Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Random Wednesday: Plastic Surgery, Ringtones, and Hulahooping

It's Wednesday and that can only mean one thing: RANDOM WEDNESDAY!

Okay, I've mentioned before that I listen to ESPN radio in the morning on my way to work. I'm not exactly their target audience for commercials. There are two commercials that get on my nerves and I was wondering if anyone would ever think to play them back to back...and they did. Te He.

There is a commercial for a plastic surgeon. The wife is telling the husband that she totally wouldn't be offended if he bought her a plastic surgery package for her birthday. The second commercial is for a divorce lawyer.


So last night was distance night and Biggest Loser night. I am going to have to move distance night back to Wednesdays. It was too stressful to get my run in, shower, drive home, eat dinner, pack lunch, and get upstairs by 8pm. Then I spent the first half of the show taking care of my gym bag on commercials. It was not relaxing and I did miss stopping at Subway.


I'm not going as far as saying there is a new Work Husband especially since former work husband is getting married this weekend. I will say that there is a work relationship. Don't get excited. It's not that kind of relationship. My coworker and I take our multivitamins together. We remind each other daily to take it. It's kind of cute. haha.

He's married with kids. Don't get excited.


Tuesday night at the gym there was a promotion for Muscle Milk. There was a table set up and they were giving away free bottles of it. And now it's available for purchase.

I did not get a bottle as the chick was too busy flirting with some dude. I also didn't really want any.

I'm not a big fan of products that have supplements or enhancements. Just plain milk works. You don't have to spend more money on a gimmick.


With all of my studying for my Personal Trainer Certification I had to study a lot about injuries. It has ruined football for me. I am squeamish to begin with, but now when I see someone get hurt I cringe even more.  I also have a better understanding on just how long it will take someone to heal.

I was particularly upset when a certain Quarterback strained his hamstring. He was out a game and a half and then he was activated to come back. takes longer than that to come back. And what happened? He got hurt again.

Seriously, who agreed to this? I know that the back up is injured and they didn't want to rely on the 3rd string, but that was just plain DUMB. Now you may have lost him for even longer.

You don't mess with hamstrings!


My Sixers just beat the Miami Heat!  HOLLA!  Big Shout out to former Syracuse player Michael Carter-Williams for kicking butt!


I know you are itching to know how I did the other night with my shoes. Did she get rid of 5 pairs? 10 pairs?

I did it!  I got rid of 10 pairs!  I threw some out and I donated some. My closet looks much nicer. YEAH! Go me!


I am starting to feel like Cinderella.  I am excited for my cruise to the Bahamas next year. VERY excited. It's a free cruise and I was informed last week that my Aunt has points for our plane ride too.

I've been googling images of the Bahamas every day...and looking at activities available on the ship. I cannot wait!

We also realized that I can take the dress that I got for this weekend's wedding. YEAH! Seriously, it's a good date night I needs me a date! Tony Stewart CALL ME! Or Aaron Rodgers...I'm not picky.


The other night I was facetiming with my dad while he was in Florida. He was down visiting cutie pie nephew for his first birthday. While we were talking his phone rang. I was laughing at his ringtone, Oh I'll call him out...Daddy has Blurred Lines as his ring tone. He mentioned that my ringtone is New York, NY because I heart NY. I said it should be Luke Bryan's Country Girl. But, I take it back. It's just a little inappropriate for that to play when it's his daughter calling "Country Girl Shake it for me..." Um...New York, NY it is!


Don't forget Daylight Savings Time is this weekend. Set your clocks back. ARGH. I don't care how dark it is in the morning. It's super depressing when it's dark before I leave work. I'm starting a petition now to reverse it. Let's move forward not back in the fall!


Yesterday I finally had the mint tea that I got from Teavana. I have been so in love with that Pumpkin Spice Brulee that I almost forgot about it. OH My it is yummy. I love mint tea. And let me just say that this will make a fantastic Iced tea.


Heather has offered me her rice cooker. YEAH!  It's also a veggie steamer. She got a bigger one and I am happy to take her little one off of her hands. But, I am making her leave me detailed instructions on how to use it. haha.


I have slacked this week on my push ups. I killed it on the weights though. And I ended up running not walking Monday and Tuesday.


My hair is getting longer...FINALLY!  I still need to get it trimmed and shaped up, but now I'm in the 'grow it out or keep it short' stage...not sure what I'm going to do. I like it short, but I also liked donating it to Locks of Love.


Today Ms. Liz and I went to Panera for lunch. I wanted my squash soup in a bread bowl. That's all I could think of all day. So we're standing there in line waiting to order on this the 5th day of my no sweets/treats day and this dude comes out from behind the counter offering samples of fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. Are you KIDDING ME????  This never ever happens.  Not cool Panera dude!


Super Stoked! I got me a Pottery buddy! One of my besties, Ms. Amy, will sign up with me!  She will also be one my clients. YEAH!  And she has challenged me with the hula-hoop. Challenge Accepted!

Miss you much Amy!

