


One of Miss Olivia's treats this weekend was mini oreos. She offered to share them with me. When a 2 year old offers to share her treats you take them. It doesn't matter if you gave up sugar. Moments like that don't happen often. (I only ate a couple...they were tiny!)


I have 4 official work days left. FOUR and then it's time to move on to pursuing my dream.


Y'all know how much I want to run the Savannah race. Well I have been in touch with a group to run for them so hopefully soon I will be fundraising for my Savannah race. Woo Woo!


Back in the day the Former Fat Girl fell in love with a pair of knee-high leather boots. She couldn't zip them over her calves, but she bought them anyway. The secret: She wore them under jeans and only zipped them up 3 inches. Then about 5 years ago she found a pair of wide calf boots and she was super excited. They were stretchy...the only wide calf that could zip.

Today she happily wears a pair of REGULAR knee high boots...with room to spare. HOLLA!


Yesterday I went to lunch with my friend Tom. We used to work together many moons ago and we used to get together for lunch regularly. It's been a while. We met at the mall so that we would have many options. I got a little nervous, but I was happy that we both selected the make your own salad place. My six toppings: tomatoes, roasted red peppers, chick peas, feta cheese, cucumbers, and carrots with a balsamic vinaigrette. YUM.


And the Cruise countdown is ON!  38 days!  I'm considering going tanning so that I don't blind the captain with my white legs. We have booked our excursions. Honestly, I would be happy just laying on a beach during our 3 island days, but then I saw the greatest thing ever...Swimming with the Dolphins. I HAVE to do this. I NEED to do this. I am booked to do this!  I literally had tears in my eyes when I got the text that it was booked. I was THAT excited.

2014 is certainly my year!  Full Marathon planned. Moving back to NC. Becoming a Full-time Personal Trainer. Going on a Cruise. Swimming with the Dolphins.  Maybe, just maybe Tony Stewart will call too and make it complete!

Have a Blessed Evening

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Winter Blues

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

I saw a flower last weekend…and more this weekend. Good news!  Spring is almost here! Thank goodness. I am ready for Spring. But more importantly, I’m ready for everyone to stop complaining about the snow and winter.  It’s making everyone depressed and cranky.  People need to be outside and see the sun. It’s good for the mind and body.  Have you noticed how much you come alive when it’s sunny and 60 these days?  

I struggled during my race last weekend.  I just plain did not have the training that I would have liked to. I know it was because of the massive amounts of snow and my horrible cold. I love that I had total faith in my body to finish and yet frustrated that I didn’t do better. 

In the past week I have seen some people that I haven’t seen in months. When I came out of the bathroom in my sleeveless running jersey and spandex the first thing my Aunt said was “Look how fit you are!”  This weekend the first thing Ms. Carol said was “You look great! How much more have you been working out since I saw you?”.  I truly needed that…because quite frankly I have felt like a big fat giant blob.

It’s been messing with my head.  It’s made me feel like client’s are not going to want to work with the “fat trainer”.  I know that’s crazy. But, it’s how the Former Fat Girl operates. She gets in my head.
I may not have gotten in the training and all of the workouts that I would have liked, but I’ve still gotten them in. And Newsflash:  kicked butt for so long that my body still looks good. My arms are still defined. My legs are still muscular and continue to get smaller. It's all in my head. Grr...GET OUT!

Saturday morning Ms. Carol and I went to her YMCA to go to the gym. We didn't have a lot of time so we hit the weights. It's been a while since I had been consistent with my upper body weights, but that's what I wanted to do. I lowered my weights, as I should, but I was still impressing those around me. Bonus...especially since I know I can do better.  That made me feel a little good...come on Spring!

Not only has this icky winter been an issue physically, but mentally it's self-destructive. When it's cold outside I want comfort food. I want Mac'n'Cheese. I want Grilled cheese and tomato soup. I don't want to cook, I want something warm NOW. And when I'm cooped up inside all day I want sweets!  They stand no chance around me when I can't go outside.

Needless to say the forecast is for more snow tomorrow...It's a good thing we are on Cruise countdown...Less than 6 weeks to go!

Have a Blessed Night

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Random Wednesday: St. Patrick's Day Massage, Cadbury Eggs, and Smutty Books

Happy Random Wednesday Y'all!

I wanted to write about my race this weekend, but I also wanted to make sure that I remembered everything first. haha. I've been making a list. I totally remembered something that I forgot when I wrote part 1. I want to make sure I have it all down first.

