Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not Giving Up

Hello Beautiful People (Yes, I'm talking to you),

Are you enjoying this fabulous Spring weather?  I met a friend for lunch today and it took all of the will power I had to force myself back to work.  I just wanted to kick off my shoes and run barefoot through the meadow or frolic in the park.  Sadly, there are no meadows or parks near work.

Let me tell you about lunch.  Every so often I meet my buddy Tom at the mall food court.  Generally we hit up Subway.  But, today we went rogue.  We went over to the Cajun counter.  Bourban chicken was calling my name.  I wanted it, but I didn't want the heaviness in my belly.  The special is: Bourbon chicken, Fried Rice, and a side.  Go ahead and ask though.  I got two veggies instead of the fried rice :-)  So I got my delicious chicken, grilled string beans, and corn.  It was wonderful.  I was full, but not stuffed and I did not regret my decision. YEAH!

So today I wanted to talk about Not Giving Up.  The past 24 hours have been wonderful for me.  Two friends that have been making positive changes and working hard had some "click" moments.  It's a struggle when you change your ways.  It's hard to try and stay good when you aren't seeing the big results immediately.

I love The Biggest Loser (although not so much this season), but I think people have a false reality. They see these massive weigh losses each week and get frustrated if they only lose 1.4lbs a week.  Stop!  The contestants on the Biggest Loser are working out all day long.  They don't have the distractions of life.  They don't even have to worry about grocery shopping.  They have trainers and nutritionists.  They Should be dropping large amounts of weight every week. 

So last night one friend, who has been very frustrated with her weigh-ins at Weight Watchers said that she had only lost 1.6lbs....but, in total she has lost 9.6 now.  AWESOME.  That's the way to do it.  Slowly means it will be easier to keep off.  Take the small victories and be happy with them.  I promise you they will add up.

My favorite comment was that she "feels stronger".  She has more energy and she feels much better.  That is the attitude to have.  I told her to carry around a 10lb weight for a little while.  That's a lot of weight.  Be proud!  Who cares how long it took, cause she got there!

Another friend has commented that instead of turning to the tv or a book she's being more active.  She's going out and walking.  She's doing weights and the exercise ball while watching tv instead of just becoming a couch potato.  The scale isn't reflecting a big change, but here body is reshaping.  She's seeing it.  My favorite comment of hers was "I didn't get to this weight overnight.  So I can't expect it to come off overnight." AMEN SISTER!  It's gonna take some time, but she's well on her way.

Then we discussed the scale.  I don't want her to get frustrated with it.  I was the one who weighed herself every day to keep herself in check.  Not any more.  I moved things around and the scale is hidden.  The new rule is Saturday mornings only.  I know I'm doing the right things, so there's no need to let a bad day get me down. 

So please don't give up if you are getting frustrated.  You will get there I promise you.  And you will be so glad when you do.

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