Have a Blessed Night

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween (Candy) Anxiety

Hello Beautiful People,

It's almost Halloween. It used to be one of my favorite days of the year. I still like it, but it's incredibly stressful now.

The Former Fat Girl LIVED for Halloween. She loved all of the chocolate. Figuring out a costume sometimes made her cringe though. She could never be what she really wanted to be. She could never wear the small sexy costumes. She would then relish the idea of covering up the fat with a costume.

Hockey jerseys. Giant blazers. Garbage bags. Footie pajamas. Anything big became a halloween costume. 

Along with that costume came the absolute consumption of candy. The first time the bags were advertised in the store she bought some. Not to give out, but to start eating. One bag would last a week...on a good week. Sometimes they could be polished off in a couple of days. Honestly, I can't figure out how she never ended up in a diabetic coma.

The after Halloween sales were her most favorite sales of all time. LOAD UP!  Five bags might get you to Thanksgiving.

So when I started to lose the weight Halloween costumes got more fun. I could finally wear the cute ones. Goldie Locks. Sexy Pirate. Little Red Riding Hood. French maid.  That was good stuff.

I felt better about myself and cut back on the Halloween candy, but not completely. Well just this once.  It's Halloween night afterall.

This year is stressing me out. I am eating right and working out. I SHOULD be where I want to be. But, I'm sabotaging all of my hard work with little treats. If I cut back the treats I will get there. I want to lose more of the belly before I move to Full Time Trainer. I want to look better. I don't want clients focusing on my belly thinking to themselves "Like I should listen to her. Look at that belly!"

I already packed my old costumes away for the move. Besides, I've lost count of how many times I have been the Sexy Pirate. I love it, but can only recycle it so many times. This year I just had too many things happening that getting a new costume wasn't a priority. That feels weird for me. I can live without a costume though. I have considered putting on a race outfit with a race bib and being a Marathon Runner...since I've never actually run a full marathon yet.  I haven't decided yet.

I am trying so hard this year to avoid the candy. Captain's Log Day 4: Have avoided sweets for 4 days. Feeling good. Feeling Stronger. Scared to go to lunch tomorrow. Plus I got something this week that doesn't make it any easier...bah!

I'm feeling good, but I've been able to avoid temptation pretty much...except for the big-ass basket of candy downstairs waiting for Trick-or-Treaters...FOUL!  I haven't had any. And I won't. Not one piece. Because one piece is never enough. It's my addiction.

So sending me out on Halloween is like sending an Alcoholic to a bar after a week of sobriety. Not the ideal situation.  I'm trying to channel my wants for sweets to positive thoughts that soon enough I will have a career that I am passionate about.

Of course a little part of me will be focusing on the cupcakes at the wedding on Saturday...Not gonna lie.

So what's my survival technique for the night?
*Make sure I eat a good breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Very filling.
*Chew my sugarless X-tra Rootbeer float gum
*Push myself harder on all of my workouts this week - Don't want to make them pointless
*Treat myself to something else - I found a teavana tea that I'm interested in so I will go pick some up at lunch on Thursday.
*My tip for everyone who buys candy is to not buy it until the day's too dangerous to keep around the house. Also, buy things that you wouldn't eat. I could buy bags of sweet tarts or sour patch kids and never ever eat them.  Ideally you wouldn't be buying candy to give out, but I don't want to get anyone egged for giving out pencils.

Hopefully life will be a little better next Halloween and I will be back to enjoying it and dressing up.

Okay kids tonight was distance night and Biggest Loser...I'm calling it a night.

Have a Blessed Night.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Planning ahead and backup plans

Happy Monday Bleeps!

Last night I went to bed with a heating pad on my neck. That's generally how I begin with sinus issues. I had some light headaches last week, but this has been bothering me since last night now. This definitely throws a wrench in my workout plan for the week.

Tonight was to be weights, but I don't like to do anything that would put a strain on my neck when it's sore. Tomorrow is distance night so I didn't want to do a run tonight or legs. Since I got my pedicure I didn't want to go heavy on the running right away. I need to toughen up my feet a little.  And that makes tomorrow's distance a walk, not a run. So that makes Friday night my run night. Are you following me?  haha.  I got to the gym tonight with the intention of it being a walking night. But, there was a disabled vehicle in the construction zone and I got to the gym late I ran 3 miles. My neck was feeling better, but not great, and my feet weren't bothering me. So it was all good. I will now lift weights on Wednesday.

My other issue for tonight is that I looked a little odd. I just got through bragging about how I generally pack my gym bag with multiple outfits for the week and then this. I didn't pack it fully this weekend because I was waiting until I finished my laundry load of whites. Um... I never did my whites. I washed my darks, but not my lights. So I was in my car on the way to work when I realized that I didn't even know if I had packed pants. Oops. I checked when I got to work and I did have pants, but they didn't quite go with the shirts...and I didn't have socks. I always have emergency socks in the car and the pair I keep at work for walking at lunch. So I was okay. I  just looked a little on the sad side. Oh and I didn't pack a water bottle...argh. so I used the one I bring my crystal light in.

