Monday, March 24, 2014

Winter Blues

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

I saw a flower last weekend…and more this weekend. Good news!  Spring is almost here! Thank goodness. I am ready for Spring. But more importantly, I’m ready for everyone to stop complaining about the snow and winter.  It’s making everyone depressed and cranky.  People need to be outside and see the sun. It’s good for the mind and body.  Have you noticed how much you come alive when it’s sunny and 60 these days?  

I struggled during my race last weekend.  I just plain did not have the training that I would have liked to. I know it was because of the massive amounts of snow and my horrible cold. I love that I had total faith in my body to finish and yet frustrated that I didn’t do better. 

In the past week I have seen some people that I haven’t seen in months. When I came out of the bathroom in my sleeveless running jersey and spandex the first thing my Aunt said was “Look how fit you are!”  This weekend the first thing Ms. Carol said was “You look great! How much more have you been working out since I saw you?”.  I truly needed that…because quite frankly I have felt like a big fat giant blob.

It’s been messing with my head.  It’s made me feel like client’s are not going to want to work with the “fat trainer”.  I know that’s crazy. But, it’s how the Former Fat Girl operates. She gets in my head.
I may not have gotten in the training and all of the workouts that I would have liked, but I’ve still gotten them in. And Newsflash:  kicked butt for so long that my body still looks good. My arms are still defined. My legs are still muscular and continue to get smaller. It's all in my head. Grr...GET OUT!

Saturday morning Ms. Carol and I went to her YMCA to go to the gym. We didn't have a lot of time so we hit the weights. It's been a while since I had been consistent with my upper body weights, but that's what I wanted to do. I lowered my weights, as I should, but I was still impressing those around me. Bonus...especially since I know I can do better.  That made me feel a little good...come on Spring!

Not only has this icky winter been an issue physically, but mentally it's self-destructive. When it's cold outside I want comfort food. I want Mac'n'Cheese. I want Grilled cheese and tomato soup. I don't want to cook, I want something warm NOW. And when I'm cooped up inside all day I want sweets!  They stand no chance around me when I can't go outside.

Needless to say the forecast is for more snow tomorrow...It's a good thing we are on Cruise countdown...Less than 6 weeks to go!

Have a Blessed Night

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