This year I was fun reading on the metro in to the Expo...last year I was studying flashcards for my's been a good year :-)


So you know that on light days I like to multitask and read one the treadmill...well once again I hit a um...ahem moment in a book last week. It was the first one in the book. I wasn't expecting it...and naturally I felt like my cheeks were burning and everyone knew I was reading something smutty. hahaha. For the record, it wasn't a very good book and I was a tad disappointed.


We are now 2 weeks into the no sugar thing...I had a little after the race, but not a lot. I keep thinking that if I eat something that is sugar-free that counts right? I think that's ok, but I'm trying to hold off on that least another 2 weeks. I need to do this.


Cousin Randy couldn't make it to the race as he was sick. But, he did send me a virtual support sign. I love my family!


I went down to Virginia for the race Thursday night. Wednesday night met Ms. Bibble and her parents out for dinner at Plaza Azteca. I know I mentioned it in last week's Random Wednesday, but I forgot to mention that I totally avoided beans during my dinner. I couldn't take any chances.


I went to Wal-Mart today at lunch for a couple groceries. There were Cadbury eggs EVERYWHERE!  Kill me now.


I have 8 work days left!


How did you spend your St. Patrick's Day? I had a full body deep tissue massage...ahhh THANK YOU HEATHER!  It was a Christmas present from Heather and that was the earliest that I could schedule it.  Two days post race was pretty awesome.

I had never been to this place before, but Gym Buddy Lisa goes there regularly and loves it. It was very relaxing and painful. haha. I told her to dig deep. My legs were still tight, but I needed work on that shoulder. She done good. I'm still sore from it, but that means she got in there. It was so good that I booked another appointment for 3 weeks from now. My focus between now and then is to stretch that shoulder to help her out.


Since I don't have much time left at work I am making my list of places that I want to go to eat before I leave. Right now I have Plaza Azteca and Wegmans on the list. Two lunch dates are booked. I have another booked for the food court at the mall, but that was more of a convenience thing since I am meeting someone there.


In 48 hours I will be in the Mountains with Ms. Carol and my girls, Miss Olivia and Miss Sophia. SOOOO excited!

Time to update your playlist.  Here's the list I got from my monthly email:

Here's the full list, according to votes placed at Run Hundred--the web's most popular workout music blog.

Stephen Swartz & Joni Fatora - Bullet Train - 130 BPM

Kylie Minogue - Into the Blue - 116 BPM

Dillon Francis & DJ Snake - Get Low - 102 BPM

Austin Mahone & Pitbull - Mmm Yeah - 126 BPM

David Guetta & Skylar Grey - Shot Me Down - 129 BPM

Fitz & The Tantrums - The Walker - 132 BPM

Flo Rida - How I Feel (SCNDL Radio Mix) - 129 BPM

Armin van Buuren & Trevor Guthrie - This is What It Feels Like (Antillas & Dankann Remix) - 131 BPM

Jason Derulo & 2 Chainz - Talk Dirty - 101 BPM

The Chainsmokers - #Selfie - 128 BPM

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If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

Monday, March 17, 2014

#RNRUSA Race weekend Part 1 - Expo and Carb loading

Hello Beautiful People,

Race weekend has come and gone and I have now completed my 7th Half Marathon. It was just October of 2011 that I told you all about my secret desire to compete in one. And now look at me :-)

Okay well I got down to mom's late Thursday night. My plan for Friday was to meet my aunt for breakfast and then head right in to the expo. I wanted to get in and get out. I need to focus on eating properly, hydrating, and rest. I have a tendency to get that all wrong.  I plan for it, but something always happens to mess me up.

So we met at Panera for breakfast. I switched up the location while I was getting ready. A commercial came on and I had forgotten that was an option for breakfast. They have my favorite breakfast sandwich. It's egg whites, spinach, pesto, and roasted red peppers. And I got flavored Iced tea (my only caffeine of the day).

We got to talking about Cruise plans...I picked up my passport the night before so we are all systems a go! WOO WOO! And before I knew it it was time to go. I hit some traffic and got to the metro about a half hour later than I had planned, but that's ok. We have to be leisurely about this. I pulled out my kindle and just planned on enjoying the ride in.  Uninterupted reading time. Gotta love it.

I sort of forgot about the security at the Armory. You get searched and can't bring in any liquids so I downed my bottle of water before entering. I went straight down to get my race packet. I had registered for a medium shirt, but they looked extremely small. So I went over to the exchange and the lady said they had so many exchanges for them because they ran so small. The large looked huge compared to it, but I would rather that then never wear it because it was too tight.

Before I could get to the rest of the expo I walked through the Brooks area with all of the Rock'n'Roll gear. My eyes were immediately drawn to a sweet charcoal grey long sleeve running shirt. I liked it a lot. So I picked up a couple to try on. And I went over to the Men's racks and found their long sleeve shirt that I fell in love with. The small fit perfectly. I decided to get that because the running shirt would be available in the tent after the race. If I really wanted it I would go back for it after.  I also got a luggage tag for my carry on for my trip...just in case. 

