Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finally a good day this week! CELEBRATE (at the gym of course)

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Before I get started, I forgot to mention that yesterday was Cake day at work.  Bah!  There were TWO cakes.  One chocolate and one vanilla.  I wanted to grab a gallon of milk and just go to town.  I did not though.  I did not have any cake.  Instead, I pulled out the animal crackers that I had in my drawer and had a serving.

Okay, so today did not go the way I had planned.  I woke up early and gym Buddy Mike had texted to see if we could push back gym time until a little after lunch. Sure, no problem.  I have things to do.  I called about refinancing my car and the next thing I know I was heading to the dealership.  I had a protein bar and a banana for breakfast.  Since this dealership trip was unplanned I did not think to grab lunch.

I pushed gym time back even further and sat there drinking my water.  They offered hot dogs and steaks, but I just didn't want to do that.  In retrospect, I should have had a hot dog.  I was there for 4 hours and was starving by the time I my brand new car!  YEAH!  New car and refinanced so I have a smaller payment.  It's a good good day.

The gentleman who helped me is also changing his diet.  So we talked about how hard it is to retrain your tastebuds to liking food that is good for you.  When you are used to greasy, fatty, sugary foods then you most certainly will not like healthy options.  But, when you cleanse yourself of these bad foods and then reintroduce healthy foods a little at a time.  Soon the spices and seasonings will be exploding in your mouth with goodness.

I would like to give him a big shout out for going in the back and bringing me a Kashi Cookie :-)

So I got a new car and you know the deal.  All you want to do is play in it. Well I didn't have that luxury.  I needed to get to a place for food ASAP.  I drove right past the McDonalds that was next door (Had I realized it was there I would have broken my rule and gone over there for a salad or chicken wrap). I had to get to Subway Stat!

Once my belly was happy I quickly jumped in the new vehicle and ran to the gym.  There was no way I was missing it.  Today was chest and shoulders.  I have long loved my shoulders, but they just get better and better :-)  At one point we were doing free weights in front of the mirror.  While I loved looking at my arms and seeing the definition, I couldn't help but focusing on another part of my body.  I became repulsed by my thighs.  My chub rub area looked super pronounced.  I don't know if it's the pants or what, but it looked like my thighs were skinny right up to the chub rub area that looked huge and extremely unattractive.  ARGH.  Get over it!  Focus on the good!!!!

It feels like I have barely been to the gym this week.  I was only at the gym Monday and Thursday this week.  I started looking at next week and the panic sets in.

Monday is Pizza night at the gym.  BAH.
Tuesday is Bootcamp after work.
Wednesday is choir.
Thursday is Church Service.
Friday is Church Service (but i have the day off so I can go in the morning)
Saturday is NYC
Sunday is Easter.

I'm going to have to suck it up and hit the gym on pizza night.  It looks like I need to take Tuesday off for some car stuff so I will probably miss bootcamp, but at least then I could go to the gym and hopefully see Gym Crush #1 for one last time until Bootcamp is over.  I will have to walk at lunch on Thursday (and do weights at home after church).  The weekend will just be a bust.  Maybe some yoga dvd on Easter though.

Okay, I can breathe again.  There is a plan in place.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Namaste! Raise your hand if you could use some Yoga this week.


Come on, everyone take a deep breath.  We did it!  We made it to Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  From what I gather I was not the only one having an incredibly sucky week.  I hope you get to enjoy your weekend.

So I took last night off from blogging.  That doesn't mean that I didn't go to the gym :-)  I had been away for two days and terribly angry so I was super happy when I walked in and had my choice of machines.  I grabbed a treadmill with hopes that I could maybe run a little.  I ran on Monday and I can't usually get away with more than one run a week, but I have been smart this week.  I limited my time on the exercise ball (It's great for my core, but I think it's hurting my knees because I use them so much to keep me upright).  I gave it my usual 5 minute walk warm up and then I took off.  It was a slow run, but I kept at it for 30 minutes.  I had a few twinges, but nothing that hurt too bad.  After the run I walked for the rest of the hour and read.  It was quite nice.

The good news is that I saw Gym Crush #3 and he was on the ab machine I like that was right in front of me. Nice.  Very nice.  The bad news is that I got on it right after him and upped the weights.  I was a tad disapointed in him.  haha.  Not too much though, he's still cute.

When I got home I jumped in the shower and got relaxed in time for Big Bang Theory (my Must see TV).  I debated about getting on to blog, but I thought the pattern of the week was giving me the rep as Angry Chick, so I opted to read and relax instead.  Very glad I did.

So fast forward to today.  Today was a sad day.  Last day for Yoga.  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  If EVER I needed yoga, this was the week.  It was a small class and we were inside, but holy dag nabit it was rough.  No handstands, but a whole lot of shaking going on.  And by shaking I meant my arms, legs, and abs shaking while trying to hold poses.

For a "relaxing" class it was hilarious.  If the words escaped my mouth that I wanted to shout I would have sounded a lot like this "BLEEP!  OH BLEEP!  BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!". The only way I can describe class today was that it was a lot like the worst game of Twister EVER, and you were the only one on the mat.

I was glad we were inside because I have such a problem concentrating when we are outside, but my head was still so jumbled and angry that it did not relax until halfway through class.  I think it was the toughest class and quite frankly, I was sore after.  My plan was to go to the gym tonight and walk, but I started to worry about my knees.  With all of my back problems on the weekend and my sore knees I opted against the gym.  I'll be there at 10am and I had a killer workout today so it's all good.  And I do mean killer.  I was sweating. That was the first indoors class that I really sweated in.  Thank you Richard!

Tonight I met my friends and their kids for dinner.  We chose Qdoba (southwest grill).  The last time I ate there and then went to the gym my dinner was coming back in burps all night and it was quite gross so I think it was wise to call it a night. 

Afterwards I ran to Target for a few groceries and decided to treat myself to a new Yoga dvd.  That makes three.  I like that.  They are all different and I will rotate them. I don't want my body getting used to one.  This was focuses on Stress Relief.  I'm So on board for that.

So today's lesson is: When you are having a bad day or are extremely stressed, take it out at the gym.  Don't turn to shopping or food.

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jennie and the horrible-no good-terrible-very bad day

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Well let me just start by saying that I am in a bad mood.  It was a really REALLY crappy day at work.  I like to help people and I have not loved my job for a long time.  But, when I started the blog and started helping people on my own time the job became irrelevant.  It was a means to pay my bills and I could still help people.  Well today just plain sucked and then I was emailing and helping someone make healthy changes in her life and it really just hit me that I need to pursue this.  I just have to figure out how.  Argh.

So just how bad was today?  I cried in the bathroom for a little while.  Choir was cancelled and I could have gone to the gym, but I had dinner plans with work husband.  It's a good thing too because I figured that I would probably kill myself trying to get rid of the aggression tonight on the treadmill.

Tonight was our last dinner together before our work divorce :-(  So in addition to it being a bad work day, it was also a bad work-relationship day.  Since he is moving I let him pick our destination.  This morning he suggested Bahama Breeze.  My bad day just got better.

Bible study was cancelled today and the first reaction was "Let's walk at lunch!".  It was the plan.  And then life got sucky and my walking buddies had to cancel.  I could walk, but it started to rain a little.  So work husband and I went to Starbucks to relax and have some chatting time.  It was nice and helped my blood pressure get back to normal.  Thank you Work Husband!

I love Bahama Breeze and I was extra excited because they have a Jamaican Chicken with mango salsa, veggies, and mashed sweet potatoes.  They have a light portion and I like to get that and save half for lunch the next day.  So that was the plan.  And then Barb reminded me that we have lunch plans tomorrow.  Drat.  I could save it for dinner tomorrow, but I don't think it would be enough after the gym. 

