Thursday, July 23, 2015

Belated Random Wednesday: French fries on salads, Fat Jokes, and Tony Stewart

Happy Belated Random Wednesday (I know it's Thursday),

I had planned on a post yesterday, but I was beat. I snuck in a nap after my 3 morning clients and then I had an afternoon with some of the young ladies at church. We went to an Assisted Living Facility to paint nails.


I forgot to mention something from my Mission Trip. When we were out to dinner in Helen, GA (which I totally want to go to again) I saw something on the menu. I almost died.

Look closely and read what is included in the Pittsburgh Salad: topped with waffle fried. WHAT????  French fries on a salad. Are you serious?  Why bother at that point?


The other day I couldn't find my patella straps before I was heading out for the day. I just about lost my mind. I mean it really got under my skin. I checked the 3 bags that I had at the gym about 100 times. I called the gym. I went crazy. I had planned on a weights workout so it wouldn't be too bad, that day, but I was super preoccupied. My warm up was very light on the elliptical because it's less impact on the knee.

I found my straps under my flip flops thankfully. I can't let anything keep me from my progress.


I was given a bag of veggies at church on Sunday. Corn. Tomatoes. Peaches. Onions. Zucchini. It is exciting.

I made a Jennie-O Turkey burger with a nice big ol slice of a tomato on it...with some quacamole. Oh heck yeah!


The other day I saw a commercial for Last Comic Standing. In the 30 second blurb the comedian was talking about his overweight relative who says she doesn't exercise because of her bad knees. His response: I think your knees are doing a good job considering. *insert laughter*

I was hot under the collar for so long after this. First of all, why are fat jokes ever acceptable?  Second of all, making jokes about other people is so wrong. Third of all, if you ask me that's just public bullying.

By all means, let's make fun of someone who most likely has low self esteem and feels like they are in a hopeless situation.  But, if it gets a laugh well then good for you. I'm glad you feel it was worth damage you've done to your relative.


I missed national ice cream day and national junk food day.


Grrr...thanks a lot Nascar!  Now that the races are on NBC1 I can't watch them. WHAT???  I need a Tony Stewart fix!  I'm going to need to go out to watch the races every week.

Hey Tony Stewart, CALL ME!

I'm a little behind on the playlists, but here is the list that was sent to me at the beginning of the month:

Here's the full list, according to votes placed at Run Hundred--the web's most popular workout music blog.
Taylor Swift & Kendrick Lamar - Bad Blood - 85 BPM
Lost Frequencies - Are You with Me (Radio Edit) - 121 BPM
Sheppard - Geronimo (Benny Benassi Remix) - 127 BPM
Adam Lambert - Ghost Town - 120 BPM
The Barden Bellas - World Championship Finale 2 - 130 BPM
Fitz & The Tantrums - The Walker (Cobra Starship Remix) - 130 BPM
Icona Pop - Emergency - 126 BPM
Walk the Moon - Work This Body - 135 BPM
Ciara - I Bet (R3HAB Remix) - 129 BPM
Ella Henderson - Ghost (Oliver Nelson Remix) - 112 BPM
To find more workout songs, folks can check out the free database at Visitors can browse the song selections there by genre, tempo, and era—to find the music that best fits with their particular workout routine.

Have a Blessed Evening
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If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support. 
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Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Filming Debut

Hello beautiful people,

Yesterday was a bit exciting. While I was away on the Mission Trip I received a request. I had been asked to be a part of the new Training Video for Girls on the Run Coaches. I was beyond excited. And then immediately came the nerves.

The camera adds 10 lbs. This is all I could think of.

I haven't gotten the cardio in that I have wanted since the Marathon. There have been injuries and work and trips. I have gotten in yoga and weights, but cardio burns the fat. It's gotten in my head. The stress eating of chocolate hasn't helped. I've been really good about eating my protein and vegetables.

Luckily I tried to focus on the questions they would be asking me. I've only been a coach for two seasons, but it was difficult to narrow down my answers. I could have talked for hours.

I had a 6am client that morning and cleared the rest of my day for it. I planned on a nap after my client so I didn't have any caffeine. Of course I was yawning through her whole session apologizing. I made it through and came home for a 2 hour nap. I really didn't sleep well while I was on my trip and my body is still a little pissed.