As I was walking around I saw a exhibit for The Biggest Loser Run/Walk. I walked over and recognized Dan and Vinny from previous seasons. I felt like a groupie. The volunteer there was talking to me about signing up for a race with the discount. There weren't any really in the NC area, but there was one in DC in September. I decided that if I controlled myself I would sign up for it...and ask for picture. 

One of my first stops was at the powerbar table. If I am going to be seriously training for December (9 months to go) then I need my fuel. They had new bars to taste and I think I died and went to heaven. There was a chocolate peanut butter cookie and a mint chocolate that were so yummy...but you couldn't buy them yet. DOH. The bigger bars were on sale so I stocked up on them.

Aunt Kathy had gotten a new car since our race last year so I told her I would get her a 13.1 sticker. I walked over and found them...and some 26.2 incentives for me. I got a couple stickers (one for the car and one for motivation now), a key chain and a cup to wrap up and save for after I complete my first one. I really liked some necklaces, but I opted to wait til later.

I sort of went a little nuts with headbands. I went straight to the Bondiband table and spent what felt like an hour there. I got 4. I was going for patterns of multiple colors and trying to get ones that would cover all of the colors I wear.  Later I found another table with similiar ones. I decided that if I'm going to keep my hair short and I love them for holding my hair back for running then just do it. Plus, I could wear them on the cruise by the pool and if I'm having a bad hair day. Score!

I walked over to the Run for Autism area and the girl that I have been working with was at lunch. So I went to get something to eat too. They had a concession stand and I got a hot dog and water. I saw tater tots and that was hard to say no to, but I would be having potatoes with dinner.

When I came back I checked in with Run for Autism and then went to the table across from them. On my running bucket list is a Disney run. So they gave me a list of races...and a tote bag. Holla!

The Geico exhibit offers video of the course. There are so many little twists and turns. I wanted to see it again got get a grip on it. I like to know what's ahead of me. I always get a little choked up watching them.

Before I left I made one more stop. I kept walking by the Level belts. I got one in Baltimore and I loved it. But I wanted another. I like it as a travel option (I can keep my phone, money, and id in it). So I got a neon yellow one...and that was basically my Biggest Loser Run/Walk money. So I didn't register. I would have gone back over to see them anyway, but I saw the time and needed to leave. I wanted to stop and see my grandmom before heading back to the house.

On my way out I got another water and a soft pretzel....carb loading is fun!

The day turned out to be really nice. It was cloudy and cold when I went in to DC, but by the time I got to the expo the sun had come out. It was still cold though. When I was leaving it was nice and warm.

Now we knew that the finish line for the race moved. It was still in the general area, but for the past two years it has been right across the street from the Armory. I looked around and couldn's see one porta potty in sight...hmm...

So I visited with my Grandmom and then went back to mom's for more water and to put my feet up....and a couple episodes of Friends.  The day got away from me and before I knew it it was time to head to Aunt Carol's for dinner. She made Pierogi Casserole....*DROOL*...for those of you who don't know, it's like a giant ravioli with potato, cheese, and onion in it...the casserole also had bacon...I was starving and it smelled sooooo good...I burnt my tongue in my impatience. Well worth it though. I had a Sprite since that doesn't have caffeine and I definitely needed carbonation to help me burp this most wonderful meal.

It  was AWESOME and I cannot thank my Aunt enough, but we had to be heading home shortly. My alarm was set for 4am and we needed to stop for a few things on our way (gatorade, bagels, and snacks for mom while she waits at the finish line).  Plus, Aunt Kathy was on her way down. Registration was still open and if she made it in time she was going to run in and sign up...she made it with literally a minute to spare. She was the last one to sign up. I now had a race partner.

And now it was time for bed (easy since I didn't have caffeine since 9am)...see you at 4am..

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sugar Addiction- 7 days sober

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Well we are now on Day 7 of no sweets...and I haven't killed anyone yet so Go Me!

It has not been a fun week. Not fun at all. I have craved sweets and sugar something awful. I know it sounds like a joke, but I understand how a crack addict feels going through withdrawal. I can't take it.

I literally am battling the thoughts to go get something sweet every waking minute of every day. I have avoided going shopping because I do not trust myself not to buy a white chocolate reeses Easter egg at the register. I need shower gel. It's getting serious. I need to go to the store. I'm waiting until this weekend though. It's Eat Anything I Want Weekend. I don't want to eat sweets because I feel that it would negate all of the progress I have made, but if I'm going to do it, it's going to be after my race.