It would have been easy for me to have gone home after work. My heck hurt. It's a valid reason. Plus, I have things to do. But, as soon as I would be sitting in that traffic going no where I would be pissed. A light workout is better than no workout. I had originally planned on a massage too, but thanks to the traffic I was running late. Grandmom had called earlier and told me that she had some frozen chicken cacciatore for me if I wanted to stop by and pick it up. Yes please. Thank you Grandmom!

So what are all of these things that I have to do?  Well the move is coming up. Don't get excited, I haven't withheld anything from you. I don't have concrete plans yet, but I need to push myself to get it started. It's now or never. Every day that I am sitting behind a desk and not being a full time trainer is slowly killing me.

Since I am busy every weekend between now and 2014 I have to do my packing when I can. I'm not packing everything up right now, but I am going through everything. And I am playing games with myself: Keep it, Donate it, or Toss it? I am hoping to downsize a lot even though I don't have that much in general. Yesterday I tossed 4 target bags of trash. That felt good.

If I go through one drawer or shelf a day I will make progress and lessen the stress. I really want to go through my clothes. I won't need all of them when I move. I don't have a lot of business clothes left since we are business causual, but I certainly won't need them all.  I really need to put them on to make the decision. I tend to hold on to things that don't fit. I need to learn to walk away from things.

This weekend I went through my underwear and my jewelry. I threw out the old undies and bras. I threw out the jewelry that is in bad shape more messed up or just don't wear and really aren't nice enough to give away. That felt good. Tonight when I am done this post it is time for shoes. It's time to tackle them. I don't need them all. I don't even wear 75% of them anymore.  I gotta let go.

I cannot wait to move. I miss my girlfriends something awful. Don't get me wrong, I love my girlfriends where I am now. I just really miss my Charlotte Gals. So  I am trying to come up with things that will get us together. I found a place for pottery classes. I am going to do it. I sent it to a few gals in hopes they will join me.

*This goes out to any other Charlotte Gal Pals who would be interested in going to Pottery - hit me up and I'll send you the info :-) Or if you have regular gatherings that could use another person let me know :-)*

We are now on Day three of No Sweets. I'm actually doing well. Although technically last night I had a fun flavored protein bar because my day consisted of 3 bowls of soup. I'm not counting that though. I didn't sneak any chocolate or stop anywhere for chocolate. I broke the news to Mr. Wil that I would not be able to visit him at his desk anymore because of his treats. He has graciously volunteered to eat my pieces for me. Thanks Mr. Wil!  I also pulled out my Rootbeer float sugar-free gum for Halloween night. When I said exceptions were special occasions and holidays I was not including Halloween. I'm talking this weekend's wedding, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Okay, time to tackle my shoes. Wish me luck. Ideally I lose 10 pairs...but, I'll be happy if I get rid of 5.

Have a Blessed Night

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Empty Bowls 2013

Hello Beautiful People,

I was going to skip a post tonight in exchanged for continued relaxation, but I just had a good day so I will share. I am going to make it quick though. My boyfriend Aaron Rodgers is playing right now and I must concentrate.

Before I get started I have to tell you that I forgot something in yesterday's post. While I was getting my nails done they had the Food Network on tv. There was a special on Pies. I seriously couldn't even avoid food in the nail salon. And then they did a show on drive-thrus that aren't Fast Food. You basically get a big giant meal. And people were shoving food in their mouths sitting behind the wheel. It made me nauseous.

Now another reason why I can't make this too long of a post is because my nail polish from yesterday was an epic fail. My toes still look fantastic, but the polish peeled off of my finger nails all day. BOO. So I will need to put on new polish tonight. Bah!

Today was Empty Bowls. I love this day. Soup and pottery. Two of my favorite things. Plus, the proceeds go to such a great cause. 

I got up early, or so I thought, and chemically enhanced my lovely locks before my shower. I got ready and made some pumpkin spice brulee tea and got on the road. I was going back to my old church for service before soup time.

As I was driving back by my old place I realized I don't really miss it. It didn't feel like I was going back home or anything. That's a good thing. When I got to church I walked in and realized that I am a moron. I was 30 minutes late. I went there for 6 years and after 5 months I forgot what time service was. DOH.

It was nice to see everyone though. I do miss the people. And gym buddy Lisa was playing. I haven't seen her in a bit and I miss my gym buddy. I hope we can coordinate again soon.

Okay, so Empty Bowls starts at noon, but you are a fool if you wait that long to get there. Parking is limited...and I do mean limited. So we hustled over there and were one of the first to arrive. We had to wait, but that's okay. When those doors open it's like Black Friday. Madness ensues.

My goal was one bowl for me and two for Christmas gifts. I was all over the place. I am drawn to so many. In the end I found two lovely dark blue bowls for gifts and just as I was heading to pay they put out a new yellow one that screamed my name. YEAH! That one is for me.