I wasn't given any guidelines for what to wear, but I assumed I should wear one of my Girls on the Run shirts. I have two coaches shirts in bold colors. One is green and one is blue. I also have a black shirt with Girls on the Run blinged out. I wrestled. Part of me wanted to wear the blue shirt. But, the Former Fat Girl was SCREAMING: "Wear the black! It's slimming!" Black won out. Including matching black yoga pants. I put my other shirts in my bag and brought them with me though just in case.

I was also a little excited because I would be debuting my new do. I had meant to get my hair touched up before I went on my Mission Trip. I ran out of time and I didn't get to do that. I wore pigtails during all of the work, but free time it was down and it was hot. So I went even shorter this week.

When I got there I noticed a few of the green shirts. lol. I mentioned that I had mine with me, but they loved the bling shirt so I was good. I looked around and realized that we were shooting outside and there were no chairs. I would be standing.

The first compliment was how beautiful my eyes are. Yep, I got some pretty baby blues.

The first thing they had to do was mic me up. The mic wire would go up under my shirt and bra and the mic itself would be taped between my girls. The coach shirts have a regular neck, but my shirt had a V-neck...and I do have girls so you might see where this is going. I was introduced to Jeff, my Boom guy, who would tape it down, unless I was too uncomfortable with that. He was cute. Have at it Jeff!  I had joked that I wouldn't need tape. The mic would be nestled in there and wasn't going anywhere. ha.

The Former Fat Girl would have been mortified and most definitely would have had a female tape it down. Oh who am I kidding? The Former Fat Girl never would have agreed to this at all. She ran from cameras.

Since I was standing I realized that I had no idea what to do with my hands. One of my favorite scenes from Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby was when he is being interviewed and doesn't know what to do with his hands so he keeps bringing them up in front of his face. haha. That was me.

Before we started filming they commented on how beautiful the shot was and wanted to show me. Oh it looked nice. I had greenery blurred in the background and my blonde hair with my black shirt just popped. I got a little misty at how pretty I looked. It was a great confidence booster. I didn't feel fat at all.

The questions were good and you know I cried a couple of times. I talked about how I wish this program was available when I was a young girl. I really needed it for the activity and for the self confidence. I also cried talking about how I saw changes in the girls.

I had so much fun with the filming, but you know that as soon as I left I thought of things that I could have added. Doh.

I am beyond proud to be a part of Girls on the Run and this was such an honor and privilege to be asked to be a part of. This is the video that will be used nationwide. They said I will get a copy to see before they use it. I can't wait.  It was a good day.

I can't wait for the new season to begin!

Have a Blessed Evening
****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support. 
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yeah, sorry, I messed up and the "l" is missing....I need an assistant :-)

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Former Fat Girl goes on a Mission Trip

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Well I am back from my Mission Trip.  Okay, I got back on Saturday, but I've been on the run since then. I literally made it back with 5 minutes to spare for a Surprise birthday party. I walked in and hugged the birthday girl as they were loading up the cars.

My trip was amazing and extremely stressful.

The day before we left I got a flat tire. So I had the stress of getting it fixed on July 4th. Money and time became a big issue. I had to forgo my evening plans because I spent my whole morning at Goodyear. I did use my free drink at Starbucks for a giant Peach Green Tea Lemonade.

We were meeting for lunch at church after the second service. Then we would pack and get on the way. I was hoping for a caffeine run and really could have run out for something, but I did not. Luckily we had a potty stop request 45 minutes into the trip. I was the lead car and found a McDonalds. I got myself an iced vanilla latte. Ahh...I could stay awake now.

Our first night there we went out for BBQ. Now there weren't a whole lot of restaurant options, but I wasn't about to argue. I did think for minute that I would have a garden salad. I wasn't sure how many vegetables I would have access to for the week. But, I was NOT about to give up a BBQ opportunity. I ordered the BBQ pulled pork sandwich with a side of applesauce. Ms. Alexandra's entrée came with 2 sides. She didn't want them so we ordered fried green tomatoes for me. YEAH! I hadn't had them since our Savannah trip a couple years ago. The sides of vegetables weren't exactly healthy options. Basically they were in butter or casserole form. I did order some peas. They look like black eyed peas, but I couldn't understand what the waitress was calling them. They weren't very flavorful.

