Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Randomness

Happy Hump Day Bleeps!

I was going to take the night off because I did some overtime tonight, but I'm burning some workout cds for some friends so I thought I would come and say Hi. :-)

First off, let me just say how excited I am.  I love that my friends are eager to bring in their new gadgets for me to look at or help them with.  Today someone brought in her nike running chip to show me :-)  And another brought in her ipod and asked me to help her find the pedometer setting (after she told me that she walked 2 miles last night). YEAH!  Another friend, super fan Mary Ann, has started a walking group at lunch.  I am like a proud mamma bird :-)  Fly my little babies! Fly!

So I wasn't eager to do overtime tonight, but it needed to be done. My weekly schedule is completely tossed around and I'm rolling with the punches.  Church choir was postponed from Wednesday to Thursday night.  Yoga was moved from Thursdays to Fridays from now on. I have a half day on Thursday so that I can watch my Orange play some Hoops.  Friday is a vacation day.  HOLLA!  I need one so bad.  It's a travel day. So figuring out my workouts this week has been hectic.  Plus my knees are still way tight.

Last night my knees were sore and I was extremely tired driving to the gym.  I should have come home and gone straight to bed, but I knew that Wednesday is a Day of Rest.  I couldn't risk two days in a row.  Thursday I am leaving work at noon and heading straight to the gym so that I can get a workout in before the game and then choir.  I am planning on going to the gym friday before getting on the road too.  Saturday I will be walking around DC so I should be good for some exercise then.

So back to last night.  I got to the gym and wasn't sure what I would do.  If I was going to hit the treadmill it would need to be light.  But, I jumped on an elliptical.  Good thing too.  Gym Crush #2 was there and proceeded to workout on the machines right in front of me...ahhh. 

I put in 45 minutes then moved over for some shoulders/triceps/abs.  Pinching my fat did not sit well with me.  I was going to grab a treadmill for a 15 minute stretch before going home, but GC#2 was on an elliptical (and I've never seen him do cardio) so naturally I jumped on one in front of him and sashayed my tushie.  lol. 

If I thought I was tired before the gym, I was super tired after.  So I stopped at Wawa on my way home to pick up some bananas for the week (a must have). I also grabbed one of my Turkey Veggie hoagies for dinner.  I was intrigued and found a bag of Herr's Sweet Potato Chips.  I looked at the calories (150) and thought: Awesome.  OH they were delicious my friends, but it wasn't until after I ate them that I realized that the servings per bag were 2.  Doh!  I broke my own rule.  Pay attention to serving sizes!  I did have the calories to spare though so all is well.

Before I go (cds are almost done) I wanted to chat about the Clothes Fairy.  Do you remember that I got a Visit from the Clothes Fairy last week?  My roommate's friend's sister was giving clothes away.  So they left a bag for me to sort through if I wanted any.  I did.  I kept about 10 shirts.  The problem is that they are mostly L and XL and I wear a M now (HECK YEAH).  I can wear a tank top under some and I'll be fine.  But, I've had some wardrobe malfunctions this week.  Boobs popping out everywhere.  My boobs are too small for these revealing tops so they are baggy.  It's a good problem to have :-)

I used to wear clothes that would accentuate my boobs.  If your eyes were were on my boobs then maybe you wouldn't notice the fat belly.  Now I'm into covering them up a little more.  Take a look at my arms!  Check out my butt!  :-)

Alright, the cds are done and my eyes are not happy.  Time to call it a night.  Catch you tomorrow and HAPPY MARCH MADNESS!!!

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