Every where that I am going to pick up food they have cookies at the register: Subway, Saladworks, Starbucks, and Peace A Pizza. I want to hurt someone I want one so bad.  I have walked away and I'm super proud...however, what I just realized (I swear I didn't figure this out before now) is that I'm compensating with root beer and cherry coke. Not always. But rather than get green tea, water, or a diet soda I have indulged in them a couple of times. See how hard this is to kick for me.

The other day I was walking down the driveway and found a dark chocolate hershey kiss laying off to the side. It was still wrapped. It would be a lie if I said that I didn't think about it. A BIG lie. I threw it out though.

You know all of those quizzes out there what "blank" are you?  Well last night I took one to see what cookie I am...that's how crazy I am. I am a ginger cookie because of my sass. hahaha.

I'm not just giving up sweets for Lent. I know that's what people are thinking. I'm hoping that this will get it out of my system. I have let too much of them back into my routine and I don't like it. I'm still struggling with my belly and I know that is a major contributor.  The volume that I have been eating pales in comparison to what the Former Fat Girl ate, but it's still way more than I am comfortable with. Perhaps one day I will go back to the "one treat a week" deal that I made myself a couple of years ago. I hope I can get there. I really want to kick this addiction before the could get VERY dangerous for me.

The other night my cousin made her nutella and strawberry pastries. I could smell them upstairs. I practically had to belt myself in to keep from getting one.  I had a dream about them last's getting out of hand.

I know part of it is the physical addiction to sugar. But, the other part of it is the stress eating. I stress eat sweets. I'm trying to turn it into stress knitting right far that hasn't done the trick.

I signed up for a race with Heather for next month...they practically throw chocolate at you for it...I think I may be crazy.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Hills...hills...and more hills

Hello Beautiful People,

Okay so it's crunch time. My plans for the weekend fell through, but I still had to get a distance run in. This race is starting to make me feel a little crazy. Half the time I think "Oh I am fine. I can do this." and the other half I start freaking out worried about injury and finishing.

People sponsored me. A lot of people have supported me. I can't just coast through this. I need to put in the effort. The snow and the horrible good for nothing cold didn't help. I have to believe that they were the only things that held me back and not the Former Fat Girl getting lazy.

So the plan for Saturday was to get up early and get out there. I needed to test out the new sports bra and shirt. The race starts at 7:30 am so I had hoped to get out there close to that time. I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be too cold/hot.

That was the plan. But, I slept in a little...and then my belly was a tad upset...and I hadn't drank enough water the day before. So I didn't really get started until 10:30. I grabbed my bag and bottles of water and headed out to the park. The problem: The park was still closed...DOH.  So I headed back home. My cousin told me that the loop around the neighborhood is a mile. Okay. I'll do that. Actually that works better because I can use the bathroom if I need to and I can keep bottles of water on my car.

The goal was to walk 10 miles. Just walk. I hadn't run a long long distance in a while. I'm not sure what shape my lungs were in. I shouldn't push it. I think we all know that I never stick to my plan.

The loop is not just a's a giant isn't flat at ALL...half is going up...half is going down. New plan. I ran down the hill. And I walked up the hill. The last leg of the loop was up hill along the road outside of the neighborhood. Now remember, it's the country and there's still snow. It was tricky. And then when I got to the top of the hill the neighbors were burning some dead branches. Um...smoke is not the best thing for your lungs normally let alone a distance. My lungs burned a little. Grrr

Once again my body and mind synced up after 3 miles. I was feeling good. Legs were tight from the hills, but I was feeling good. The good news is that the new playlist ROCKED. I moved even during my walks. I was fast. I did worry about my knees running down the hills. That was a lot of pounding.

My pace for 10 miles was really good. Considering the hills, the lack of training, the weak lungs...I was Rockin!

I am constantly amazed at myself. My body has come so far. I have pushed it and it has responded. I have trained for endurance for over two years. I was unsure about a flat 10 miles after the past couple of months, but it completely surprised me by kicking ASS on those hills. I did run up some...just not all.  My body remembers that. It's not the body of the Former Fat Girl anymore.

 I feel really great about next week. The clothes were good...except that I wasn't paying attention and didn't put on cotton underwear. I was having a little wedgie issue, but those are my normal running underwear so I'll pass on that.

The plan is light this week. My legs have been super tight so there are lots of walks, stretches, yoga, and massages planned for the week.

I have been packing my race stuff so that I don't forget anything and planning ahead for Friday. I have to focus on staying hydrated and eating right. It's a little difficult with a ride on the metro to the Armory where there isn't a lot of food options. I will have to pack a bag.  It's all about planning ahead!