I didn't finish my meal, but that's okay. I was full and I didn't push it. We had walked in at 6:30 with a party of 11 and they were set to close at 7. There were still other patrons and they seated us right away. Unfortunately, we waited over an hour for our food. The group was hungry and got cranky. We needed to be back on site for Chapel Service by 8pm. We were able to call and let them know that we were running late. We also had access to a TV and the USA Women's Soccer game. Luckily we got to see some of the World Championship Game.


I was a little apprehensive about our breakfasts. We had been warned that sometimes the breakfasts aren't that great. We brought breakfast bars. But, I didn't need them. I was pleasantly surprised.

Every morning that we were working we had eggs as an option. It's a good protein to give you energy. That first morning we also had pancakes. Another day there was French toast (my favorite morning). One morning the other option was biscuits and gravy. I'm not a big fan, but I did take the biscuits. One was a little well done though.  The only morning I wasn't crazy about it was the second morning with breakfast burritos. I'm not a big fan in general. But, it's okay. I just had the eggs by themselves. There was also fresh fruit every morning. Hooray!  Bananas. Watermelon. Cantaloupe. And the Pineapple...OMG the PINEAPPLE! Yum.

We didn't have bananas every day, so I did grab some when I would run to the store. I am a banana a day girl.

The boys weren't crazy about the food, although I don't know why, and skipped breakfast one morning. This made me MAD. I had just talked to them the day before about the importance of proper nutrition (protein and carbohydrates) when you are being physically active.  The day before we had made a stop for extra coffee on the way to the work site and they had all picked up some junk food. I believe they thought that was an option every day. They were wrong. The new rule was: if you don't come down for breakfast, then you don't get lunch bought for you on our free days. They didn't skip again :-)

We were in the first group for breakfast. So when we were done we moved outside to make our sandwiches for lunch. We had the option of wheat or white bread and turkey or ham. There was cheese, lettuce, and condiment packets. I always tried to be towards the back of the line so that mine would be at the top of the cooler when they are handing them out (gotta think ahead!)

When we arrived at the park for our lunch breaks we would have a blessing and then they would open the coolers. When your name was called you came up for your sandwich, some orange slices, a couple oreo cookies, and a bag of chips.

So here's the interesting thing. It was hard work. I mean I was burning calories with my hole digging. I was hungry. I was ravished. I could have eaten so much more. But, the portions were fine. By the time we got back to site my the food in my belly had caught up with my brain. I wasn't hungry any more. I did have Cliff bars (protein bars) in the car for the afternoon lag.

During two trips back to Camp I rode with another church. Because the worksite only has one bathroom they made sure to stop at the QT gas station on the way back. I had never been to one and have seem them all over Charlotte. Well now I'm addicted. For my northern friends, it reminds me a lot of Wawas. All hail Wawa!

I picked up a couple bananas there each time. I also grabbed a small piece of chocolate and a large iced tea. One day it was an unsweetened pineapple papaya white tea. And another time it was a peach white tea. Oh so refreshing. On our last full day of work I also picked up a soft pretzel. I was hungry. They were out of honey mustard for it and gave me a garlic butter. Um...I'm not a big fan of butter let alone butter on my pretzel. I thought it was garlic sauce...nope, pure butter. I didn't really eat that.

So our dinners were pretty good. I had been told that the first night would probably be spaghetti (I was actually really excited about that). The second night is usually pizza and the third we grill out. The first night was actually taco night. I wasn't excited until I saw that it was ground turkey not ground beef. I just opted for shell-less salad version. They didn't announce until chapel that night that it was turkey because they didn't realize, but I could tell just looking at it.  The second night was dominoes pizza and I had a slice of plain and a slice of pepperoni. The third night I had a cheeseburger and salad. Now the salad was pretty much a giant bowl of lettuce with some sliced cucumbers. I actually asked for a second slice for my plate. haha.

Sometimes there was dessert. One night there was coconut cake and neapolitan ice cream. I had a bite from someone else. And another night there were ice cream sandwiches.

One night we went to Dairy Queen for our group time at the end of the night. I wanted a blizzard with anything in it, but I kept it to a single cone with a chocolate dip.

I am pretty proud of myself for sticking to portions. I also drank a buttload of water and Gatorade. I mean it was HOT and I was drenched from the work. I did find some Starbucks bottled drinks at the gas station and picked some up for my morning caffeine fix.

