Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Madness, Overtime, and Bionic Eyesight

Happy Sunday Bleeps!

Well it's been a few days.  I have decided that just as I need a day of rest for my body I need that day of rest from the blog too.  So Fridays are my day off now.  Now I know what you're thinking "But Jennie, you did not post on Saturday either!"  Well, that is because I was extremely busy.  So busy I did not even go to the gym.  So let's recap the weekend.

Friday night I got to the gym a little later than usual.  I got there shorly before the Syracuse Hoops game.  As much as I enjoy watching games while at the gym, if I am personally invested in the game it is difficult for me (remember when I almost fell off the treadmill during the Ravens game?).  After Friday night that rule is a hard rule now.  I started the game on the elliptical.  And let me just explain that I don't just watch the game.  I get tunnel vision and nothing else exists when they are on.  It was a stressful game and my body was tense the whole time.  At half time I had to make a switch.  There was no way I could go the whole game on it.  The treadmills were behind me and that would put me further from the tv.  And quite frankly I was finding it difficult to stand.  So I opted for the bike in front of me.  A fellow Orange fan came and sat next to me.  We commiserated for the second half.  It sucked and dragged on for ever.  But, I was determined to stay on the bike until the end.  When the hour hit and the game ended I stood up and promptly started to fall over.  Luckily some nice gents were there to catch me.  Unfortunately it wasn't Gym Crush 3 who spent the better part of that last hour working out in front of me.  I think God gave that little show to me as my consolation prize since my boys lost :-(  (but they are still a number one seed for the big dance...Let's Go Orange!).

Needless to say, saturday morning I woke up and could barely move my legs.  I was quite happy when gym buddy Mike texted that he couldn't do weights.  I would have gone, but I would have been worthless.  So the plan was to log on for overtime and then hit the gym at night when my legs rested.

I did my overtime for hours upon hours and then I really needed to get up and go outside.  The day was beautiful and I did not want to waste it inside.  I won't go into details about the rest of my day because for most of you it would be really boring.  But, I had been looking at two sets of bookshelves that I really wanted and yesterday felt like a good day to get them.  Who needs a weights workout when you can lug these heavy boxes all over the place.  Let me say that I was very impressed with my strength :-) 

This was not a simple project.  Putting the shelves together took a couple of hours, but then I also had to move furniture around to make room for them.  See...boring.  But, I am organized and happy. My brain feels clear and I feel like I can relax now.  YEAH! 

The problem with all of that is that I did not get on the computer once I logged off for overtime (and that was strictly work and no personal sites).  If I hadn't checked twitter before bed I would have completely forgotten about Daylight Savings time.  Oops. 

So this morning I had church and then an eye doctor appointment.  I desperately needed new contacts. If things went well I would hit the gym before heading home for more overtime.  Things did not go well.  I am legally blind.  I basically walk into walls without my contacts or glasses.  My prescription has changed since my last appointment just a year a half ago.  It was a pretty big change.  The dreaded B word came up...Bifocals.  I don't need them yet, but they are in the future.  Depressing.  Basically, I need to get away from my computer.  I am on my computer all day at work and after the gym I log on for blogging.  I am not going to stop my blog at all.  I just need to be smarter about screen time.  Honestly, I'm blaming work.  So you can imagine that I was not eager to come home and log on.  So I took my time at the gym.

The bonus of the day is that with my new prescription I feel like I have bionic eyes and could see the TV clearly at the other end of the gym. YEAH!  I can't wait to try this out with Gym Crush #1.  Haha.  Sadly, the new prescription did nothing for my knees.  They still aren't happy with me (I think they hate me quite frankly).  They hurt today.  I put in an hour and came home...after my massage chair. 

So now I'm home and I can see.  What do I see?  I see the stretch marks more clearly.  I see the fat more clearly.  I was my crappy vision back!  I know this is temporary and that soon I will be focusing on the positives, but man when it comes to stretch marks ignorance is bliss. 

*And in case you missed it, Tony Stewart won the race in Vegas tonight.  HOLLA!  Sadly, I missed the end of the race for a church event.  Tony Stewart Call Me!*

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