I paid and got in line for my soup. I forgot to bring a container for a to-go. Doh. Oh well. They had a butternut squash soup. Sold! I handed over my biggest bowl. Then I tried to balance one bowl full of soup and two additional bowls and make my way to our table...which is always in the far back corner. Thank goodness I made it. The soup was good.

Several of us at the table had it. I offered one of my bowls to Ms. Jamie to go get some if she wanted it. So now I was down to one bowl...I ran up when there was a lul in the line and got the very last of the black bean soup. O.M.G. that was incredible. It was so tasty. Sadly, there wasn't much left when I got there. I am glad I got what I did. I definitely got my veggies in for the day.

So when we were done we walked to our cars to drop off our bowls. Then we went into the studio to use the ladies room. The line to get back into the community center was out the door and through the parking lot so we went elsewhere.

I got to see where all of the pottery magic happens. I think I would like to learn out to make pottery. It's going on the bucket list. Plus there's the whole Ghost fantasy going...Tony Stewart CALL ME!

After our stop we went for a walk along the hiking trail. It was a nice way to spend some time. It was beautiful out and we got to see some beautiful trees and a lovely pond.

I haven't seen Ms. Jamie and Miss Addie since the beginning of the summer so I tagged along to Target. I didn't get anything. I just visited. I almost got starbucks, but I didn't really want any caffeine. Plus, I was planning another mug of tea when I got home. See that Teavana investment is paying off!

I got some things done when I got home that I will talk about later, but then I sat and finished a scarf. YEAH!  It's been a good day. And it got better!  Heather came home and brought me a pair of hot pink knee high socks with glow in the dark skulls on them. YEAH!

Before I go, I'm just going to reflect on something. The Former Fat girl wasted sooooo much food. She would buy the fresh food with good intentions and then throw it out after it spoiled. She would buy more food than she could eat. It was a waste.

This past week I cringed when I saw all of the tables of food outside of conference rooms. I know the theory is "better to order more than you need", but seriously. There are so many people who go to bed hungry every night. It's time to be more responsible about our choices.

Have a Blessed Night.

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yeah, sorry, I messed up and the "l" is missing....I need an assistant :-)

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Spa Pedicure + Massage Chair + Bridget Jones = Heaven

Hello My Lovelies and Gents,

I hope you are all enjoying your Halloween festivities.

I am struggling with all of these sweet temptations. Somehow I have avoided actual Halloween candy, but that's just driving me into the arms of the regular chocolate bars and cookies.  I'm not looking forward to Halloween night. Not at all. I always eat some. I'm stressed and I'm stress eating sweets which is stressing me more. And so this is when I tell you that I am not eating any more sweets for 2013. Except for special occasions (Weddings, birthdays, and Holidays). Generally I am good about something if I put it in the blogisphere. I don't want to tell you I failed, so I won't do it.

I know that I didn't declare it before the day started, but I had it in my mind that I was going to do this and so it began today. A day when I was shopping and eating out all day...nice timing Jennifer.

Today was my pamper me day. I woke up early...even though I was allowing myself to sleep in. Darn sunlight slipped through my curtains.  Also, I might have been a little excited about a pamper me day.

So I got up, got ready, and headed out. My first stop was at the library to pick up the book for next month's book club. And then it was off to Kohl's. When I walked in the door I found the White Jacket in a medium..back on the original sale price. Woo woo!  Grabbed it. Then I had to pass by the displays of Godiva chocolates. Be strong!

I was there looking for a dress for the wedding. I had in my head that I wanted a sweater dress that I could wear with tights. So I looked through some dresses. I took a Jennifer Lopez dress in, a couple Vera Wangs, and a slim fitting Daisy Fuentes.

I wanted to cry. They either looked too tight or too huge. I did enjoy how my butt looked in the JLo dress, but that's the only thing I liked in it. I was not feeling good. I hate dressing rooms.

So I went on a mission looking for socks for mom. Found em!  Then I went over to the toy section looking for something for nephew. Nothing. But, I did find something for the soon-to-be-marrieds!  Not in the toy section.

On my way to the registers I had to pass by my FAVORITE Holiday treat: Peppermint Bark. After the awful experience in the fitting room I wanted some BAD. But, I resisted.

I was getting hungry, but I wanted to make a quick stop at target before I went to lunch.  I was in there for 10 minutes and avoided the Starbucks in there. I also avoided all of the $1 chocolates.

Okay, while I am on this side of the street I'll just run in to Bed Bath and Beyond too. Real Quick. While I was out I was looking for a tea infuser for Ms. Liz. So I popped in there for a minute. I didn't find the tea infuser, but I did find a Christmas present for Grandmom. You're gonna love it Grandmom!  I also found another gift for the soon-to-be-marrieds. The line was long so I decided to make another loop around. Not looking for anything, but using it as exercise.  Shopping all day doesn't count if you're mostly standing still.

The problem is that the looping kept taking me past the chocolates. Bah.

By now I'm starving so I head over to Panera. It's a chilly day and I want more of that Squash soup in a bread bowl. The line is out the door though. Denied!

