Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Biggest Loser - Week 12

Welcome to the Biggest Loser Ranch Week 12...well sort of.  This week's excuse: I can't lose weight on vacation.  So off to Hawaii they go.

First though in my head: Hawaii is my dream destination and these pinheads get to go instead of me.

When they got to the island the contestants were on the beach when Bob and Dolvett came paddling in from the water...shirtless!  Why don't I have DVR???

They were told to chill out.  Tomorrow the workouts begin.  The first day was Surfing.  The Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton had them out there surfing.  Kind of cool.  I liked her saying that even the most fit people have a hard time surfing.

So let's get down to it.  The contestants are in bathing suits.  Kim? She is smokin hot in her red bikini.  Girlfriend looks amazing.  I still can't believe I like her now, but I am 110% behind her.  Give them one hell of a fight!

The first challenge was a trivia challenge.  The winner gets a 1 pound advantage. The questions ranged from: how many calories do you burn in an hour of Surfing to which Hawaiian dish has the most fat. It came down to Chris and Kim for the tie breaker.  Sadly, Chris won.

Kim said something interesting. She was glad to be there, but she doesn't like a lot of the contestants.  NEITHER DO I!

The next challenge was an immunity challenge.  They were at the top of a mountain.  There was an idol in everyone's name.  They needed to run down the hill and find blue leis then run back up the hill and put them on someone else's idol.  When there are 10 then you are eliminated.  There was also one black lei.  That automatically eliminates someone.

No surprise, they mainly ganged up on Kim.  Kimmi got the black lei when Kim was almost elminated.  She put it on her idol...umm...not quite sure why.

It came down to Jeremy, Conda, and Mark.  Conda's idol was still empty.  Kim made a comment that she was not surprised.  Conda is friends with everyone in the house.  *I would not last there.  I would vote myself out if I was in a house with Conda all of that time* So basically Jeremy let Mark do the dirty work and run up and down the hill adding them to his and Conda's idol. Then he eliminated him and let Conda win.  ARGH.

My favorite part of the show (apart from Bob and Dolvett topless) was when Mark approached Kim on the beach to let her know that she's not alone.  He sees what the other girls are doing to her.  He sees how hard she works and she deserves to be there.  She said she would hate to go home before some of these people that are playing the game and relying on each other instead of working out. AMEN!

The weigh in was held at Pearl Harbor.  Conda lost a few pounds so she could keep her immunity.  Chris lost a few, but she needed that 1 pound advantage to stay safe.  Jeremy was safe.  Mark was close to the bottom, but he was safe.  Buddy still has a stress fracture and was not able to compete in the challenge, but he lost weight.  Then came Megan and Kimmi.  You need to work girls!  They were both below the yellow line.  But wait!  Kim still had to weigh in.  Girlfriend lost 5lbs and was in the lead. YEAH.

No surprise, Kimmi asked to be sent home so Megan can stay.  And so it was.

In the at home Kimmi is doing well.  She is working with a group that offers therapy with horses.  It's her dream and she's finally going for it.

Hawaii is beautiful.  Yes, they all lost weight, but man, I am so frustrated at how much "not working out' is going on.

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