It's okay though, because my eyes were all over the Hawaiian Burger.  I have been craving a burger for a long time.  That dang Five Guys in the parking lot at the gym is going to be the end of me.  I try to park across the parking lot from it, but man it still smells so good.  This particular burger comes with at pineapple chutney on it...Yum. 

I don't drink often, but I was doing everything I could to keep sane today.  I would normally have a margarita...skinny if possible.  But the mango sangria had my attention.  I should have gone with the margarita.  I did not like the sangria.  Dang it.  Luckily, I loved my burger.  I opted for the fresh fruit salad with mango sorbet as the side dish instead of fries.  It was only a tiny scoop of sorbet and I thought that would make it easier to say no to dessert.

Thank goodness for yoga.  I have been focusing on my breathing all night.  So now I am going to to try and relax before bed.

Here's to a better tomorrow.

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The Biggest Loser - Week 13

Welcome to the Biggest Loser Ranch - Week 13.  This week's excuse: Exercise is boring.

Okay, well I will be honest.  I missed the first hour because I was at the work Happy Hour.  Fear not though.  My mom gave me the lowdown.

There was a challenge.  At stake: a 1 pound advantage.  They were to move boxes of food to a truck.  The first person to move all of their food wins the pound and 39,000 lbs of food for their home town.  I believe they were moving that total also, but I'm not positive on that.  That weight represents the total amount of weight lost on the Biggest Loser over the years.  WOW.

Mark started smart and started with his heavy weights.  Kim was ahead most of the way, but when she got to the heavy weights Mark took the lead.  And he won the challenge.  Then it was announced that if everyone finished they would each get a truck full of food for their hometown.  Mark asked if he could help (this made my mom tear up).  They all finished.

When I came home they were in the middle of a second challenge.  This was a cooking challenge.  They were to create a meal and were to be judged on taste and nutrition.  The judges: Vinny, Antone, and Ms. Becky (still looking fabulous!)  from last season.  YEAH.

I'm not even going to discuss Jeremy's meal because it was pathetic.  They called him on it.  Megan made a tilapia with salsa and spinach.  They loved it, but then they saw the sodium.  It was too high.  Buddy made a tropical chicken salad.  He had them until he mentioned that he used real mayo.  Not a lot, but there are so many better options out there.  Chris brought out an undercooked broccoli stuffed chicken.  Antone made some comments about her not coming very far in her journey. For the life of me, I cannot remember what Mark made.  Conda made a cabbage soup that Vinny loved.  She made a comment that she was going to win.  She does all of the cooking anyway *  Then Kim made a teriyaki beef tips (i think) on a portobello mushroom.  She won.  She won $1000 for every pound lost this week.

*this irritates me every season.  Why does it always fall on one or two people to do the cooking for everyone else?  How are you to learn and take this home with you?  AND you are on a freaking reality show about weight loss.  Why would you rely on a fellow contestant to prepare your food?  How do you know they aren't spiking your food with sugar or salt?  Just saying.

Bob was particularly focusing on Megan this week.  He made her keep a video journal.  When he watched he was pretty impressed with her eating and working out.  She felt the pressure though.

Time for Last Chance workout.  Dolvett created an obstacle course.  Mark went first.  His time: 3:07.  Quite impressive.  There was running, belly crawls, throwing weights, dragging weights, and running through tires.  Buddy went second and did well for his injuries. He finished in a little over 4 minutes.  Jeremy went next and came in around 3:30.  Then it was Ms. Kim's turn.  Sporting my favorite hairstyle of choice (the braids...See!  I'm making them popular!) she nailed it.  Just over 2:30.  GO Girl!

In Bob's last chance he was all over Megan.  I spit out my drink when he yelled "Megan I will cut off your hair and kill you!"  I heart Bob.

I forgot about Chris' earlier conversation with Antone.  He came into the gym and talked to her after his comments upset her.  She thinks she has come so far and to have a stranger make comments like that set her back.  What is she doing wrong?  Bob talked to her too.  She has come so far and is scared to go home.  He says that's a good thing though.

So time for weigh in.  Kim is up first.  She earned $7000 this week.  Go Girl!  Next up was Mark.  He lost nothing.  He had that pound advantage, but it's pretty obvious he's in the bottom.  Conda loses 7, but she had immunity last week so...Jeremy, Buddy, and Chris lost weight, but not much.  But, Megan only lost 4 and that put her below.

There are alliances, so she went home.

At home, she's now back to riding her horses and competing.  Good for her.  Her boyfriend has also lost 80lbs and proposed.  So now she's planning her wedding.  She looks fantastic.

Clear my schedule.  Next week: MAKEOVER WEEK!

Here is your thought for the day from that Wise Bob Harper:

One week cannot make up for a lifetime of Bad Decisions

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rollercoaster Tuesday

Hello Beautiful People!

Well today has been full of ups and downs. It's been a struggle today.  The highs were really high and the lows were really low.  There were lots of temptations and lots of struggles.  So here it goes.

I mentioned last night that I had a good run.  I did.  I was very excited.  I was happy when I woke up and ready to get this day going.  My gym bag was packed.  I should see Gym Crush #1 tonight.  Since I had the run last night I would focus on weights and elliptical tonight.

When I got to work I saw the email.  There had been mention of a possible Happy Hour this week because our client is in town.  The email says that it's tonight.  CRAP.  Do I go?  I have choir tomorrow.  If I go then that's two days in a row without the gym.  But, one of our guests is in from California (and she's been a great running supporter of mine) and the other from the Netherlands. I should go for a little while. Oh and it's at the bar with the fantastic soft pretzel appetizer.  Dang it.

So I won't be working out AND I'll be eating appetizers for dinner. Argh.  But, this is life.  Things come up and you have to make them work for you. 

One of the highlights of the day was getting an email from someone clear across the world asking for help.  This is why I write this blog.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  I am not an expert, but I have worked darn hard at disciplining myself and making the right decisions.  It amazes me how open and honest people are when they email me their stories.  Sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger.  I hold back on certain things because I know friends and family who read this and I don't want to offend them.  Sometimes I wish this was totally anonymous, but it's too late for that.

I made plans to go to the mall at lunch (it was on the cold side for walking) with Barb to see her try on dresses for a wedding she's going to in a few weeks.  When we walked in I saw a bunch of dresses I liked.  I have a trip to NYC coming up and it would be nice to have a new pretty dress for it.  So when she went into the dressing room I did too.

It wasn't good.  I literally cried in there.  I always take two sizes in to compare.  I like to start with the bigger and work my way down.  These bigger dresses didn't fit.  I had to go out and get an even bigger one.   It doesn't make any sense.  I looked at myself in the mirror and felt like a giant hippopotamus. WTF!  Did I retain that much water from the run?  I know I'm a tad on the bloated side for things to come, but not that much.  My smaller jeans still fit.  There is no reason for this.  I had on this pretty pink dress and I couldn't even get the bigger big to zip up.  I couldn't stop the tears.  It hurt so bad.  I tried on the same size in the blue dress and it zipped.  Seriously what the heck!  It didn't matter.  I was so upset that I didn't buy anything.

Before we left for the mall we discussed grabbing lunch.  I had brought a peanut butter and banana sandwich, but I decided to eat that right before heading out to Happy Hour to help with the munching.  So we went to Subway for a sandwich to go.  I got the egg white on flatbread with spinach and tomatoes.  It was yummy.  The problem was that I couldn't stop eating.  I don't know if it was because of the run last night or because it was a reaction to the fitting room.  It sucked.

So let's fast forward to Happy Hour.  I opted for the mango iced tea.  I know it has sugar, but I don't really drink and I didn't want soda.  Since we were going to be a large group several appetizers were ordered.  First was the Soft Pretzels with the jalapeno spinach cheese dip (humina humina humina).  Then there were mini pizzas, bbq pork sliders, and southwest egg rolls. 

