Monday, March 26, 2012

Fitness Assessment Results

 Happy Monday Bleeps!

hahaha...can a Monday really be happy?

Well today I finally got the results of my fitness assessment.  FINALLY!  I was pretty excited.  The results were given: poor, Avg -, Avg, Avg +, Good, and Excellent.  Considering that I didn't know what my competition was doing I was very unsure of where I fell.

My results: 1 Avg, 2 Avg +, and 2 Good.  YEAH!  I was told that I did very well for my first assessment.  We still have to be sorted into teams and given the rules for the points, but now I know where I stand on a few things.  More importantly, I know where I need to improve.

My Avg was for plank.  I had 93 seconds.  My goal is 120 seconds now.  My 2 Avg + - Squats and my Body Composition.  Okay, well we knew I lowballed the squats.  My goal is 100...I want an Excellent!  My body composition, well I'm not quite sure what my goal is there.  I want to lose at least 10 lbs, but I have make sure that I tighten up the pinchable areas...ugh.  My Goods - At rest heart rate and push ups.  I will be happy with the heart rate, but I want excellent for the push ups.   I would love all excellents, but I have to be realistic.  My goal: 2 excellents, 2 goods, and 1 Avg +.

Oh I almost forgot. I got a 99% for the sit and reach.  Considering that's out of 100% I am going to count that as an Excellent!

I know it's just a work fitness competition.  It's not like I'm competing in the Biggest Loser, but I am out for blood.  I don't even know if there's a prize or anything.  I just know that I want to WIN!  I have put a target on a friend's back.  He sort of knows that, but I'm using him as my motivation.  I want to crush him like a bug (sorry Ryan, but it's true).  We talk every day about our upcoming and past workouts.  He's my motivation.  I know what he's doing so that pushes me.

My mom says that I would get voted off of The Biggest Loser at the earliest possible moment because I would be a target.  haha.  It's true though.  I can relate to Tara, John, and Ali from previous years.  I am so focused on the finish line it is not even funny.

Seriously, if people can see a big difference in my body since January 1, there is every reason to believe I can keep this up through Memorial Day and smoke the competition (speaking of smoke, throwing in a Shout out to my favorite Smoke...Congratulations Tony Stewart on your win yesterday!  Call me!).  Granted, I have a little more motivation than a lot of people.  That dang promise of me in a bikini June 1 is looming in my head. 

I do have the problem that I have a lot of travel weekends and events coming up in the next couple of months so it's especially important to keep focused.  I will need to find a Yoga replacement.  I found out that that class is offered monday's too so I may have to do that a couple times a month.  We do have bootcamp starting on Tuesdays after work (the one day a week I see Gym Crush #1...BAHHHHH so I will make that sacrifice for a couple of months) next week. 

Alright kids, I had a good run tonight at the gym (super drenched by the end...I was a big ol' pile of sweat) and I am beat.  Tomorrow I have to hit the weights so I'm calling it a night.  Sweet dreams!

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.


  1. Do you have any recent pictures of your progress? Should I start sending you my hand me downs of stuff that is a little loose on me or a little big? I haven't seen you in so long!!

  2. I will have to take some pictures this weekend :-) Heck yeah! You wear cute clothes! I will take them :-) I know, we need to get together soon...after the wedding of course ;-)