My biggest splurge was the Peanut M&Ms, even though we did not have that many, and the home made cookies that were sent down. Thank you Mary Lou!  Athough to be fair, I made a baggie full of them last a week. And they might have all been okay, but I had some stressful moments and well I'm a stress eater.

We did have some time where we had to eat out. For our first lunch out we went to Zaxby's. If you are paying attention I checked one out before we went. I got my grilled chicken.  That afternoon we went back and showered before heading to Helen, GA for some fun. That is the cutest town and I would go back in a heartbeat. I wanted to spend more time there, but I have learned that I do not really share the same interests as teenage boys.

However, I am extremely competitive with Putt-Putt. We were trying to play with a lot of people though and it was really hot. I didn't bring enough water, but I thought there were be options for it and I was dying of thirst.

After the game we drove around and found a nice place to eat. We sat outside at Bigg Daddy's Tavern. I ordered a water and sucked it down so fast...I was actually given another one by one of the girls at the table. haha. For dinner I ordered the BBQ chicken sandwich. I didn't eat all of the roll and it was a Georgia peach bbq sauce. Yeah, like I wasn't going to get that. It was yummy. I also got an ice water to go.

For our full day off the kids picked going to the movies as their activity. So we went to Wendy's for lunch first. I got the Apple Pecan chicken salad. I only got a half size so I went back up for a 4 piece chicken nugget so that I could add a little more protein. I also got a blueberry pineapple iced tea. Oh yum.

I opted not to go to the movie. I had been told about a hiking trail to a waterfall close to camp and our counselor, Brittany, offered to go with me. Luckily one of the boys also wanted to go. So we dropped everyone off at the movies then headed to pick up some water and Gatorade.

It wasn't a super long hike, but it was still challenging and the humidity made it hard for me to breathe. But, once we got there I never wanted to leave. It was beautiful. The air was cool. I was able to reflect and pray. It was a very much needed trip. The Former Fat Girl never would have gone. She would have easily picked the movie, even if she didn't want to see it. She would have dove into that movie popcorn and never looked back.

For dinner that night we went out for brick oven pizza. I shared a Margherita pizza with Mr. Dick, who was the other chaperone at that time. It was good pizza and I did eat my half, but I didn't eat the crust...which was so tempting. I had ended up making the hike twice because I had to go back to my car for my battery charger and real camera. I was hungrier than I thought. lol.

That was our last night there and we had a treat back at camp. We had voted on a movie at breakfast and we would be watching The Sandlot. I had never seen it and was excited to watch it. The movie would be followed by a bonfire with Smores. I was in heaven...and I kept it to two smores. That's like amazing for me. The Former Fat Girl would have kept sneaking in there for more. It was dark. You could eat as many as you wanted. She would have also snuck some of the chocolate bars in her pocket. I did not.

We had a packed breakfast for us on Saturday before we left. There were apples, mini muffins, granola bars, and juice boxes. I was DYING for caffeine. The coffee I had gotten was not enough. I needed caffeine so bad. We stopped with an hour left in the drive at Sonic. My car got drinks, but their coffee machine was broken. So I took us to Dunkin Donuts for me. HOORAY. I got me a big old iced latte. It was lunch time so we went to McDonalds drive thru. I wanted a grilled chicken snack wrap, but um...the toy was a minion so I got a cheeseburger. I got excited when they asked if I wanted yogurt or apples. I said apples. Then I was disappointed when I still got fries. It doesn't work when you give them both.

Our accommodations included a kitchen, but I didn't know to expect that. I did go out for a couple gallons of water to keep in the fridge because I wasn't sure about drinking the tap water. Usually it doesn't bother me, but I wasn't taking a chance. Luckily I had brought some drink packets and bottles so I could make iced tea. ahh.

I wasn't really upset with my eating. I did what I could and as soon as I got home I stopped for vegetables. I mean I bought a whole grocery bag full. And every meal since I got back has included at least 3 vegetables. YEAH!

I didn't quite get my running in. We had early breakfast calls and for some reason I couldn't sleep each night. But, I did dig holes, hammer boards, carry boards, and carry 80lb bags of concrete by myself. My shoulder got a little tight from the shoveling, but I was not sore or anything at night. I'm especially proud of my back. My back wasn't sore at all from the lifting. Go me!