 I am ready to ROCK'N"ROLL!

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Jennie and Ms. Bibble's Day of Fun!

Happy Sunday Bleeps!

I took a few days off of the computer this weekend and it was delightful!  I highly recommend unplugging yourself for a couple of days. I love these days.

Thursday I had an orientation at work all afternoon. I got a headache while I was sitting there. It was scheduled to go until 5:30 and I was still planning on going to the gym after. Actually I was hoping it would end a little early. It didn't. It went over. I didn't drink my usual amount of water because I was in the orientation and I had the headache. I got cranky real fast. So I went home for dinner and Grey's Anatomy/Scandal.

Friday was a day off. YEAH!  Plans were to pick up Ms. Bibble and head to the mall for a while. We decided to go to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. We decided to split a small bbq chicken pizza and get an appetizer. We ordered the Sesame Ginger Chicken Dumplings. There were 6. I could have eaten all 6. They were fantastic.

I didn't order dessert, but the waiter kept walking by with giant pieces Red Velvet looked amazing. So amazing..I wanted it soooo bad. But I walked away.

We went to the bookstore first at Ms. Bibble had a book she wanted to get. I started thinking about taking books on the cruise. I have the kindle, but I get all weird about reading it by the pool or on the beach. I will need to take a physical book too. I'll save the kindle for the plain and for night reading.

There was a Starbucks there, but we decided to wait until later. We walked around and hit up the Target. Yep, we went to Target at the mall. haha. And our first stop was books...cause we are book addicts.

Then we went over to look at bags and hats for the cruise. Nothing really jumped out so we walked over to the clothes. I liked some cover ups and one really pretty sexy bathing suit. But, I didn't want to try them on. So I passed. And then I found this cute little dress that looked like it would be a lovely evening dress. Dang I needed to try it on. So I went back for the bathing suit and cover up...and I grabbed a couple maxi skirts on my was blue and white...very nerdy nautical of me.

I had too many items so I left the bathing suit out. I took in everything in a medium and a large. The dress was a hot mess. It was cute, but very impractical once it was on. It had tight top and flowy bottom, but I didn't realize that the flowy was over a tube dress. It was a static nightmare. I was sad, but it was a no go.

I LOVED the blue and white skirt, but once I started moving in it the pattern made me sea sick. It was a no go, but the solid black in a Medium was a keeper. So that left the cover up. It's a cute strapless floor length piece. I didn't want a black cover up and we thought the grey would be nice over the orange bathing suit. The medium fit well, but I tried to imagine it over the tankini and wanted a little more room. So I got the large. I like it as a dress too so I was happy.

We weren't done yet though. My main goal for the day was a shirt to wear under my running jersey next weekend and possibly a new sports bra...and that meant I would be trying more on...ugh. But, it turned out okay. The Small long sleeve running shirt was actually a tad loose. What? I needed it to practically be painted on, but that's ok. And the sports bra passed the bounce test...a 36C...still amazes me.

Okay so I got a skirt, a cover up, a sports bra, and a running shirt.  Checking out was rough...there was chocolate all over the registers. Good chocolate. Easter chocolate. Fun Chocolate. Shoot me now chocolate...but, I stayed strong!

We were on the hunt for an Old Navy, but there was none in the mall. So we walked around for a little while. Ms. Bibble wanted to look at make up and I was thirsty so I went to the food court. Grr...I got a drink at Auntie Anne's...and a stinking pretzel. I was getting hungry.

Before we left we went over to Coach...I don't buy unless it's an Outlet so I felt extremely poor there. We left and went over to Vera Bradley. I found some cute bags for the trip, but I didn't buy any. I want to think about it. I have been buying things and then seeing something I like better and taking it back. So now my list of wants is compiling.

We also went across the walkway to the Swarovski store. I am trying not to take my favorites on the coach bag, my coach sunglasses, my Tiffany necklace...I need replacements that are still nice. I found a pretty simple butterfly necklace that I like and a set of dainty tiny star necklaces. I can't decide, but I am going to get one of them.

When we left the mall we went on the hunt for Old Navy...there was one a couple miles away. YEAH!  We found it!  I went straight for the nautical sweaters where were now on sale for $12...awesome!  I still liked the Ahoy one, but then I found "Take Me To The Sea" yes please. Perfect!

 I tried on a few dresses just to see the styles. Nothing made me feel good, but I was bloated from the pretzel and not drinking water all day. I'll have to try them again later.

I can't remember if I told you that last week I bought a cool bag at Old Navy that was sort of nautical. It is white with small navy blue strips and then the bottom is a dark melon color. It was a hobo style bag. At this store I found the same pattern in a different style with two straps...I had the other one in my trunk so I went out and exchanged it.   And I picked up two colorful pairs of flip flops. YEAH!