I had been trying to decide between two different places for my mani/pedi. I had good experiences at both, but quickly decided on one because it was next to Tropical Smoothie and I could get lunch there. I ordered a thai wrap. My side options were: chips, banana, or cookie. I already had a banana this morning, but I took another one. No cookies!

I ate my lunch while reading Bridget Jones on my kindle. It was lovely. And when I was done I walked next door.

There was no wait. I just had to pick out my nail polish. Now my original plan was to get my nails done at the end of the day. I would know the color of the dress. I wouldn't take a chance messing them up while trying stuff on. And I would end the day relaxed.

So now I had no idea what color to get. My mind was on a black dress and I found a red glittery nail polish. Festive!  That's what I wanted.

When I got back to the pedicure chair they asked if I wanted a regular one or a spa one. I've only had one spa one before in my life and I enjoyed it. And I realized that I have not had a pedicure in 2013. I've talked about it, but I just haven't because I always had a race coming up. It's a pamper me day. I took the spa.

I selected the peppermint/spearmint one. I love mint. Just smelling it relaxed me. I put the massage chair on and got out my book. I think that's what heaven must feel like. The spa pedicure included a rock massage and a 10 minute leg/foot massage.

I beat the tar out of my legs this year. the muscles in my big toe were sore when she massaged them. My TOE muscles were sore!  I almost proposed to her while she was massaging my calves. The only thing that was super tender were the muscles around my knees. I wasn't surprised, but I didn't like the reminder. I eventually put my book away and just closed my eyes and relaxed. It was so nice.

I noticed that there were other people getting shoulders massages too. Lucky!  Soon it was time to take care of my nails. My cuticles were a mess. I was happy to let someone take care of them. I LOVED the nail polish. So I asked if they had a bottle for purchase. They will check.

When the nails were done I moved over to the drying area. And then I got a neck massage. Seriously! I am never going anywhere else. I guess it was part of the Spa treatment. Ahhh.... They couldn't find another bottle of the polish, so they sold me the one they used for a couple bucks. I'm good with that.

Okay so now I had two more stops. The first was to go to Dress Barn. I love Dress Barn, but mostly I buy summer dresses. Not sure what they will have. I had checked it out online and there was a black halter dress that I loved that I wanted to try. Sadly, I loved another halter dress there previously, but it looked hideous on me.

I found some sweater dresses and a few dresses on the sale rack, including the halter dress. My fitting room was opened and I had 9 dresses to choose from.  The first dress was a teal sweat dress. It was okay, but not stunning. Then it went down hill from there. Bah. The next 5 were not good. So I swapped out the 6 I had for the additional 3. Those were the 3 from the sale rack.

The first was a cute purple dress. I wasn't keen on purple with red polish, but it was on sale. The dress was good. Not great, but it was in the lead. Then I tried on the black dress. it just me or does it look good? I kind of look really hot in it. My shoulders look fantastic, but is it too tight?  So I tried on the size bigger. Nope, not as hot.  SOLD!

The neck is gold and I don't really wear gold so I looked at their earrings. Found some. And black tights. I love love love this dress. And mama will be doing some more push ups just to emphasize those shoulders.

The neck line is high and I fear it will catch on my hair, even if I get it cut. So I am going to try and pull it up with a clip or do something to keep it off of my neck. The hair cut will need to wait. I need all of the length that I can get.

My last stop for the night was a quick run to Target. I needed some peanut butter and bananas. And since I didn't make it to Panera I picked up some Panera Tomato Bisque soup for dinner. Thank you Target!  I only wish they had the squash. Oh well.

I selected the aisle that was candy free. It was longer, but I didn't care. I also skipped the Starbucks again. It was late in the day and I didn't need the caffeine.

My legs feel goooooood. I am not going to let 11 months go by before my next spa pedicure. That's for darn sure. If only it wouldn't be appropriate to ask her to massage my butt too.

Oh and GO ME! I resisted temptation all day!. HOLLA!
Have a Blessed Night

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm exhausted...time to pamper myself

Happy Friday Bleeps!

Can I get a Woo Woo for Friday?????  Oh thank goodness. I am seriously ready for this weekend.

This has been an exhausting week. I enjoyed my time with my family last weekend, but when I go away I generally get home late Sunday night. Then I have to unload, unpack, and prep my food for the next day. Mondays are pretty much ridiculously long and painful. I am very tired.

This week I was adament about hitting the weights.  So Monday and Tuesday were about the weights. And then Wednesday was about the distance. I have decided that I am alternating walking and running distance weeks. I need to keep up my endurance walking pace in case of injury.  I got a little too excited that this week was a walking week.