The first two days I worked really hard. The third day I took it easy. I had been bitten by something on my ankle the day before and my tongue swelled that night. I was on some medication in the morning. But, that afternoon I was itching to dig a hole. And so I did. In total we needed to dig 8 holes 2 feet deep. The dirt closest to the house was wet and very claylike. It was not easy to dig...and I loved it!

I am so proud of how much I could do. The former fat girl would have made every excuse to hide in the shade. It was hot, but I just drank water and Gatorade to get by. I didn't care how hot it was, we had committed to working on this deck. A family was counting on us. Plus, I had finished a marathon in weather like this. If I could do that, I could do anything!

The camp was beautiful and I tried to walk around as much as possible. I did drive us down for breakfast everyday, but that was mainly so that my car would be there to drive us back in the dark. It was beautiful and I didn't car how hot it was. I wanted to see it all. If someone said they were going for a walk I joined them.

I would have liked some running time, but my knee was also a little sore. I did have a big scare and couldn't find my compression sleeve for a couple of days. It was in my trunk the whole time. Oops.

Well needless to say, I was super tired when I got home. It took me a few days to get the sleep I needed and the veggies I needed. But, I'm all good now. I would go again in a heartbeat.  Can't wait til next year!

Have a Blessed Evening
****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support. 
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yeah, sorry, I messed up and the "l" is missing....I need an assistant :-)

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Prepping for my Missions Trip

Hello Beautiful People,

As I mentioned yesterday, I will be leaving for a Missions trip this weekend. I am equally excited and anxious.

We will be going to Georgia from Sunday to Saturday. We won't be too far from HOTLANTA. I'm super excited. haha. We will be doing physical labor and all I keep thinking of is sunburn, exhaustion, and sleep. I breathed a sigh of relief when I learned that there will be air conditioning in the cabins. Hooray!

We are bringing a cooler with Gatorade mix and lots of water. My OCD control issue is going crazy about this. I am a water freak, but in general I have control and plan ahead. We're going to be out all day and I don't know where or what the conditions will be. I am sure it'll all be fine. Just things I stress about.

Food is my main concern. We are at the will of the camp for breakfast, lunch and dinner for most days. I have checked and there is a Subway close by so I may be living there if I don't have good options. I am also packing peanut butter, bagels, and bananas for breakfast options in case it's not good for me. We are also bringing along protein bars.

We will be responsible for our own meals for some days and we looked up what is in the area. There is a Zaxby's chicken. It was mentioned that the kids love that. I have never been so the other day I stopped at the one near me to check out the menu. I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich and it was really good. I'm good with that :-) 

For clothing we need to be modest and we need to be practical. We may ruin our clothes. The shorts need to be finger tip length and the shirts need to be baggy. I don't have a lot of shorts that match those criteria so I stopped at Good Will over the weekend. I was a sweaty mess so I didn't try anything on. I found 3 pairs of shorts. I was aiming for large (erring on the side of caution). I found a medium and 2 larges. When I got home I tried them on after my shower. Um...either I blew up or 2 of them were childrens, not womens, because I could barely get them over my thighs.

That wasn't a big giant blow to the ego or anything. Just kidding. I may have cried a little.

The big issue of the trip for me has been a bathing suit. I repeat modesty is essential. I have two tankinis and bikinis. So the bikinis are out. One of my tankinis has a sheer top. It's not tight, but it floats up to the top when it's submerged in water. It's pretty for lounging, but not practical for activities. Besides, while I was swimming underwater the bottoms kept falling off. Um nope. I tested out the tighter tankini only to have my straps keep popping off while I was driving. So clearly that is not a viable option.

I did buy new bottoms for the first suit, but it's not practical for this trip. I also bought a new cover up that is super cute with long sleeves and a hood. They had it in small and XL. I wasn't thrilled to get an XL, but I need it baggy and it's too cute not to get.

I did have the genius thought that I do have a one piece at my mom's. It's in my polar plunge bin. So I called mom and she mailed in down to me. Thank goodness.

We had a meeting with the kids to go over activities for our free day. They chose whitewater rafting. We have since learned that it is a lot further away than the camp listed. So we may need to switch to something else. One option is tubing. I could be down with that.

I also checked out the State Parks in the area. Lots of trails for hiking. I'm beyond excited. Some of the kids didn't look super thrilled that I was excited about that. hahaha. I am all about taking advantage of the parks around us. I especially want to hike to some of the water falls.

I'm excited for everything about this trip. And I'm secretly hoping that all of the physical activity and lack of access to extra food will get me out of my plateau.