I split one of the pretzels and so I only ate about 3/4ths of it. And you know I love BBQ so I had one of the sliders.  It was a little dry so I stopped at one.  So truly I did not eat much.  However, I stayed two hours longer than I had planned and I could not keep my eyes off of the pizza at the end of the table.  I would be having a conversation with the guy across from me and yet I would look at that pizza like it was George Clooney walking into the room.  I have issues.

When I got home I made my lunch for tomorrow and had a glass of V8 (I was feeling a giant lack of veggies for the day).  My schedule is off because I didn't shower tonight.  I could have when I got home, but Biggest Loser was on and if I took a shower after I was afraid it would wake me up.

I'm stressed.  My whole schedule is thrown off this week.  I can hear you saying "Welcome to my world", but know this: my success is because of my schedule and discipline.  You have to make the time and put yourself first.  It's okay to veer off course every now and then, but if you want to be successful, you need to make the changes.  I read something recently during my daily devotionals.  It was about making time for prayer, but this can apply to working out too: If they were giving away $1000 bills at the mall you would make the time.  Well, pretend they are giving away $1000 for working out.  Just some food for thought.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Fitness Assessment Results

 Happy Monday Bleeps!

hahaha...can a Monday really be happy?

Well today I finally got the results of my fitness assessment.  FINALLY!  I was pretty excited.  The results were given: poor, Avg -, Avg, Avg +, Good, and Excellent.  Considering that I didn't know what my competition was doing I was very unsure of where I fell.

My results: 1 Avg, 2 Avg +, and 2 Good.  YEAH!  I was told that I did very well for my first assessment.  We still have to be sorted into teams and given the rules for the points, but now I know where I stand on a few things.  More importantly, I know where I need to improve.

My Avg was for plank.  I had 93 seconds.  My goal is 120 seconds now.  My 2 Avg + - Squats and my Body Composition.  Okay, well we knew I lowballed the squats.  My goal is 100...I want an Excellent!  My body composition, well I'm not quite sure what my goal is there.  I want to lose at least 10 lbs, but I have make sure that I tighten up the pinchable areas...ugh.  My Goods - At rest heart rate and push ups.  I will be happy with the heart rate, but I want excellent for the push ups.   I would love all excellents, but I have to be realistic.  My goal: 2 excellents, 2 goods, and 1 Avg +.

Oh I almost forgot. I got a 99% for the sit and reach.  Considering that's out of 100% I am going to count that as an Excellent!

I know it's just a work fitness competition.  It's not like I'm competing in the Biggest Loser, but I am out for blood.  I don't even know if there's a prize or anything.  I just know that I want to WIN!  I have put a target on a friend's back.  He sort of knows that, but I'm using him as my motivation.  I want to crush him like a bug (sorry Ryan, but it's true).  We talk every day about our upcoming and past workouts.  He's my motivation.  I know what he's doing so that pushes me.

My mom says that I would get voted off of The Biggest Loser at the earliest possible moment because I would be a target.  haha.  It's true though.  I can relate to Tara, John, and Ali from previous years.  I am so focused on the finish line it is not even funny.

Seriously, if people can see a big difference in my body since January 1, there is every reason to believe I can keep this up through Memorial Day and smoke the competition (speaking of smoke, throwing in a Shout out to my favorite Smoke...Congratulations Tony Stewart on your win yesterday!  Call me!).  Granted, I have a little more motivation than a lot of people.  That dang promise of me in a bikini June 1 is looming in my head. 

I do have the problem that I have a lot of travel weekends and events coming up in the next couple of months so it's especially important to keep focused.  I will need to find a Yoga replacement.  I found out that that class is offered monday's too so I may have to do that a couple times a month.  We do have bootcamp starting on Tuesdays after work (the one day a week I see Gym Crush #1...BAHHHHH so I will make that sacrifice for a couple of months) next week. 

Alright kids, I had a good run tonight at the gym (super drenched by the end...I was a big ol' pile of sweat) and I am beat.  Tomorrow I have to hit the weights so I'm calling it a night.  Sweet dreams!

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Busting out the summer clothes

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

So guess what I did yesterday.  If you said "Got out your summer clothes" you would be correct.  I made the switch from winter to summer clothes.  It was a very interesting process this time.  Usually it's daunting.  And I think you know why....the Winter Weight.  Generally when I try my summer clothes on for the first time they are a bit snug.  It's very depressing.

Not this time!  Some are too big.   Some FINALLY fit.  I'm pretty excited.  I have a bunch of J. Crew shorts that I bought a few years ago (at the outlets of course) that I have barely worn. I bought them with high hopes. Truth be told, they have always been a bit on the snug side.  I could wear them with a baggy shirt, of course.  Now I can wear them with a tight shirt.  HOLLA!

I have a pile of clothes to donate to a flea market that benefits breast cancer survivors and I was anxious to see if I had some summer stuff to donate too.  So now let me tell you about the pair of shorts that I wore for basically the last 5 summers.

I fell in love with this pair of J. Crew patchwork Madra shorts.  At the time they had only small sizes and one pair that was a size too big.  I got that pair. I had to.  I could wear any color shirt with it and change the look. They made me feel good (they were roomie).  They looked great on my tan legs.  They were the perfect summer shorts.  Plus I love Miniature Golf so I looked like a pro.

When I was on my weight loss roller coaster they did start to get a little tight at one point.  That was my giant warning sign.  NO!  They are the "make me feel good" shorts.  I can't have them making me uncomfortable.

Well I knew the time would come eventually, but alas they are now too big for me.  I can wear a belt, but they are just unflattering.  This should be extremely exciting.  And in some ways it is.  But, these are my security blanket shorts.  Can I let them go?   Should I save them as my "before" shorts...even though they aren't a true "before"?  I considered making something out of them, but hello, my butt has been in them for 5 summers.  Kind of a gross thought. 

I may give them to a friend if I can let them go.  A part of me wants to hold on to them in case something happens and this weight loss doesn't stick.  I truly don't see that happening, but food addictions are addictions.  Who knows what my future holds.  What if I break my leg and I can't work out?  It's going to hamper my progress.   I shouldn't think like that, but the former fat girl is always there trying to make a comeback.

Now I will say that in addition to the other shorts I got in smaller sizes, I also have a smaller pair of madra patchwork shorts.  They aren't the same material and they are a little different in the color, but I am anxious to wear them for the first time.  Oh yeah, I still had the tags on them (and I think I've owned them for 3 years).

Another pair of shorts I found are my pj Life is Good shorts. They are a cute daisy pattern in a flannel material.  They have NEVER been flattering.  I had considered giving them away many many times, but I always held on to them.  Well I am happy to report that I am wearing them as I type and they look so cute on me.  YEAH!  It was worth the wait...or weight if you will.  It was a good day :-)

I will let you know what I do with the shorts...and suggestions are welcome.

Have a wonderful week.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

"Today we are doing handstands" lol Oh *BLEEP* He's serious!

The Weekend is Here!

I was going to keep with my "No blogging on Fridays" schedule, but since I missed three days last week and I had such a great day today I had to share.  So I will take off another day this weekend :)

It was Yoga Friday today.  HOLLA!  So excited.  Sadly there is only one more week.  BOOO.  I did just look and found a Saturday morning class by me so I may have to sign up for that.

So I hope you are experiencing the lovely weather that we are in the Philly area.  It was nice and hot today.   That meant that we were going to be outside.  Now I had to decide what to wear.  I had a pair of pants and a pair of shorts in my bag.  I also had a short sleeve (tight) shirt and a long sleeve (loose).  It was cold the last time so I was leaning towards the long sleeve, but I was convinced that it was actually hot out.  I am not comfortable with all of the bending in the shorts.  I don't want the person behind me to be grossed out. 

