Tuesday, March 13, 2012

He measured the fat on my waist and I lived to tell about it.

Happy Tuesday Bleeps!  Or as I like to call it "Happy D-Day".

Today was Biometrics Screening and Fitness Assessment Day.  *Insert scream*.  Now that it's over I'm a happy person, but OH DEAR LORD the anxiety that came with today was horrible.  It's one thing for me to know my progress and to tell my stories to the faceless masses.  It's a whole different story when I am face to face with the numbers.  There is not back story for these tests.  It's black and white.

I was not worried about the cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure.  Although I was curious I know that I really am doing the right things.  I'm eating right. I'm working out.  I'm trying to reduce stress.  Measurements and weight are a very different story.

Buddy Barb went first.  She came back and I grilled her.  What did they test you on?  How did you do?  What did they tell you?  I love Barb dearly, and I'm happy that she did so well, but her results really did tell me how black and white this was.  She's a tiny little thing.   But, she's the first to tell you that she's lazy and doesn't like to eat most things.  Veggies?  Forget it.  So her results on her weight and some blood tests kept saying "Continue your healthy eating and physical activity".  Um...

So she showed me her results and basically you want green or yellow results.  You don't want red.  Okay, I'm on it.  (Like I have any control at this point).  I walked over and got my questions to answer first.  The first question is: Do you have or have you ever had....Diabetes, High Blood pressure, Asthma, Stress/anxiety, etc.  Stress/anxiety?  Dude I'm having it right now!

I was very proud of my answer for some of the other questions: In an average week how many days to you engage in physical activity for 30 minutes or more? Less than 1.  1-2, 3 or more, none.  Um...6 please.  Another question: How many servings of food that are high in fiber do you eat per day? 1-2, 3 or more, none.  Oh definitely more than 3.  Go me!

Now let me tell you that there were four people administering this screening. Three girls and a boy.  A cute boy.  So you know I got him. Cause there's nothing I like more than having a boy look over my shoulder on the scale and wrap a tape measure around my waist...ugh.  He was sweet though. And he gave me some awesome news.  I am taller than I thought!  How the heck does that happen.  All of these years I have been 5 feet.  But, according to him I am 5'2".  I will take it!

After the testing we were sent outside to wait for our results.  I sat over by the printer and watched the results come out.  Every time I saw Green and yellow I got excited.  Please let that be mine!  When he called my name I knew I was good.  No red.  We didn't really go over my numbers so I ran back to my desk to study them. 

I had 6 greens and 3 yellows.  But, I knew they were going to be yellow.  The green's I'm pretty excited about.

My Blood pressure is slightly above normal. That was yellow.  But I do mean slightly.  And quite honestly, this is not the work week to test it.  My HDL cholesterol is "undesirable low".  This also is no surprise as I was tested in college and was told that.  It didn't make sense then (considering my diet was whopper and onion rings).  My body mass index was also yellow.  But HOLLA!  It was not a Red "Obese".  I am a yellow "overweight"

So now for the good stuff, my greens. My glucose was normal.  YEAH.  My tobacco status: non smoker.  Go me! My total cholesterol: Desirable.   My cholesterol/HDL Ratio: Desirable. Body Composition: Healthy Range :-)  And my favorite was waist: Desirable.  haha. Heck yeah!

I was very happy with my results.  The one thing that pissed me off was the note next to Overweight: talk with your healthcare provider about healthy eating and physical activity program.  Are you serious? Little Barb gets "keep it up" and I get " see a doctor"?  Stupid standard comments.  Bite me!  (sorry but that really irritated me).

Okay, so I was back at my desk for only a few minutes before it was time to change and head over for my fitness competition assessment.  First up: resting heart rate. Simple enough.  Then we moved over to the stations: Push-ups, plank, squats, Sit and reach, pinching (bah!), and weight.  We were pretty much on our own to do each and write it down. 

I started with push ups.  I was one of the first so I had no idea what my competition was like.  I just knew that the girl in front of me did 22.  As they were girl push ups there was pressure on my knees.  I got through 30 and stopped.  Arm wise I was good, but my knee hurt.

I jumped over to sit and reach.  You had three tries and my third try was 2 inches further than my first.  YEAH.  Thank you yoga!

Next up was plank. The limit was 4 minutes.  One guy went over 3 minutes. I didn't really know what everyone's limit was, but I called it a day after 93 seconds.  I think I could have gone for more, but I also hadn't eaten and that was a mistake.  But, that was because of the blood tests.

Then it was on to the squats.  Normally I would rock this.  Even with the 20pounds on my shoulders.  But, I lowballed it. I couldn't take a chance on injuring my knees any more.  I made it to 40 and then decided to stop. *note to anyone on my team, I will be rocking those numbers at the final assessment*. 

And then it was numbers time.  Stupid scale.  Seriously, I just weighed myself on a different scale an hour ago...and this one had me 2.6lbs more.  SHUT UP SCALE!

Next it was the dreaded pinching.  Ugh.  First up, my arms.  Not bad.  Then my waist...ugh.  And finally my thigh.  I was ready for a drink when that was over.

So I did well today and I made it through.  I'm eager to find out who my teammates are and get this competition started.  I already hit the gym and hit the weights tonight.  Then I came home and gave myself my reward.  If I had a good day, then I got to download the second Biggest Loser Sports Anthem cd for my workouts. YEAH!

Have a wonderful night.

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