And then we went over to DSW. I want to look for some shoes that will turn my casual looks into evening looks. Except by then we were super tired. We never did go to Starbucks and we were losing steam. I found a pair of shoes that I liked a lot, but I also had taken off my nail polish and my toes looked ugly. It was hard to feel super excited about any pair. I took a picture and will think about it.  I need to think long and hard about my feet for the cruise. I want comfort. I also want pretty, but mostly comfort.  If we are walking around I can't be worried about my feet hurting.

We left without getting anything, but we needed to think about dinner...that was a hot mess. We didn't want anything near where we were and figured we would see something on the way home. We pulled in to a shopping center about halfway home...Friendly's, Five Guys, A random Chinese restaurant with 7 cars on the curb for pick up (either really good or incredibly shady), a sports bar, and two high class grills.   The only thing that appealed to us was the sports bar, but it did not look wheelchair friendly. And so we kept right on moving.  We pulled in to a Perkins because all of a sudden I wanted breakfast.

It was monster crowded and after a silly time getting the wheelchair through the front door (we lost momentum and got stuck) we got our seat. I still wanted breakfast, but by then it was after 8 and I was losing my mind with hunger. They had a Fit menu and there was a chicken with spinach that interested me...and there was banana french toast that interested me...but there was a picture of a greek chicken pita with greek yogurt that looked light and fun. So I ordered it.

Now what I didn't know about Perkins is that they have a huge bakery menu. While we were waiting for our table we stood in front  of the counter with all of the pies, cupcakes, muffins, and cookies. I wanted to order soo bad. I escaped the counter, but the menu was on the table in front of me. Grrr

I didn't order anything. This no sweets thing is getting to be very difficult. No matter, I had plans for a distance run in the morning so it was time to call it a night.

Before I go, I'm going to get on my soap box for a moment. The world has adapted to larger people. Seats are getting larger bases. Almost everything is adapting to a larger population. But, the lack of accessibility for wheelchairs is getting old.  This may be a temporary thing for Ms. Bibble, and we all hope that she will be able to put pressure on her foot soon and move on to the next stage, but for many people this is their life. We constantly have to think about going in to places because we aren't sure how easy it will be for her to get around. It's not right at all.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Random Wednesday: Cruise, Pancakes, and Headbands

Happy Random Wednesday Bleeps!

Alright I'm just going to say it...Old Navy has a Nautical theme this year and I am simply beside myself with joy...I will be that nautical nerd on the cruise. I'm trying not to go 'overboard' but I'm afraid there's nothing I can do...hahaha...I'm so punny.


The Girl Scouts got to me twice this weekend....those cute little buggers are vicious "Do you want to buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies and support our troop?" They ask with huge eyes and sing song voices.

I wanted the peanut butter patties something awful (they would be gone by the end of the night)...but, I resisted. I did get those cranberry citrus ones though. That box is still untouched. I also got the Thanks A Lot, which are the shortbread with fudge bottoms. Yeah, they are gone.


I have this Friday off. YEAH!  Ms. Bibble and I will be spending the day together. She asked if we could go to a mall that I haven't been to in a while. The first thing I did: Look to see were we could eat.


Did you know that yesterday was National Pancake Day? How is this not a national holiday????


The other day when I was shopping with Ms. Tracey I found this most wonderful journal. My original thought was looking for one for the cruise, but I have also wanted to start one about my Marathon training. Well I found one and it is perfect.


Mr. Wil went to London and India last week. He came back with some chocolate treats from London...they were cadbury....Oh dear lord..I can't handle chocolate that is so amazing and not found in the USA.  I heart them!


The other night I worked on updating my playlists for the race. In doing so I inadvertently deleted one off of my ipod. So when I went for a run last night I had to improvise. Generally I keep about 5 running playlists because it depends on my mood.

Well last night I decided to go old school and pulled up my Biggest Loser mixes that I loved so much when I got them. They have very fast paces and I really enjoyed my run. My time was pretty good considering how sick I had been. It was a happy accident deleting that list. I made a new one and it rocks!


In addition to my new journal I also put "26.2" as my incentive message on my phone.


Guess who I saw last night! Gym Crush Headband! I can't remember the last time I saw him...ironically his hair is longer and he wasn't wearing a headband...hmm...


Speaking of of the things that helped me make the decision to cut my hair this weekend was that I remembered that I had gotten a special headband with guitars on it for the Rock'n'Roll races...duh!


Today is Ash Wednesday. For most of my life the beginning of Lent meant giving up general it was candy and it never lasted. I tried starbucks one year.