I'm tired. I know you hear it all of the time, but it's true. I need some more relax time. That's different than Rest Days. Rest days mean no workouts, but that doesn't mean real rest. How soon is that cruise???? (not til next year)

So after my distance night I am toast the next day. It's hard when you get in bed within a couple hours. The muscles tighten up. Makes me look like John Wayne when I walk.  I have made it a little better by packing my shower bag and showering at the gym after the distance. Luckily the showers aren't that gross. It feels good on the muscles and I don't have to talk myself into it when I get home. I've also taken to stopping at Subway for a footlong that night. Half for dinner and half for lunch the next day. Ahh...this week it was the Tuscan chicken. So really I can just pack my gym bag for the next day and that's all I have to do besides blog when I get home. AND I'm even throwing several outfits in the gym bag on Monday so really I just have to put in a new water bottle, protein bar, and sneakers. I'm getting good at this.

Ms, Tracey and I have been walking during a couple of lunches a week too so that's been nice. Getting my mileage in.  We walked yesterday which was nice and then in the afternoon my brain got overloaded. It's not even Halloween yet and I'm feeling overwelmed. I am literally booked every weekend between now and 2014. Every weekend includes travel for at least an hour each way, but mostly they are for 2 to 4 a drive to Florida.

*Side note: Happy Birthday to my sweet snugglebug nephew. Dominic turns 1 today.

Okay so back to yesterday. I started thinking about things I need to do for these weekends and stuff I need to get. I immediately thought that I would skip the gym and go to the mall for some shopping (Christmas, wedding, and birthday presents). I have even convinced myself that I would get a massage. Then I sat myself down and negotiated. I would go to the gym. It didn't need to be a heavy heavy night, but I would go. And I could get a free hydromassage there. If I did that, then I would spend saturday pampering myself. I had originally planned on going to the park for another distance day. But, I am cutting it down to a small run. Then I shall go get a mani/pedi. And the place I want to go to happens to be across from Dress Barn. I am going to a wedding next weekend. I would like a new dress.

I will be a big girl. I need to get my hair cut. I have put it off (it's been 6 months) since I was so traumatized last time. But, I need the ends cut and I don't want to scare the other guests.  Plus, I have to chemically enhance it. I think I'll even relax with a movie and some sparkling wine.

I had also planned on going through all of my clothes, shoes, and pocketbooks this weekend. I need to purge. If I am out all day then I will just do it next Sunday.  It's been on my list of things to do for months. I am itching to get rid of things.

OH I checked and I am going to order the white jacket from Kohl's online...they have mediums. I love this jacket! It was rough to wear today though. I can't eat in it for fear of spilling things.

Ms. Tracey and I decided that we wanted to go out to lunch today. It had been a long time since we have done that. Yesterday we narrowed it down to Saladworks and Panera...Panera won.  I haven't been in a while so I got online to see if they had anything new...the first thing I saw was picture of a new salad and soup for the pick two. Roasted Turkey Harvest Wheatberry Salad.  Looks good, but what's in it?  All-natural, antibiotic-free roasted turkey, field greens, romaine lettuce, our wheatberry and pistachio blend and Gorgonzola cheese, tossed in our maple balsamic vinaigrette....Um you had me at MAPLE balsamic vinaigrette. And the soup? Vegetarian Autumn Squash Soup. Um...yes please.

So that's what I got. And a cookie. DAMN IT. Why do I do that? I picked a fantastically healthy and delicious lunch, and then I crumble with a cookie. Pun intended.  I get so mad at myself. I am doing this a lot. But, I am stressed. And I stress eat. I guess I should be happy that I stress sweet eat and not stress full meal blown eat. That's progress. It's still frustrating though. The belly isn't going anywhere as long as this continues. Cause my knees can't take additional running to burn it off. Tonight I had to run 4+ miles just to break even. I made it 5 just for good measure.

While we were at lunch Ms. Tracey we discussed my going through my clothes this week. I can't remember if I shared this or not because it's been a secret for a trimester, but Ms. Tracey is pregnant. :-) We're very excited. Anyway, a friend of hers asked if she had gotten her previous maternity clothes out yet. They aren't quite the right season so I asked "Why are you asking if I am going through my clothes? Do you want them for maternity clothes?" She laughed and said no. "I'll try not to be offended." She laughed again. It was just a reminder that she needed to go through her stuff too.

Going back to that soup...the delicious FANTASTIC soup...I want more. I'm thinking of making that my lunch tomorrow. It was fabulous on a cold day. And let me just say that it would make a lovely addition to Thanksgiving dinner as a great alternative to candied yams. Can you buy it by the pint? I need to learn to make this....hmmm do I have a day that I could do that?

Have a Blessed Night.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Biggest Loser: Season 15 - Episode 2

Welcome to Week 2 on the Biggest Loser Ranch.

First, let me just say that normally I would be upset about the change to a 1 hour format, but I take so many notes I am relishing this extra time. lol. But, I still want more Dolvett and Bob!

This week started with Jillian talking with Craig. If you will remember, she Saved him last week.  They talk about the second child that he is expecting with this wife.  Craig tells her that he's scared. His dad passed away when he was 32 years old. He had an enlarged heart. Craig is 30 right now.

When he was 10 years old he walked in on his dad collapsing. He thought he was playing and has lived with the guilt ever since.  Jillian asked him what would happen if he let go? "Then I push him away."  She tells him that is not how to honor his father.  He won't lose him when he loses the weight.  He needs to choose between a dead man and his kids.  To which he replies " I want to define myself by what kind of father I am."


