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The Biggest Loser: Season 15 Finale Recap

Happy Monday Bleeps (oops I started this last night),

The time has come. I'm going to finally give my recap of the Biggest Loser Finale. This will just be a recap. I have been working on a post for several months about the show and will include my thoughts on the finale in that.

One of the reasons why I wanted to wait for this post was because I didn't like a lot of the things I was reading in reaction to the show.  I'm not saying some of it wasn't true, but I didn't want to be a part of it. I'm not silly enough to think that someone from that show is reading my blog, but in the event that it happens, I didn't want to provide a platform that could have a negative affect on someone. Many people don't think about what they say. They think that they have an opinion and everyone should hear it, regardless of how it makes someone else feel. Words hurt, and no matter how much weight you've lost, the former fat person in you still has feelings.  There is no telling what affect negative words can have. It sends me straight to the store for chocolate and my journey began years ago. I always welcome comments on my blog, but in this instance I am going to respectfully request that none be made.

Thank you.

Okay, so it's been about a month and you'll have to excuse me for not quite remembering what I meant when I took my notes. I had some technical difficulties at the beginning of the Finale so I missed the first couple of minutes. From what I gather they had a bunch of former contestants showing how they are doing today. I'm sorry that I missed that.

The first thing I saw was Ali asking the trainers what it was like to see the Alumni again. Bob said that it was like seeing their kids. Apparently I missed Pete, the winner of season 2, taking his shirt off. Now that's confidence...and awesome. I'd say that I assume that he's kept in shape, but I know he has...a la twitter.

Jillian was asked about the twist of the Trainer Save this season and she laughed. They fought so passionately for this twist and then they each gave it away to the first person who was eligible for it. And Bob had made this big deal about using it strategically. That was funny, cause I had giggled when he used his.

Dolvett talked about what it was like for the Trainers to choose who came to the Ranch. He said they wanted everyone and that it was difficult to choose.

At this point I made note of the white tight dress that Ali was wearing and how amazing her butt looked...and how I want mine to look like that.

And now it is time to bring out the first 3 At Home Contestants for a chance to win $100,000.

Jennifer comes out in a stunning blue dress. Fernanda is rocking a red dress. And Hap is cute as a button in his bow tie.

Ali reminds us that Jennifer got a chance to sit and talk with Biingo's mom. There are many moms in their situations. Proud Mama Jennifer says that her daughter Taylor has lost 30 lbs. The little cutie pie gets a standing ovation (I stood too!). And her husband has lost 50 lbs.

When it's time to get on the scale there is a little video of their time on the Ranch.

Jennifer is first and the first thing we see is her issues with jumping on the box and her history of self-sabotage.
*When Jennifer came to the Ranch she weighed 266 lbs. Today she weighs 162 lbs for a total of 104 lbs. She lost 39.1%.  
I totally have a crush on her. She is so awesome. She knows that no matter what, she's already won.

Fernanda is next. We are reminded that her husband had not seen her naked, but she's not hiding any more. She was the first one eliminated and looks fantastic!
*When Fernanda came to the Ranch she weighed 250 lbs. Today she weighs 163 lbs for a total of 87 lbs. She lost 34.8%.

It's Hap's turn. Remember, when he came to the Ranch his wife was 8 1/2 months pregnant.
*When Hap came to the Ranch he weighed 403 lbs. Today he weighs 322 lbs for a total of 81 lbs. He lost 20.10%.

Jennifer is still in the lead.

The next group is Matt, Chelsea, and Holley.

Matt is ready to get married. Chelsea feels amazing. Bob surprises her and brings out a dress that she used to wear. It's huge on her. Holley is stronger, smaller, and quicker. Time to weigh in.

Matt goes first. He postponed his wedding to be on the Ranch.
*When Matt came to the Ranch he weighed 356 lbs. Today he weighs 223 lbs for a total of 133 lbs. He lost 37.36%

Chelsea is next. She was good until she was 12 when her father became and alcoholic and suffered from depression.
*When Chelsea came to the Ranch she weighed 241 lbs. Today she weighs 146 lbs for a total of 95 lbs.  She lost 39.42%. She is the new leader.