I have been really struggling with treats. It's a stress thing for me. It needs to stop. So I decided to give up sweets for Lent again. So far I have made it one day. Only 39 to go!

Actually, I'm hoping that by purging myself of this again I will not crave it so much. Of course it doesn't help that some of my protein bars have chocolate in them, but they are also saved for after a big workout.

And so I told Mr. Wil that if I try to stop by his desk he is to swat me away.

Today was a pretty awesome day. I got some great prizes at work for participating in the Wellness Challenge last year.

I got a new yoga mat in a nice case, a hydracoach water bottle (that tracks how much water you are drinking), and a fitbit flex that tracks your calories burned, steps, sleep, and distance. YEAH!

Have a Blessed Night.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Biggest Loser: Season 15 Finale Recap

Happy Monday Bleeps (oops I started this last night),

The time has come. I'm going to finally give my recap of the Biggest Loser Finale. This will just be a recap. I have been working on a post for several months about the show and will include my thoughts on the finale in that.

One of the reasons why I wanted to wait for this post was because I didn't like a lot of the things I was reading in reaction to the show.  I'm not saying some of it wasn't true, but I didn't want to be a part of it. I'm not silly enough to think that someone from that show is reading my blog, but in the event that it happens, I didn't want to provide a platform that could have a negative affect on someone. Many people don't think about what they say. They think that they have an opinion and everyone should hear it, regardless of how it makes someone else feel. Words hurt, and no matter how much weight you've lost, the former fat person in you still has feelings.  There is no telling what affect negative words can have. It sends me straight to the store for chocolate and my journey began years ago. I always welcome comments on my blog, but in this instance I am going to respectfully request that none be made.

Thank you.

Okay, so it's been about a month and you'll have to excuse me for not quite remembering what I meant when I took my notes. I had some technical difficulties at the beginning of the Finale so I missed the first couple of minutes. From what I gather they had a bunch of former contestants showing how they are doing today. I'm sorry that I missed that.

The first thing I saw was Ali asking the trainers what it was like to see the Alumni again. Bob said that it was like seeing their kids. Apparently I missed Pete, the winner of season 2, taking his shirt off. Now that's confidence...and awesome. I'd say that I assume that he's kept in shape, but I know he has...a la twitter.

Jillian was asked about the twist of the Trainer Save this season and she laughed. They fought so passionately for this twist and then they each gave it away to the first person who was eligible for it. And Bob had made this big deal about using it strategically. That was funny, cause I had giggled when he used his.

Dolvett talked about what it was like for the Trainers to choose who came to the Ranch. He said they wanted everyone and that it was difficult to choose.

At this point I made note of the white tight dress that Ali was wearing and how amazing her butt looked...and how I want mine to look like that.

And now it is time to bring out the first 3 At Home Contestants for a chance to win $100,000.

Jennifer comes out in a stunning blue dress. Fernanda is rocking a red dress. And Hap is cute as a button in his bow tie.

Ali reminds us that Jennifer got a chance to sit and talk with Biingo's mom. There are many moms in their situations. Proud Mama Jennifer says that her daughter Taylor has lost 30 lbs. The little cutie pie gets a standing ovation (I stood too!). And her husband has lost 50 lbs.

When it's time to get on the scale there is a little video of their time on the Ranch.

Jennifer is first and the first thing we see is her issues with jumping on the box and her history of self-sabotage.
*When Jennifer came to the Ranch she weighed 266 lbs. Today she weighs 162 lbs for a total of 104 lbs. She lost 39.1%.  
I totally have a crush on her. She is so awesome. She knows that no matter what, she's already won.

Fernanda is next. We are reminded that her husband had not seen her naked, but she's not hiding any more. She was the first one eliminated and looks fantastic!
*When Fernanda came to the Ranch she weighed 250 lbs. Today she weighs 163 lbs for a total of 87 lbs. She lost 34.8%.

It's Hap's turn. Remember, when he came to the Ranch his wife was 8 1/2 months pregnant.
*When Hap came to the Ranch he weighed 403 lbs. Today he weighs 322 lbs for a total of 81 lbs. He lost 20.10%.

Jennifer is still in the lead.

The next group is Matt, Chelsea, and Holley.

Matt is ready to get married. Chelsea feels amazing. Bob surprises her and brings out a dress that she used to wear. It's huge on her. Holley is stronger, smaller, and quicker. Time to weigh in.