That left me with the black semi-fitted yoga pants and the lime green fitted short sleeve shirt. Um...Do you remember the earlier post when I sad that I have two types of outfits: tight pants with loose top and loose pants with tight top.  I don't combine tight and tight.  My belly phobias can't handle it.

I put on the outfit and made buddy Barb give me her honest opinion.  She said I looked great.  I sucked in and checked it out.  I did!  I can pull it off now!  I was sooooo happy.

Of course five minutes outside and I was wishing I had put on my shorts.  Bah.  It was hot.  I was sweating early.  Surprise!

Before he started class the instructor said that "Today is a good day for handstands". I laughed.  And laughed.  Surely he was not serious.  We are not ready for that.  He must be joking.  That's it.  He's totally joking.

Today he had us in pretzel twists.  Twisting  our arms around each other and then balancing on one leg with the other wrapped around it.  Okay, maybe I would prefer the handstand.

He set us up for reverse handstands.  A-HA!  That's what he meant!  Reaching arms straight over our heads with palms up.  Chin tilted up.  On the balls of our feet. 

"Okay, now we are going to team up in groups of three.  That way there are two spotters."  I'm sorry, what did he just say?  WHAT????? 

Looking around you could see the look of panic in 10 girls faces. There was the denial laughing going on.  Surely any minute now he was going to say "Kidding!  You ladies are not nearly ready for that."...but he didn't.

He brought up one volunteer (although she didn't exactly volunteer) and she did awesome. We clapped and marvelled at her.  Then he picked another girl and she did great.  Yeah for them.  But, Hells to the NO I'm not doing that!

What if I fall on my head?  Or worse, what if I fall on my spotter and squish her like a bug?  What if my top rolls down my belly and my boobs are exposed and people I know walk out of the office and see?  Seriously, I had trouble trusting that I wasn't too heavy for someone in the leaning exercise.  What if I'm too heavy for these girls to hold up?  What If I kick poor Barb in the head because I panic?  Oh yeah, every single one of those thoughts went through my brain.  Well those and "OH *BLEEP*"

Tracey decided to go first.  She is tall and thin.  I think I could spot her, but I was a little short for this job so the instructor came over to us also.  He took her waist and left me with her legs.  So upside down leaning on her hands, Tracey's butt was not far from my face.  I felt a little awkward spotting her legs and frankly I think I owe her dinner now.  haha.  But, she did awesome.

I was up next.  Start in downward facing dog.  Then bring one leg in closer and bend it.  Straighten the other out and push up.  Then the spotter helps you get vertical. OH MY GOSH! I am doing this!  I am really doing this!  "You got this. Now bring your legs closer together". I did and that's when I panicked.  I felt my momentum shift and I felt like I was going to fall.  So I went up gracefully, but I didn't come down gracefully.  Don't care cause I did something I never thought I would do today.

The former fat girl would have found a dozen reasons not to do it.  And I really felt like doing that again...for about 30 seconds.  And then the new Super Me was totally up for it!  In fact, I have been visualizing doing handstands up against the wall ever since.  haha. There is a little private walkway to the ladies room and I hesitated a little and almost tried it, but I didn't.  Maybe one day I can get a spotter at the gym and try it there.  Might be a job for Gym Crush #1!

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not Giving Up

Hello Beautiful People (Yes, I'm talking to you),

Are you enjoying this fabulous Spring weather?  I met a friend for lunch today and it took all of the will power I had to force myself back to work.  I just wanted to kick off my shoes and run barefoot through the meadow or frolic in the park.  Sadly, there are no meadows or parks near work.

Let me tell you about lunch.  Every so often I meet my buddy Tom at the mall food court.  Generally we hit up Subway.  But, today we went rogue.  We went over to the Cajun counter.  Bourban chicken was calling my name.  I wanted it, but I didn't want the heaviness in my belly.  The special is: Bourbon chicken, Fried Rice, and a side.  Go ahead and ask though.  I got two veggies instead of the fried rice :-)  So I got my delicious chicken, grilled string beans, and corn.  It was wonderful.  I was full, but not stuffed and I did not regret my decision. YEAH!

So today I wanted to talk about Not Giving Up.  The past 24 hours have been wonderful for me.  Two friends that have been making positive changes and working hard had some "click" moments.  It's a struggle when you change your ways.  It's hard to try and stay good when you aren't seeing the big results immediately.

I love The Biggest Loser (although not so much this season), but I think people have a false reality. They see these massive weigh losses each week and get frustrated if they only lose 1.4lbs a week.  Stop!  The contestants on the Biggest Loser are working out all day long.  They don't have the distractions of life.  They don't even have to worry about grocery shopping.  They have trainers and nutritionists.  They Should be dropping large amounts of weight every week. 

So last night one friend, who has been very frustrated with her weigh-ins at Weight Watchers said that she had only lost 1.6lbs....but, in total she has lost 9.6 now.  AWESOME.  That's the way to do it.  Slowly means it will be easier to keep off.  Take the small victories and be happy with them.  I promise you they will add up.

My favorite comment was that she "feels stronger".  She has more energy and she feels much better.  That is the attitude to have.  I told her to carry around a 10lb weight for a little while.  That's a lot of weight.  Be proud!  Who cares how long it took, cause she got there!

Another friend has commented that instead of turning to the tv or a book she's being more active.  She's going out and walking.  She's doing weights and the exercise ball while watching tv instead of just becoming a couch potato.  The scale isn't reflecting a big change, but here body is reshaping.  She's seeing it.  My favorite comment of hers was "I didn't get to this weight overnight.  So I can't expect it to come off overnight." AMEN SISTER!  It's gonna take some time, but she's well on her way.

Then we discussed the scale.  I don't want her to get frustrated with it.  I was the one who weighed herself every day to keep herself in check.  Not any more.  I moved things around and the scale is hidden.  The new rule is Saturday mornings only.  I know I'm doing the right things, so there's no need to let a bad day get me down. 

So please don't give up if you are getting frustrated.  You will get there I promise you.  And you will be so glad when you do.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taking Time for Yourself

Happy Hump Day Bleeps!

I want you all to know how hard it was for me to stay away for three days this weekend.  I thoroughly enjoyed taking time off from the computer. My eyes thanked me.  I enjoyed the great outdoors.  I visited with family.  It's nice to live a life away from the screen.  I worried though.

I worried that someone that maybe really needed inspiration and motivation wasn't getting it from me.  Now some of you may be reading this and saying "Jennifer, shut up. You must really think a lot of yourself."  I do not.  But, I do know how important that motivation and inspiration can be.  I know how easy it is to talk myself out of good choices.  I know what it's like to have someone motivate me to get out of bed and go out for a walk.  I know what it's like to have someone inspire me to make a healthier choice for lunch.  And I know that sometimes I am that someone for others.

I keep thinking back to a time I was in church and the Pastor's teenage nephew was in the row in front of me.  He was constantly moving around and causing distractions.  After the service the Pastor addressed this with him and made him apologize to me.   I didn't understand why he was doing it and said it was okay.  And then he explained.  What if someone came to church who really needed time with God and they were unable to pray or hear what God was saying because of this distraction?

I just hope my distractions didn't keep someone from getting up and moving.

The important lesson here is that I took some time for myself and no one died.  And even more importantly, I'm refreshed and a better person for it.  So make the time for yourself.  No one else is going to do it for you.

It's on you to make the time for yourself.  Maybe you need to move things around.  Maybe you need to drop things.  If you are busy with your kids activities try buddying up with other moms.  Take turns chauffering or babysitting with the others go work out.  If you are feeling like you don't have time, I'm betting there are others in that same boat.  You just have to ask.