It's Holley's turn. She succeeded at being big as an Olympic weightlifter.  She and Bob had a special relationship. He said that she's not just a contestant, but a peer.
*When Holley came to the Ranch she weighed 351 lbs. Today she weighs 255 lbs for a total of 96 lbs. She lost 27.35%.
And then she made Bob's day and asked him to help be her coach for her Olympic run and come with her if she makes it.

With Chelsea as the new leader the next three are brought out: Tanya, Craig, and Marie. My reaction to Tanya: DAMN GIRL! She wowed me in a red with black dress. My reaction to Craig: HOLY CRAP! He looks amazing. Marie looks stunning in a panel dress.

Tanya worked in the food industry. She's starting a new business with healthy options.  Jillian says that Craig is everything she ever hoped for. Marie said that setting goals and reaching them is the best feeling. Love that!

Tanya goes first. When she got the save on the Ranch that was the first time someone fought for her.
*When Tanya came to the Ranch she weighed 262 lbs. Today she weighs 175 lbs for a total of 87 lbs. She lost 33.21%

Craig was the first person to get a save on the Ranch.
*When Craig came to the Ranch he weighed 385 lbs. Today he weighs 223 lbs for a total of 162 lbs. He lost 42.08%. He is the new leader.

It's Marie's turn. Marie did not want them to cut her hair during makeover week and then fell in love with her new look.
*When Marie came to the Ranch she weighed 249 lbs. Today she weighs 138 lbs for a total of 111 lbs. She lost 44.58%. She is the new leader.

The last 3 are brought out: Ruben, Tumi, and Jay. Ruben has found a new confidence. Tumi looks stunning in an Orange dress. She loves running and is training for her first marathon. Jay is now wearing a white hat.

We had technical difficulties so I missed Ruben's recap.

*When Ruben came to the Ranch he weighed 462 lbs. Today he weighs 343 lbs for a total of 119 lbs.  He lost a total of 25.76%

Tumi is up next. Jillian says that it was love at first sight. At the auditions Jillian challenged her to run up 20 flights of stairs. Tumi ran up 32 flights.
*When Tumi came to the Ranch she weighed 319 lbs. Today she weighs 144 lbs for a total of 175 lbs. She lost 54.86%. She is the new leader. And for the record, I called her as the At-Home winner when she was sent home.

Jay had sleep apnea was able to come home for a week with Jillian.
*When Jay came to the Ranch he weighed 297 lbs. Today he weighs 183 lbs for total of 114 lbs. He lost 38.38%

Tumi wins that At Home prize.

And now it's time to see the 3 finalists.

Bobby got his second chance on the Ranch. My notes: OMG.
He was so ashamed of himself and now he's a confident person. Ali asks if he's been thinking about how the other 2 were doing. He said that he's been thinking about them a little too much. In fact Rachel may make him straight.

David says that he wants to be more than a sad story. My notes: Smashing! He looks 20 years younger.

Rachel comes out in a silver dress. My notes: OMG.

Ruben sings his song: What do you see?

Before we get to the scale the trainers are out in the audience. Jillian is with Sheena O'Connor who has lost 159 lbs and is dedicating her life to helping others. She is now a certified Personal Trainer ( I like her already).  Bob is with Sal who auditioned but did not make it. He said that he was always the Big Guy. Bob told him that he wasn't big, he was morbidly obese. He has lost 125 lbs.  Dolvett is with Jan who lost 153 lbs after being diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago...and look at her now "next to the hottest guy on tv"...hahaha love it...and yes, his shirt was unbuttoned.

And then there was some sort of Jennie O taco party outside...sometimes the product plugs really annoy me...and I like Jennie O.

Time to weigh in.

Bobby goes first.
*When Bobby first came to the Ranch he weighed 358 lbs. Today weighs 170 lbs for a total of 188 lbs. He lost 52.51%

Rachel goes next.
*When Rachel first came to the Ranch she weighed 260 lbs. Today she weighs 105 lbs for a total of 155 lbs. She lost 59.62%

David is last. He needs to have lost more than 243 lbs to win.
*When David came to the Ranch he weighed 409 lbs. Today he weighs 187 lbs for a total of 222 lbs. He lost 54. 28%.

Rachel won the $250,000.

Normally I am sad at how fast the finales end after the winner is announced, but this time I was happy. It was an emotionally draining finale.

So that was my recap. I'll give you my thoughts on it later this week. 

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