It's time for a visit with Dr. H. Ruben and Dolvett go to see him. We learn that in 2004 Ruben was in the hospital with a heart problem. Dr. H. talks to him about diabetes. They did 3 tests on him: Insulin, sugar, and a sugar test in his sleep. The results were high for all of them. He has Type 2 diabetes.

Ruben is afraid. He has seen lives cut short because of diabetes. He has worked since he was 11 years old to be a singer and doesn't want his story to be one of defeat.

Dr. H. tells him that the good news is that with diet and exercise it is reversible.

As they are leaving, Dolvett says "Let's go get healthy!". I heart Dolvett.


Bob brings up the big white elephant in the room: The Week 2 Curse.  When you lose that much weight in one week your body tries to balance out.

The Blue team is full of big strong peeps. Bob declares that Chelsea, our Southern Belle (I added that part), has taken the lead.


Observation: If one of the trainers uses a Save on you, then you get that on your sleeve.


We get to spend a little time with Fernanda on the White team. She wants a second chance to save her relationships with her husband and children. She is afraid to be intimate with the man she loves and can't play with her children. She wants to be the wife and mother they deserve.


Dolvett sits and talks with Jennifer. He is a little concerned. She had the lowest number last week. He thinks he is seeing a struggling Jennifer.

Dolvett asks her about her daughter.  She is young and 70lbs overweight. Jennifer is furious with herself. "She has learned from me." And then Jennifer gave up on herself. She felt like a failure.  Dolvett tells her that hear daughter feels her energy. "I chose you. Now you choose yourself."


Challenge Time!  I see dice and buckets of water.

Allison tells them that this week only 1 person's weight will count for the entire team, but they won't know who until the weigh-in.  There will be a roll of the dice.

The team that wins the challenge will have two dice to roll.

The challenge is that each team will be tied together. They will have to walk over a hill and roll the dice. Whatever number they roll is the number of buckets they can carry back over the hill to pour in a glass box.  Whichever team fills it to the line first wins.

Sidebar with Matt - He postponed his wedding to come to the Ranch to give them a second chance.

Tanya says that there were times when she found herself yelling at David to get over the hill (in a motivational way). It was easy for her because her ex-husband's name is David.

The poor white team has the worst look with the dice. They keep getting ones and twos.

The Red and Blue team are neck and neck. Early on the Red team dropped half of a bucket. At they are each about a bucket away from the line. The Blue team rolls a 5. The Red rolls a 1. They are booking it, but don't make it in time.

Blue team wins! Bob will get to choose from the two dice.


Hap's wife was 8 1/2 months pregnant when he left for the Ranch. Two days ago she went into labor. He gets to call her on facetime and meet his son, Ripkin, for the first time. His two little girls are adorable. He knows how hard it is for them for him to be away, but he is there for them.


Lindsay update! HOLLA!

This season we will get updates on Sunny, Biingo, and Lindsay.

Before the Biggest Loser, Lindsay was a couch potato and had pre-diabetes. Today she is running and hiking. Not only has she changed her lifestyle, but she has changed the lifestyle of her family too. Her brother weighed 342lbs and now weighs 275lbs.

Kids ask her all of the time how to make changes. She tells them to eat more vegetables, cut their portions, and get in 60 minutes of exercise a day. She's so wise!


Last Chance workout!

Bob: "I hate the roll of the dice. I can't prepare for it."

Bob says that Hap walks in a different man. He is now a father of 3. During the workout he tells Hap that he is a Champion.  Hap responds "I can't do anything about the past. I can only change the now and future."

The White team goes out for a 1 mile run/walk. Hap wins by a landslide.   He hopes his face is on the dice.

Jillian is hoping that she rolls Craig or Tumi's faces. She is worried that it would be Jay's. He had the biggest number last week. How does Jillian feel about the dice? "I don't do well in Vegas."

Rachel hopes it is her face for the Red team. She wants to prove to herself that she can be accountable.


Weigh In!

Time to roll the dice!

Red rolls on Tanya.

White rolls on Fernanda.

Blue rolls on Chelsea and Hap (Bob smiles).

Blue is up first.
     Chelsea started at 229 lbs and now weighs 223 lbs for a total of 6 lbs.
     Holley started at 335 lbs and now weighs 325 lbs for a total of 10 lbs.
     Matt started at 333 lbs and now weighs 325 lbs for a total of 8 lbs. 
     Bobby started at 338 lbs and now weighs 328 lbs for a total of 10 lbs.
     Hap started at 386 lbs and now weighs 373 lbs for a total of 13 lbs. 
        Hap says that he wanted to prove to himself that he could carry his team not be carried.