On that note, make sure people know that you are trying to make positive and healthy changes.  Sure there are people that won't be supportive, but there will be some people who totally have your back.  Today they were buying us lunch at work because we were having a meeting during lunch.  Yesterday I was stressing.  Are they going to buy pizza?  That means I'm going to need to bring my lunch and then smell the pizza.  Wrong.  I asked and my pal Lety said she ordered sandwiches and salads.  She had kept my needs in mind.  That made me feel so good.

And now I must sign off.  Someone reached out to me for some help and advice with healthy changes.  She's already making positive changes and I'm excited for her.

Have a wonderful night.  Catch ya tomorrow.

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the wo
rds of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.

Biggest Loser - Week 12

Welcome to the Biggest Loser Ranch Week 12...well sort of.  This week's excuse: I can't lose weight on vacation.  So off to Hawaii they go.

First though in my head: Hawaii is my dream destination and these pinheads get to go instead of me.

When they got to the island the contestants were on the beach when Bob and Dolvett came paddling in from the water...shirtless!  Why don't I have DVR???

They were told to chill out.  Tomorrow the workouts begin.  The first day was Surfing.  The Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton had them out there surfing.  Kind of cool.  I liked her saying that even the most fit people have a hard time surfing.

So let's get down to it.  The contestants are in bathing suits.  Kim? She is smokin hot in her red bikini.  Girlfriend looks amazing.  I still can't believe I like her now, but I am 110% behind her.  Give them one hell of a fight!

The first challenge was a trivia challenge.  The winner gets a 1 pound advantage. The questions ranged from: how many calories do you burn in an hour of Surfing to which Hawaiian dish has the most fat. It came down to Chris and Kim for the tie breaker.  Sadly, Chris won.

Kim said something interesting. She was glad to be there, but she doesn't like a lot of the contestants.  NEITHER DO I!

The next challenge was an immunity challenge.  They were at the top of a mountain.  There was an idol in everyone's name.  They needed to run down the hill and find blue leis then run back up the hill and put them on someone else's idol.  When there are 10 then you are eliminated.  There was also one black lei.  That automatically eliminates someone.

No surprise, they mainly ganged up on Kim.  Kimmi got the black lei when Kim was almost elminated.  She put it on her idol...umm...not quite sure why.

It came down to Jeremy, Conda, and Mark.  Conda's idol was still empty.  Kim made a comment that she was not surprised.  Conda is friends with everyone in the house.  *I would not last there.  I would vote myself out if I was in a house with Conda all of that time* So basically Jeremy let Mark do the dirty work and run up and down the hill adding them to his and Conda's idol. Then he eliminated him and let Conda win.  ARGH.

My favorite part of the show (apart from Bob and Dolvett topless) was when Mark approached Kim on the beach to let her know that she's not alone.  He sees what the other girls are doing to her.  He sees how hard she works and she deserves to be there.  She said she would hate to go home before some of these people that are playing the game and relying on each other instead of working out. AMEN!

The weigh in was held at Pearl Harbor.  Conda lost a few pounds so she could keep her immunity.  Chris lost a few, but she needed that 1 pound advantage to stay safe.  Jeremy was safe.  Mark was close to the bottom, but he was safe.  Buddy still has a stress fracture and was not able to compete in the challenge, but he lost weight.  Then came Megan and Kimmi.  You need to work girls!  They were both below the yellow line.  But wait!  Kim still had to weigh in.  Girlfriend lost 5lbs and was in the lead. YEAH.

No surprise, Kimmi asked to be sent home so Megan can stay.  And so it was.

In the at home Kimmi is doing well.  She is working with a group that offers therapy with horses.  It's her dream and she's finally going for it.

Hawaii is beautiful.  Yes, they all lost weight, but man, I am so frustrated at how much "not working out' is going on.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Randomness

Happy Tuesday Bleeps!

Well yesterday I mentioned that I had a lot of randomness to discuss.  So let the randomness begin.
How are you doing with Daylight Savings Time?  I did not adjust well. I usually never have a problem, but this time I did.  And I know why.  My body is on a schedule.  It has a routine.  Changing it up sucked.   I did not have a problem right away.  My alarm was set to get up for church and that's a good thing.  I had a schedule to keep.  That night I was late to my church discussion because I was waiting for the dark sky as a signal to head out. Oops.  Okay, no big deal.  The problem started on Monday.  My bathroom schedule was thrown off. And you know what I'm referring to.  BAH.  I was like that all week.  Which meant I was gassy and bloated. 

I thought something was wrong with me.  No one else looking at my body would see the difference, but I did.  I talked about it with Gym Buddy Lisa (GBL) one night and she suggested it was my body reacting to my knees.  This could be.  My knees were hurting.  But, I figured it out.  I'm happy to report I'm back on schedule and feeling much better :-)

Now of course I wish this translated to how I feel about fitting rooms.  I swear, no matter how good I am feeling about myself, those damn fitting room mirrors are a reality check.  Forget the term "going postal".  I'm starting "Going fitting room mirrored".  On my way to pick up Grandma on Friday I ran into Walmart because I realized that it was going to be 80 degrees and I forgot to pack shorts.  I walked in and found a pair of jean shorts.  Then I saw a cute emerald green top.  I wanted a medium, but they only had a large.  I passed by the bathing suits.  Too soon?  I found a tankini top that I really liked.  So I took it in to try it on.  BAH.  Why do I do this to myself?  The shorts and top were cute.  The top was too big, but I got it anyway in case I wanted to wear it for St. Patty's day.  The tankini top? UGH.  I am still having the problem with clothes.  If it fits my boobs it's too big for my belly.  If it fits my belly it's too dang small for my boobs. 

The good news is that since I didn't wear the shorts and shirt, I took them back to Walmart today.  In their place I got the Push Up Stands to help me prep for my Fitness Competition.  GO ME!  Oh and I got bananas and protein bars.

And speaking of protein bars...I had my first casualty of the Spring season yesterday.  My gym bag was in the car all day.  When I went into the locker room I found that my protein bar had melted.  Eww.  I let it sit during my workout and it had cooled by the time I was done, thankfully.  So now they are to be kept in my pocketbook in the office all day.

Okay, I have confessed before and I'll confess again.  I am a terrible sneak eater.  I love hanging at my Aunt's house.  I really do.  Good family.  Good food.  Good times.  Good dishes of candy.  I am sooo good if I can resist the hershey kisses in the dish on the counter.  The problems start when I cave and have one.  It opens the floodgates for more.  This weekend I was fairly good.  I only had three kisses and one mini milky way.  No big deal right?  WRONG.  I felt that Sneaking food rush.  No one saw that.  So one more won't hurt.  Quick, no one's looking.  Grab another.  Instant gratification, but then days of guilt. 

After the marathon we had a mani/pedi appointment.  I had not had a pedicure since New Year's.  My feet hate me.  It felt so good.  But, she got rid of my calluses and I had a hard time on the elliptical last night.  I could feel the fresh skin.  DOH.

When we were leaving the nail salon I saw a vision.  For a moment I thought that I was in a desert and this was a mirage.  Girl Scout cookies.  Hello. Yes, we stopped and bought a box.  I got Thank you Berry Munch.  I didn't see them being sold by me and wanted to try them. It's a shortbread cookie with cranberries.  Yep, they are good.

So then it was time for dinner.  We went over to Panera and I got unbelievably excited.  There was a new salad.  Power Spinach Salad: spinach, egg, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, frizzled onions, and a vinaigrette. It was awesome!  I want to go back for more.

