Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Random Wednesday: Cruise, Pancakes, and Headbands

Happy Random Wednesday Bleeps!

Alright I'm just going to say it...Old Navy has a Nautical theme this year and I am simply beside myself with joy...I will be that nautical nerd on the cruise. I'm trying not to go 'overboard' but I'm afraid there's nothing I can do...hahaha...I'm so punny.


The Girl Scouts got to me twice this weekend....those cute little buggers are vicious "Do you want to buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies and support our troop?" They ask with huge eyes and sing song voices.

I wanted the peanut butter patties something awful (they would be gone by the end of the night)...but, I resisted. I did get those cranberry citrus ones though. That box is still untouched. I also got the Thanks A Lot, which are the shortbread with fudge bottoms. Yeah, they are gone.


I have this Friday off. YEAH!  Ms. Bibble and I will be spending the day together. She asked if we could go to a mall that I haven't been to in a while. The first thing I did: Look to see were we could eat.


Did you know that yesterday was National Pancake Day? How is this not a national holiday????


The other day when I was shopping with Ms. Tracey I found this most wonderful journal. My original thought was looking for one for the cruise, but I have also wanted to start one about my Marathon training. Well I found one and it is perfect.


Mr. Wil went to London and India last week. He came back with some chocolate treats from London...they were cadbury....Oh dear lord..I can't handle chocolate that is so amazing and not found in the USA.  I heart them!


The other night I worked on updating my playlists for the race. In doing so I inadvertently deleted one off of my ipod. So when I went for a run last night I had to improvise. Generally I keep about 5 running playlists because it depends on my mood.

Well last night I decided to go old school and pulled up my Biggest Loser mixes that I loved so much when I got them. They have very fast paces and I really enjoyed my run. My time was pretty good considering how sick I had been. It was a happy accident deleting that list. I made a new one and it rocks!


In addition to my new journal I also put "26.2" as my incentive message on my phone.


Guess who I saw last night! Gym Crush Headband! I can't remember the last time I saw him...ironically his hair is longer and he wasn't wearing a headband...hmm...


Speaking of of the things that helped me make the decision to cut my hair this weekend was that I remembered that I had gotten a special headband with guitars on it for the Rock'n'Roll races...duh!


Today is Ash Wednesday. For most of my life the beginning of Lent meant giving up general it was candy and it never lasted. I tried starbucks one year.

I have been really struggling with treats. It's a stress thing for me. It needs to stop. So I decided to give up sweets for Lent again. So far I have made it one day. Only 39 to go!

Actually, I'm hoping that by purging myself of this again I will not crave it so much. Of course it doesn't help that some of my protein bars have chocolate in them, but they are also saved for after a big workout.

And so I told Mr. Wil that if I try to stop by his desk he is to swat me away.

Today was a pretty awesome day. I got some great prizes at work for participating in the Wellness Challenge last year.

I got a new yoga mat in a nice case, a hydracoach water bottle (that tracks how much water you are drinking), and a fitbit flex that tracks your calories burned, steps, sleep, and distance. YEAH!

Have a Blessed Night.

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