Matt goes first. He postponed his wedding to be on the Ranch.
*When Matt came to the Ranch he weighed 356 lbs. Today he weighs 223 lbs for a total of 133 lbs. He lost 37.36%

Chelsea is next. She was good until she was 12 when her father became and alcoholic and suffered from depression.
*When Chelsea came to the Ranch she weighed 241 lbs. Today she weighs 146 lbs for a total of 95 lbs.  She lost 39.42%. She is the new leader.

It's Holley's turn. She succeeded at being big as an Olympic weightlifter.  She and Bob had a special relationship. He said that she's not just a contestant, but a peer.
*When Holley came to the Ranch she weighed 351 lbs. Today she weighs 255 lbs for a total of 96 lbs. She lost 27.35%.
And then she made Bob's day and asked him to help be her coach for her Olympic run and come with her if she makes it.

With Chelsea as the new leader the next three are brought out: Tanya, Craig, and Marie. My reaction to Tanya: DAMN GIRL! She wowed me in a red with black dress. My reaction to Craig: HOLY CRAP! He looks amazing. Marie looks stunning in a panel dress.

Tanya worked in the food industry. She's starting a new business with healthy options.  Jillian says that Craig is everything she ever hoped for. Marie said that setting goals and reaching them is the best feeling. Love that!

Tanya goes first. When she got the save on the Ranch that was the first time someone fought for her.
*When Tanya came to the Ranch she weighed 262 lbs. Today she weighs 175 lbs for a total of 87 lbs. She lost 33.21%

Craig was the first person to get a save on the Ranch.
*When Craig came to the Ranch he weighed 385 lbs. Today he weighs 223 lbs for a total of 162 lbs. He lost 42.08%. He is the new leader.

It's Marie's turn. Marie did not want them to cut her hair during makeover week and then fell in love with her new look.
*When Marie came to the Ranch she weighed 249 lbs. Today she weighs 138 lbs for a total of 111 lbs. She lost 44.58%. She is the new leader.

The last 3 are brought out: Ruben, Tumi, and Jay. Ruben has found a new confidence. Tumi looks stunning in an Orange dress. She loves running and is training for her first marathon. Jay is now wearing a white hat.

We had technical difficulties so I missed Ruben's recap.

*When Ruben came to the Ranch he weighed 462 lbs. Today he weighs 343 lbs for a total of 119 lbs.  He lost a total of 25.76%

Tumi is up next. Jillian says that it was love at first sight. At the auditions Jillian challenged her to run up 20 flights of stairs. Tumi ran up 32 flights.
*When Tumi came to the Ranch she weighed 319 lbs. Today she weighs 144 lbs for a total of 175 lbs. She lost 54.86%. She is the new leader. And for the record, I called her as the At-Home winner when she was sent home.

Jay had sleep apnea was able to come home for a week with Jillian.
*When Jay came to the Ranch he weighed 297 lbs. Today he weighs 183 lbs for total of 114 lbs. He lost 38.38%

Tumi wins that At Home prize.

And now it's time to see the 3 finalists.

Bobby got his second chance on the Ranch. My notes: OMG.
He was so ashamed of himself and now he's a confident person. Ali asks if he's been thinking about how the other 2 were doing. He said that he's been thinking about them a little too much. In fact Rachel may make him straight.

David says that he wants to be more than a sad story. My notes: Smashing! He looks 20 years younger.

Rachel comes out in a silver dress. My notes: OMG.

Ruben sings his song: What do you see?

Before we get to the scale the trainers are out in the audience. Jillian is with Sheena O'Connor who has lost 159 lbs and is dedicating her life to helping others. She is now a certified Personal Trainer ( I like her already).  Bob is with Sal who auditioned but did not make it. He said that he was always the Big Guy. Bob told him that he wasn't big, he was morbidly obese. He has lost 125 lbs.  Dolvett is with Jan who lost 153 lbs after being diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago...and look at her now "next to the hottest guy on tv"...hahaha love it...and yes, his shirt was unbuttoned.

And then there was some sort of Jennie O taco party outside...sometimes the product plugs really annoy me...and I like Jennie O.

Time to weigh in.

Bobby goes first.
*When Bobby first came to the Ranch he weighed 358 lbs. Today weighs 170 lbs for a total of 188 lbs. He lost 52.51%

Rachel goes next.
*When Rachel first came to the Ranch she weighed 260 lbs. Today she weighs 105 lbs for a total of 155 lbs. She lost 59.62%

David is last. He needs to have lost more than 243 lbs to win.
*When David came to the Ranch he weighed 409 lbs. Today he weighs 187 lbs for a total of 222 lbs. He lost 54. 28%.

Rachel won the $250,000.

Normally I am sad at how fast the finales end after the winner is announced, but this time I was happy. It was an emotionally draining finale.

So that was my recap. I'll give you my thoughts on it later this week. 

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