So cut to a few hours later and I am sitting on my mom's couch.  I can barely move.  Within minutes I passed out cold.  I did not run the marathon, but I might as well have.  I had been fighting my rest for a long time.  Between that and the adrenaline rush from the day, oh and the getting up at that ungodly hour, I was spent.  I literally closed my eyes and woke up the next morning for church.  I definitely felt human again on Sunday.  That doesn't mean that I didn't go to Starbucks for a chai tea.  I needed some caffeine to make sure that I didn't fall asleep on the drive home.

I am happy to report that I made amends for my weekend on Monday.  It started off with a walk at lunch.  Thanks to Barb and Tracey (holy long legs Batman!).  We moved for 30 minutes.  I was not planning on this and was wearing my skinny jeans.  That meant that I didn't have a lot of give. It was hard to keep up when I couldn't extend my legs.  Argh. But I did.

After work it was gym time.  Last week GBL and I came up with a plan. Since Mondays are generally the busy day at the gym, we are going to try the 30 minute circuit training there.  20 stations in 30 minutes.  10 stations of weights and 10 steps for cardio.  I will talk more about it later, but we busted our butts and got our sweat on.  Good stuff.

I love Making Amends Mondays.  Don't you?

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Cheerleading at the DC Rock'N'Roll Marathon - GO RANDY!

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Wow, it feels weird to have gone three days without blogging, but I will tell you that three days without getting online was completely refreshing. Sure I checked scores and put statuses on Facebook on my phone.  Sure I downloaded pictures of the DC Rock'N'Roll Marathon for my cousin, but I was not strapped to my laptop. should try it.  Very liberating.

So naturally I have three days worth of things to talk about.  Not sure how this is going to go.  I'm either going to be very awesome or completely random.  Let's see what happens.

Before I talk about me, I want to give a Giant Shout Out to my cousin Randy.  He finished his first Half-Marathon on Saturday and I could not be more excited.  He was doubtful that he would finish, but I'll let you in on a little secret.  I never doubted him for a minute!  I knew he had it :-)

I took Friday off for a travel day.  I  started the morning at the gym.  Still can't believe I was at the gym by 7:15 on my day off.  I was a tired pup and really wanted to sleep in, but I made plans to meet gym buddy Lisa and I also knew that there was a very good chance of things "coming up" if I opted to wait until after the ride to Virginia. 

After the gym I packed up and headed out.  I picked up Grandma and headed down.  She's always a good travel companion.  She packs me grapes, apples, and bananas for the ride.  :-)

My Aunt was hosting a dinner Friday night for Randy and his fellow runners.  And we all know what that means. CARBS!  Well, if I must then I must.  On the menu: baked ziti, baked macaroni'n'cheese, spaghetti and sauce (recipe came from an honest to goodness mobster!), grilled veggies, salad, Pecan pie, lemon meringue pie, and a coconut custard dish. Um...I seriously thought I was going to spontaneously combust.  I was on sensory overload.  Did I mention that there was homemade hummus, pita chips, guacamole, and chips too?

I had a little hummus then filled my plate.  Half of my plate was filled with salad and grilled veggies.  The other half had ziti and mac'n'cheese (my total weakness).  It felt like my belly was heavy, but the reality is that I had a lot of veggies.  I was finished for a full 5 seconds before I started wondering when I could hit up the pecan pie.  Pecan Pie.  Pecan Pie.  Pecan Pie!!!  I couldn't wait so I ran in and got a piece....and some of the coconut custard.  Did you hear me screaming? Chocolate Chips in the Pecan Pie!  I'm still salivating over it.

After dinner I needed to go to bed early.  I was getting picked up at 6:30 am. And let me tell you something, it came quick!  I had a protein bar, grabbed a bottle of water and off we went.  The metro was packed full of runners.  I was so excited for them.  By the time we got in to DC there was hardly any room on the train.  And then it turns out that the train before us broke down.  So ironically, Randy and his fellow runners were on our train (even though they left a half hour before us).  It was a mad house and there were thousands of runners who were just getting off the metro at 8am.  The race starts at 8.  I was stressing out for them.  Of course they were fine because it was going to take 45 minutes to get everyone to cross the start line, but I get anxious.

Auntie and I walked towards the start line passing corral after corral of the best outfits.  It was St. Patrick's Day after all.  I should also mention that I was decked out in my "Kiss Me I'm Irish" t-shirt, fuzzy green hat (muppet-like), and shamrock necklace.  One of the girls we passed said we should get our picture taken together because she had a similiar shirt.  Of course. 

Auntie was worried that we missed Randy and his group, but I knew we hadn't.  They had to check their bags and there was no way we missed that group passing us.  Two of the guys are so tall they are at least a head above everyone else.  Good news!  We saw them at the very end of the line.  They crossed the start line 45 minutes after the first runners.  That's a lot of people!

So we started walking back towards the finish line.  We were going to get a t-shirt and walk around for a bit, but we were told they were clearing the streets.  The first 1/2 marathoners were 10 minutes away.  WHAT?  Holy crap.  So we found ourselves at the finish line in a prime spot. Luckily for me there was a lamppost there.  Being the shorty that I am, I climbed up and held my spot. I had a great view.  And there I stood for the next two and a half hours.  Oh dear Lord, I could take anyone on Survivor or The Biggest Loser in a challenge like that. I was balancing.  I was hurting.  But, I was not giving up my spot.  My fuzzy hat could be seen on TV the whole time haha.

True enough the first finisher came around the corner after 1:06.  DANG!  He was flying.  Shortly after him a few more runners trickled in and then soon enough it was a steady stream.  Cheerleader that I was, I yelled and screamed for every one of them.  They deserved it.

The announcers were giving us updated on the Full Marathon leaders.  We were getting reports on their mile markers and paces.  For a little while there were two guys neck and neck. And then right around mile 17 one just took off.  He finished in 2:25.  It was his 6th win.  He didn't just win.  He was a full 15 minutes ahead of the second guy. Mad Props Sir!

I saw some pretty amazing people.  There were three different gentlemen who ran with one leg (tears in my eyes as I screamed and screamed for them). Two of them ran with prosthetics.  One ran with two canes.  The crowed errupted for him.

I loved seeing people running and holding hands.  They started it together and finished it together :-)  I saw young and old. I saw all shapes and sizes.  I saw men in kilts and more women in tutus than the ballet.  I cheered and cheered and cheered.  I pretty much lost my voice for a few hours.  When they smiled I smiled. When they danced across the finish line I danced for them.  When they cried, OH MAN did I cry.  Some were tears of joy and some were tears of pain.  I felt their pain as they were limping across the finish line in pain.  OH and I also saw lots of bleeding nipples.  You go guys!

So there were a lot of people and I knew Randy's pace was for 2:45.  Adding that to 45 minutes I knew when to start looking for them.  Good thing I was paying attention, because they were early!  YEAH!  I caught them just as they were approaching me and started screaming my head off.  After they crossed we headed over to go find them. 

And let me say that by this point I was starving.  I had brought a second protein bar and was guzzling my water.  Eating did not go as planned.  When we found them we went over to the shade and let them sit.  They were all holding bananas and protein bars.  OH I wanted one, but that wouldn't be right.  They earned them.

After some celebrating Auntie and I left to go get him a shirt and then head home.  The walk to the souvenir tent my heart was breaking.  We passed the medical tent.  There were so many people icing their knees and feet.  I would have been right there with them.  And then we saw the medical cart carrying someone away.  I don't know if they picked him up before or after the finish line, but the look on his face made me cry.

We got to the tent and got him a Finisher Shirt and a shot glass.  I found a shirt that I loved and really wanted. I made sure it didn't say finisher since I didn't run, but I cheered like heck for three hours and this was a nice shirt and good for running.  I had to do it.  I asked to see a large and it was immediately obvious that it was too big.  Medium it is.