Have a Blessed Evening
****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support. 
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yeah, sorry, I messed up and the "l" is missing....I need an assistant :-)

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Random Wednesday: mornings, heat, noodles, and yoga

Happy Random Wednesday Y'all!

I am leaving this Sunday for a week. I will be going on a Missions trip with some teens from Church. I am excited and I have been  preparing for it. I will post all about my preparations, expectations, and anxieties tomorrow (I am actually writing it today so that I don't forget).

I have early morning clients and I am not a morning person. Basically I have some iced coffee in the car and blast my music to put me in a happy and peppy mood. I love my job so it's easy for me to be excited and supportive of my clients. They, however, are not morning people and sometimes my bubbly self so early in the morning is a little jarring. lol. I have assured them that I am not that peppy when I get up. I in no way leap out of bed when that alarm goes off. I generally slump over and hit snooze for a little while.

Yesterday I was particularly peppy and my client made a comment "I bet you were a Cheerleader in high school." Nothing could be further from the truth. It is one thing to be cheerful and supportive, of which I was in high school. It is another thing to wear skimpy outfits and jump around in front of large crowds. I was not about to subject myself to that. I still hate how inactive and unsure of myself that I was.


Last week we had a potluck dinner for a large group from church. I said I would bring a tomato, mozzarella, basil, and balsamic vinegar. It's easy, healthy, and yummy. A win win win!

When I arrived the kitchen counter was full of sides and appetizers. The entrees were on a table in the dining room. I hung out in there. It was a little cooler, a lot less crowded, but most importantly a lot less temptation.

I made sure to eat a turkey sandwich before I arrived so that I wouldn't arrive starving. I'm pretty proud of myself for the night. I did have a few pieces of cheese with crackers before it was time to really eat. When it was time to hit the dining room I filled my plate with vegetable salads. There were corn, avocado, and tomato salads. I was in heaven. And then I had a slider sized turkey sandwich.

There was coconut pie, but I had two servings of the adult blender drink so I passed. I also had two bottles of water.

It may have looked like I gravitated places where other people were, but I stationed myself strategically the whole night to avoid constant munching. Go me!

Because of the extreme heat I have been spending more time in the gym than in the park. One day I realized that I had forgotten my patella straps and so I opted to get on the Elliptical instead of the treadmill. It's lower impact on the knees. A lot of people prefer it to the treadmill, but I have feet issues and it usually starts really hurting my feet after 30 minutes so it's not my preference. But, it's good to switch things up too.

So this week I had time between clients and yoga. I had an hour so I went to the gym and did the elliptical for 45 minutes. I was a sweaty stinky mess for yoga. Ewww. Yesterday was to be legs day, but there were some time issues with one of my clients and I was there for much longer than anticipated. I could still do legs, but anything more than an hour would push into my lunch time. So instead I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes on the bike. I knocked out 8 miles and my legs were mighty tight. So it's a good thing. 


The other day I was walking around the mall and saw the kiosk selling leggings. There were pretty patterned ones and I almost stopped to check them out. The Former Fat Girl LOVED her leggings. She wore them all of the time. Not because they were fashionable, but because they were comfortable and stretchy. She wore them with big oversized sweaters and sweatshirts.

I'm sure that I would look great in them, but I am not ready to try them on and fall back into that comfortable mindset.


This Thursday is a fundraiser for church at a new Noodles & Co that is opening. I have never been to one, but I will be going to test it out. I was checking out their menu and I think I have decided on the:

Whole Grain Tuscan FrescaWhole grain linguine with balsamic, olive oil, white wine and roasted garlic, red onion, tomato, spinach and parmesan or feta with Grilled chicken.

I'm excited.

I always like to look up menus before I try something new. It makes things a lot easier and I really get to look at the healthy options.

Y'all know I drink gallons of water a day. It's hot out. My body swells like mad in the heat. Even drinking tons of water and flushing out the bad my hands and feet are still swollen 75% of the day. My feet seem to only go down after being elevated and my hands are only good first thing in the morning. DRINK YOUR WATER!


I have been going to yoga twice a week. It has really helped with my sore muscles. It's also just a really good time to slow down, breathe, and clear my head.


Have a Blessed Evening
****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support. 
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yeah, sorry, I messed up and the "l" is missing....I need an assistant :-)

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