Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jennie and the horrible-no good-terrible-very bad day

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Well let me just start by saying that I am in a bad mood.  It was a really REALLY crappy day at work.  I like to help people and I have not loved my job for a long time.  But, when I started the blog and started helping people on my own time the job became irrelevant.  It was a means to pay my bills and I could still help people.  Well today just plain sucked and then I was emailing and helping someone make healthy changes in her life and it really just hit me that I need to pursue this.  I just have to figure out how.  Argh.

So just how bad was today?  I cried in the bathroom for a little while.  Choir was cancelled and I could have gone to the gym, but I had dinner plans with work husband.  It's a good thing too because I figured that I would probably kill myself trying to get rid of the aggression tonight on the treadmill.

Tonight was our last dinner together before our work divorce :-(  So in addition to it being a bad work day, it was also a bad work-relationship day.  Since he is moving I let him pick our destination.  This morning he suggested Bahama Breeze.  My bad day just got better.

Bible study was cancelled today and the first reaction was "Let's walk at lunch!".  It was the plan.  And then life got sucky and my walking buddies had to cancel.  I could walk, but it started to rain a little.  So work husband and I went to Starbucks to relax and have some chatting time.  It was nice and helped my blood pressure get back to normal.  Thank you Work Husband!

I love Bahama Breeze and I was extra excited because they have a Jamaican Chicken with mango salsa, veggies, and mashed sweet potatoes.  They have a light portion and I like to get that and save half for lunch the next day.  So that was the plan.  And then Barb reminded me that we have lunch plans tomorrow.  Drat.  I could save it for dinner tomorrow, but I don't think it would be enough after the gym. 

It's okay though, because my eyes were all over the Hawaiian Burger.  I have been craving a burger for a long time.  That dang Five Guys in the parking lot at the gym is going to be the end of me.  I try to park across the parking lot from it, but man it still smells so good.  This particular burger comes with at pineapple chutney on it...Yum. 

I don't drink often, but I was doing everything I could to keep sane today.  I would normally have a margarita...skinny if possible.  But the mango sangria had my attention.  I should have gone with the margarita.  I did not like the sangria.  Dang it.  Luckily, I loved my burger.  I opted for the fresh fruit salad with mango sorbet as the side dish instead of fries.  It was only a tiny scoop of sorbet and I thought that would make it easier to say no to dessert.

Thank goodness for yoga.  I have been focusing on my breathing all night.  So now I am going to to try and relax before bed.

Here's to a better tomorrow.

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  1. That's awesome!! I mean, I love the passion you have. It works. It's good. It's healthy mentally. You definitely have found your 'career' so-to-speak with this blog. Go for it!! Do a reality show w/healthy food choices, maybe a day-long camera on your head - whatever!!

  2. haha...I don't know if I could handle a Reality show, but that would be fun