We decided to wait until after we got back to the car to try and grab lunch.  We would hit up Chick Fil-A.  The drive thru.  I hated breaking my rule, but I would have eaten a small child by then.  Besides, I was getting the grilled chicken sandwich so it wasn't all bad.  

The day was great.  I was so glad I could be there for Randy and his friends.  I'm so glad I could be there for the inaugural DC Race.  I only wish that I could have stayed on that lamp post cheering for every last finisher.  They deserved it.  My back never would have forgiven me though.  The metro ride home was the most uncomfortable ever.  I could not sit without feeling like someone was shoving a spear against my lower back.  Argh. That balancing on one foot was rough.

Anyway, I will say this: go cheer participants in a marathon or a 5k.  They will love it and it may be the motivation you need.

I'm NOT missing the cut off for the Philly Rock'N'Roll in September.  Feel free to come cheer me on :-)

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Argh...Let's start this Fitness Competition already!

Hello Beautiful People!

So much I want to talk about today...where do I begin?

Ever since the Fitness Assessment on Tuesday I have been itching to know who my team is and who my competition is. It's driving me nuts.  Let's get this started already!  Today Buddy Barb was asking when we would find out our teams.  She too wants to get started.  YEAH!  We did sit down and discuss that since we've had the assessment we can get started.  She needed a little guidance for the weekend so we set a plan in motion.

She has a four hour bridal shower on Saturday.  Ack! I asked if it was including lunch or just appetizers.  It's including lunch and she will be having the chicken.  Okay.  My first piece of advice: eat a snack and drink a bottle of water before the Shower.  You do not know when that lunch will be served and you don't want to fill up on appetizers.  I jokingly told her that for exercise I wanted her to volunteer to bring the gifts over to the Bride and lift them over her head.  You know I'm kidding right?  She thought I was serious at first.  HaHa.

She will have an hour at home after the shower before her family comes home.  If' she's sitting around all day, she can use that hour to exercise.  She has a treadmill.  I asked for 30 minutes.  She said 20.  I stuck with 30 :-)  Even if she's not on my team, I've still got her back!

So back to the Assessment.  You know how I felt about the pinching, well now I'm obsessed with pinching myself.  I have not been able to figure out the numbers.  My arms were the smallest pinch.  My thighs were in the middle and my waist was the largest.  My thighs are pretty tight so I'm still shocked at that.  My waist though feels like it should have been five times the amount of pinch of the others.  But, the waist area pinched was in the belly button range.  If it had been lower it would have been ugly.  that's my scary pocket of fat...boooo.

The competition ends at the end of May.  Can I really make that big of a difference?  I think I can. I am going to try my hardest.  Barb has already told a friend that my plan is to annihilate him.  Of course, he was one of the recipient of one of my workout cds today.  I'm not that good at annihilating yet. haha.  Maybe I will luck out and they'll both be on my team and I would not have just helped the enemy.

I was itching to get to the gym today to get moving.  I hated having yesterday off.  I tried running, but my knees still suck and hate me.  I only got 20 minutes in and had to stop and walk.  Dang it.  After 30 minutes I went over and hit up the weights. Good plan.  Except that I then got in my head that I wanted to work on my planks.  Not after arms and abs dummy.  My feet were slipping.  My shirt was dipping down so that this one gentleman had a prime view of looking at the goods.  I couldn't hold any for more than 30 seconds.  Argh.  I shall try again tomorrow.

For tomorrow I will be meeting gym Buddy Lisa early in the morning. I had considered sleeping in and working out when I get down to Virginia tomorrow afternoon.  But, I know things can happen and it is so easy to find an excuse not to go.  Knowing that Lisa will be there should be enough to get my butt out of bed in the morning.  Although I was really fighting a nap earlier today.  I should probably go to bed soon then.

I still have some things I want to talk about, but I suppose I will do that tomorrow.  I will give you your teaser though:Being in tune with your body...oooh...ahhh.

****Please note****

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Randomness

Happy Hump Day Bleeps!

I was going to take the night off because I did some overtime tonight, but I'm burning some workout cds for some friends so I thought I would come and say Hi. :-)

First off, let me just say how excited I am.  I love that my friends are eager to bring in their new gadgets for me to look at or help them with.  Today someone brought in her nike running chip to show me :-)  And another brought in her ipod and asked me to help her find the pedometer setting (after she told me that she walked 2 miles last night). YEAH!  Another friend, super fan Mary Ann, has started a walking group at lunch.  I am like a proud mamma bird :-)  Fly my little babies! Fly!

So I wasn't eager to do overtime tonight, but it needed to be done. My weekly schedule is completely tossed around and I'm rolling with the punches.  Church choir was postponed from Wednesday to Thursday night.  Yoga was moved from Thursdays to Fridays from now on. I have a half day on Thursday so that I can watch my Orange play some Hoops.  Friday is a vacation day.  HOLLA!  I need one so bad.  It's a travel day. So figuring out my workouts this week has been hectic.  Plus my knees are still way tight.

Last night my knees were sore and I was extremely tired driving to the gym.  I should have come home and gone straight to bed, but I knew that Wednesday is a Day of Rest.  I couldn't risk two days in a row.  Thursday I am leaving work at noon and heading straight to the gym so that I can get a workout in before the game and then choir.  I am planning on going to the gym friday before getting on the road too.  Saturday I will be walking around DC so I should be good for some exercise then.

So back to last night.  I got to the gym and wasn't sure what I would do.  If I was going to hit the treadmill it would need to be light.  But, I jumped on an elliptical.  Good thing too.  Gym Crush #2 was there and proceeded to workout on the machines right in front of me...ahhh. 

I put in 45 minutes then moved over for some shoulders/triceps/abs.  Pinching my fat did not sit well with me.  I was going to grab a treadmill for a 15 minute stretch before going home, but GC#2 was on an elliptical (and I've never seen him do cardio) so naturally I jumped on one in front of him and sashayed my tushie.  lol. 

If I thought I was tired before the gym, I was super tired after.  So I stopped at Wawa on my way home to pick up some bananas for the week (a must have). I also grabbed one of my Turkey Veggie hoagies for dinner.  I was intrigued and found a bag of Herr's Sweet Potato Chips.  I looked at the calories (150) and thought: Awesome.  OH they were delicious my friends, but it wasn't until after I ate them that I realized that the servings per bag were 2.  Doh!  I broke my own rule.  Pay attention to serving sizes!  I did have the calories to spare though so all is well.

Before I go (cds are almost done) I wanted to chat about the Clothes Fairy.  Do you remember that I got a Visit from the Clothes Fairy last week?  My roommate's friend's sister was giving clothes away.  So they left a bag for me to sort through if I wanted any.  I did.  I kept about 10 shirts.  The problem is that they are mostly L and XL and I wear a M now (HECK YEAH).  I can wear a tank top under some and I'll be fine.  But, I've had some wardrobe malfunctions this week.  Boobs popping out everywhere.  My boobs are too small for these revealing tops so they are baggy.  It's a good problem to have :-)

I used to wear clothes that would accentuate my boobs.  If your eyes were were on my boobs then maybe you wouldn't notice the fat belly.  Now I'm into covering them up a little more.  Take a look at my arms!  Check out my butt!  :-)

Alright, the cds are done and my eyes are not happy.  Time to call it a night.  Catch you tomorrow and HAPPY MARCH MADNESS!!!

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Biggest Loser - Week 11

Welcome to the Biggest Loser Ranch week 11.  This week's excuse: I don't believe in myself.

Well we are down to Singles People!  Every man and woman for themselves!  Well, except for alliances.

First up, a challenge.  I have no idea how my description is going to go for this.  It would almost be better if I drew a picture.   They were on an ice rink with a large circle.  They were tied to the circle and needed to pull everyone with them to grab a rope that was in front of them and pull themselves to the buzzer. This would continue until it get's down to two people.

