Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stress Relief through Yoga

Holla it's Thursday!

And you know Thursday means Yoga!  I loved today's class.  It kicked my butt though.  Today he wanted us to focus on three things.

1-relating breathing to movements
2-focal points
3-relaxing your jaw

So let's go over how Number 1 worked.  "Deep breath in.  We're going to hold this pose for 3....and 3...(1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi 3 Mississippi 4 Mississippi 5 Mississippi)....2...(1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi 3 Mississippi 4 Mississippi 5 Mississippi) **turning blue here and my arms can no longer hold me up)...1...(1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi 3 Mississippi 4 Mississippi 5 Mississippi)".

Since I was seeing spots from holding my breath it sort of made 2 and 3 difficult.  But, we did to a lot of movement with: Inhale - Step back to Downward Facing Dog.  Exhale - drop to knees.  Inhale - Child's Pose. Each breath represented a movement.  It was good for focusing and rhythm. 

My pose of the day was us cradling our shins like a baby while slowly leaning back to lay down.  Felt a little silly, but it felt really good on my hips.

We did have pose that almost killed my knee. I am trying to relive it in my head, but it's too much.  There was a lot of kneeling on it then moving into a standing position while pulling it up to your chest and balancing on the opposite leg.  It hurt to kneel and then it was hard to put all of my weight on it next :-(  Luckily, the instructor knows of my problems and came over to help me.

Are you stressed?  Try the Savasana pose.  It's also called Corpse Pose.  Turn off the lights.  Lay on the floor on your back.  Put your arms at your side at about a thirty degree angle from your body.  Palms up. Your legs should have a little distance between them.  Let your feet drop to the floor.  Just lay there and take deep breaths.  It's wonderful. I could do that for the whole hour.

So one of my work buddies has forgotten her yoga clothes for the past couple of weeks.  She remembered them today, but just as it was time to go to class she pulled the "I have too much work to do" card.  Oh, I won't have that.

I am hearing to much of that lately from lots of people * know who you are!*  You have to take care of yourself people!  No one else is going to do it for you.  I can support you. I can motivate you.  But, I cannot do it for you.  You need time to relax.  Stress is soooo bad for you.  It's bad for your heart.  It's bad for your blood pressure.  It's bad for your Weight (stress eating).  It's bad for your brain (can't think clearly).  Make the time. 

My morning was stressful.  There was every indication that my afternoon was going to be just as bad (things should be better in approximately 13 days...YEAHHHHHHHH). The relaxation from Yoga made this afternoon so much easier to deal with.  Dare I say, easy?  Hahaha...not easy, but I didn't want to go running around the office screaming.  And that's saying something.

So on my way to the gym I was actually thinking I went to yoga today so I don't have to go to the gym.  I can't do a big workout at the gym on yoga nights.  I can do some reading on the treadmill though.  So I pulled it together and went to the gym.  Um...when I walked in there was a sign.  The locker rooms were unavailable due to an external plumbing problem.  Not everyone needs to use the locker rooms, but I needed to change.  And so I took it as God's sign to me that I needed to do some laundry.  Oh boy.

Let's hope it's fixed by tomorrow, but just to be sure, I shall change at work before I leave (thinking ahead people!  Thinking ahead!).

Have a wonderful night.

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