The reward?  There were boxes on the table and everyone gets a box.  But, it's a white elephant deal. In order of last to first they would pick a box.  They could keep what they got or pick someone else's that was open.

No one was going anywhere fast.  Then Conda figured out to team up with her brother.  Jeremy was the first one to the buzzer. Next up Megan (sort of given to her by Mark).  Then Mark.  Then Conda.  Then Chris.  What the heck is going on?  Kim and Emily should own this!  Sadly, Emily came in last.  It was hard.

This was the first episode that I really said I want Emily or Kim to win.  I know.  I said it, I like Kim now.  Gone is the sour puss face.  These women are competitors and I love that.

Anyway, Buddy got a Biggest Loser hat.  Emily got a phone for a day.  Kimmy got a signed picture of Ali.  Kim got a box of chocolates.  Chris got a 1 pound advantage, but that was quickly taken by Conda who got a dollar.  Mark got 2 votes.  Megan got a goldfish which she traded for the pound advantage.  Then Jeremy got "shopping with a celebrity".  He took the goldfish and gave it to his sister.

In case you have not been near a tv in the last week, we all knew that the celebrity was Jessica Simpson.  Her new Fashion show is debuting after BL (and I'm watching it right now as I write this...didn't think I would like it, but I do).  Anyway, Conda chose Kim to go with her because they are both Single moms.  Good for her.  Jessica was eager to put Kim in jeans and put Conda in a dress.  The ladies looked good.

Back on the ranch we had another favorite moment of mine.  Bob was trying to get Emily to believe in herself.  He had her coaching her on Olympic weightlifting.  Go pull up the video.  It was great.

So time for weigh in.  Singles means Cover it up!  No more sports bras and naked chests.  YEAH!  Now that it's singles there is a red line.  The bottom two go to elimination.  I don't remember how everyone did.  I do know that Kimmy and Buddy were in the bottom 2 with Emily as the last to weigh in.  I forgot to mention that Buddy has a stress fracture and was limited with his workouts.  Okay, so Emily needed to lose more than 5.  She lost five.  DAMN IT!  She went home.

Love her follow up. She looks fantastic.  She's down to 174 and she is sharing her passion.  She loves to sing.  She contacted Olivia and they met up. Girl has some pipes on her!  (If the rumors are true and some people are coming back, I really hope it's Emily!). 

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

He measured the fat on my waist and I lived to tell about it.

Happy Tuesday Bleeps!  Or as I like to call it "Happy D-Day".

Today was Biometrics Screening and Fitness Assessment Day.  *Insert scream*.  Now that it's over I'm a happy person, but OH DEAR LORD the anxiety that came with today was horrible.  It's one thing for me to know my progress and to tell my stories to the faceless masses.  It's a whole different story when I am face to face with the numbers.  There is not back story for these tests.  It's black and white.

I was not worried about the cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure.  Although I was curious I know that I really am doing the right things.  I'm eating right. I'm working out.  I'm trying to reduce stress.  Measurements and weight are a very different story.

Buddy Barb went first.  She came back and I grilled her.  What did they test you on?  How did you do?  What did they tell you?  I love Barb dearly, and I'm happy that she did so well, but her results really did tell me how black and white this was.  She's a tiny little thing.   But, she's the first to tell you that she's lazy and doesn't like to eat most things.  Veggies?  Forget it.  So her results on her weight and some blood tests kept saying "Continue your healthy eating and physical activity".  Um...

So she showed me her results and basically you want green or yellow results.  You don't want red.  Okay, I'm on it.  (Like I have any control at this point).  I walked over and got my questions to answer first.  The first question is: Do you have or have you ever had....Diabetes, High Blood pressure, Asthma, Stress/anxiety, etc.  Stress/anxiety?  Dude I'm having it right now!

I was very proud of my answer for some of the other questions: In an average week how many days to you engage in physical activity for 30 minutes or more? Less than 1.  1-2, 3 or more, none.  Um...6 please.  Another question: How many servings of food that are high in fiber do you eat per day? 1-2, 3 or more, none.  Oh definitely more than 3.  Go me!

Now let me tell you that there were four people administering this screening. Three girls and a boy.  A cute boy.  So you know I got him. Cause there's nothing I like more than having a boy look over my shoulder on the scale and wrap a tape measure around my waist...ugh.  He was sweet though. And he gave me some awesome news.  I am taller than I thought!  How the heck does that happen.  All of these years I have been 5 feet.  But, according to him I am 5'2".  I will take it!

After the testing we were sent outside to wait for our results.  I sat over by the printer and watched the results come out.  Every time I saw Green and yellow I got excited.  Please let that be mine!  When he called my name I knew I was good.  No red.  We didn't really go over my numbers so I ran back to my desk to study them. 

I had 6 greens and 3 yellows.  But, I knew they were going to be yellow.  The green's I'm pretty excited about.

My Blood pressure is slightly above normal. That was yellow.  But I do mean slightly.  And quite honestly, this is not the work week to test it.  My HDL cholesterol is "undesirable low".  This also is no surprise as I was tested in college and was told that.  It didn't make sense then (considering my diet was whopper and onion rings).  My body mass index was also yellow.  But HOLLA!  It was not a Red "Obese".  I am a yellow "overweight"

So now for the good stuff, my greens. My glucose was normal.  YEAH.  My tobacco status: non smoker.  Go me! My total cholesterol: Desirable.   My cholesterol/HDL Ratio: Desirable. Body Composition: Healthy Range :-)  And my favorite was waist: Desirable.  haha. Heck yeah!

I was very happy with my results.  The one thing that pissed me off was the note next to Overweight: talk with your healthcare provider about healthy eating and physical activity program.  Are you serious? Little Barb gets "keep it up" and I get " see a doctor"?  Stupid standard comments.  Bite me!  (sorry but that really irritated me).

Okay, so I was back at my desk for only a few minutes before it was time to change and head over for my fitness competition assessment.  First up: resting heart rate. Simple enough.  Then we moved over to the stations: Push-ups, plank, squats, Sit and reach, pinching (bah!), and weight.  We were pretty much on our own to do each and write it down. 

I started with push ups.  I was one of the first so I had no idea what my competition was like.  I just knew that the girl in front of me did 22.  As they were girl push ups there was pressure on my knees.  I got through 30 and stopped.  Arm wise I was good, but my knee hurt.

I jumped over to sit and reach.  You had three tries and my third try was 2 inches further than my first.  YEAH.  Thank you yoga!

Next up was plank. The limit was 4 minutes.  One guy went over 3 minutes. I didn't really know what everyone's limit was, but I called it a day after 93 seconds.  I think I could have gone for more, but I also hadn't eaten and that was a mistake.  But, that was because of the blood tests.

Then it was on to the squats.  Normally I would rock this.  Even with the 20pounds on my shoulders.  But, I lowballed it. I couldn't take a chance on injuring my knees any more.  I made it to 40 and then decided to stop. *note to anyone on my team, I will be rocking those numbers at the final assessment*. 

And then it was numbers time.  Stupid scale.  Seriously, I just weighed myself on a different scale an hour ago...and this one had me 2.6lbs more.  SHUT UP SCALE!

Next it was the dreaded pinching.  Ugh.  First up, my arms.  Not bad.  Then my waist...ugh.  And finally my thigh.  I was ready for a drink when that was over.

So I did well today and I made it through.  I'm eager to find out who my teammates are and get this competition started.  I already hit the gym and hit the weights tonight.  Then I came home and gave myself my reward.  If I had a good day, then I got to download the second Biggest Loser Sports Anthem cd for my workouts. YEAH!

Have a wonderful night.

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yeah, sorry, I messed up and the "l" is missing....I need an assistant :-)

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