White is up next.
     Craig started at 372 lbs and now weighs 361 lbs for a total of 11 lbs.
     Marie started at 240 lbs and now weighs 235 lbs for a total of 5 lbs. 
     Tumi started at 305 lbs and now weighs 297 lbs for a total of 8 lbs. *She's in the 200's!*
     Jay started at 274 lbs and now weighs 263 lbs for a total of 11 lbs. 
  Fernanda needs to lose more than 8 lbs.
     Fernanda started at 238 lbs and now weighs 236 lbs for a total of 2 lbs.
   Jillian's reaction: "Classic Week 2"

The Red team is last.
    Jennifer started at 255 lbs and now weighs 246 lbs for a total of 9 lbs.
    Ruben started at 441 lbs and now weighs 431 lbs for a total of 10 lbs.
    Rachel started at 239 lbs and now weighs 231 lbs for a total of 8 lbs.
    David started at 371 lbs and now weighs 360 lbs for a total of 11 lbs.
  Tanya needs to lose more than 2 lbs
   Tanya started at 246 lbs and now weighs 242 lbs for a total of 4 lbs.

*Please note that I was completely distracted throughout the weigh in...Dolvett was wearing a tight button-down white shirt...minus a few buttons...purrrrr

There is no yellow line. It's a red line. Fernanda is going home. Jillian is heartbroken. Fernanda says that she has never worked so hard on herself. Her journey is not over.

We will see how she is doing today at the beginning of next week's episode.

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Random Wednesday: Deodorant, Oreos, and Food Porn

Holla!  It's Random Wednesday again!

Okay, I heart cousin Hannah for turning me on to using men's deodorant for my workouts. It makes such a huge difference for me. I tried the extra strength clinical deodorant for women, but that was expensive and truly made no difference. So this is awesome!

Well except that I smell like a man when I workout. I mean a sexy man, but still. I don't want to be that chick at the gym that my gym crushes say "She's hot, but she smells like a dude."


Did you see the story about rats and oreos? A study was done that found that rats are as addicted to oreos as they are to cocaine. Well DUH! Who needed a rat to figure that out?  I have never done cocaine, but even I can tell you that.


I like to read. I LOVE to read. LOVE to read. Generally I am reading more than one book at a time, especially now that I have the kindle. I don't like to take my kindle to the gym or the pool so I read an actual real physical page-turning book for that and then I read my kindle the rest of the time.

The book-book that I am currently reading is about a caterer. I um...should have thought this through. It's like porn to a food addict. Butter. Give me more Butter!  Mmm Butter...


Good news!  Hottie Headband was at the gym last night. YEAH!  I can't remember the last time I saw him. He was on a treadmill when I walked in. HOT! I have never seen him on one before.

So here's the thing. Right now Distance night is Wednesdays. Ms. Liz had something on Tuesdays so I couldn't leave work early. But, that thing has ended. Now I can switch back to Tuesdays and hopefully see him more. But, now that's Biggest Loser Night. That's a lot of pressure to get showered and get home in time. I will have to think about it....I wonder how he feels about chicks that smell like dudes...


On Monday I walked in to work and found a box of Godiva chocolate in the kitchen area. It was TORTURE!  I had to walk past it every time I went to the ladies room...and you know I drink water all day...TORTURE.

On Tuesday it got moved to the kitchen counter.  Ms. Lety and I were at the sink and she wanted to take a peek and see if anyone had eaten any. She picked up that lid and only a few were gone. So we grabbed the brochure that tells you what flavors they are.

Confession: I had a white chocolate with raspberry jelly piece and a Dark Chocolate with coconut piece.

Ms. Liz this is for you: And that's why you Never lift the lid!


The construction "project" on 202 is now my formally declared arch enemy. Can you be enemies with a non-human? I declare that you can. I guess technically my enemy is whoever is in charge of this "project". It's making my commute a nightmare. It's bad enough with no hold ups, but if there is an accident forget it. You aren't going anywhere for hours.

So as I was sitting there going NOWHERE one day I looked over and observed many of the construction workers. I couldn't help but think that this "project" might go a little faster if they were in better shape.


This Sunday is Empty Bowls. You know that's one of my favorite days. I am happy to help raise funds to help Philabundence feed the hungry in the Philadelphia area. I cannot wait to see what soups they have this year...and of course I am excited about the pottery bowls.


Last night I was on the mat at the gym facing the shoulder press. I was alternating push ups and crunches. Every time I sat up for crunches I saw this dude on the shoulder press machine digging for his NOSE! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. And then he got up and left the machine without wiping it down.

And that's why you always wipe down the machine before you use it!


So this weekend we did a little shopping. We went to Kohl's and I found a jacket that I fell in love with. It's a white activewear jacket. They had 2 left and they were on sale. They were also both Larges.  I took one and a purple one in a medium to try on. The medium fit better, but the white still looked good.  Dang good!  I heart this jacket!  I rock it!

I'm also completely terrified to eat or drink in it...water only!

Have a Blessed Night.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Dearest BBQ, I Love you!

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

My love for BBQ runs deep...I have practically written love letters to it. Give me a BBQ pulled pork sandwich and I am yours forever. FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I could inspire a Saturday Night Live skit. The Girl that Loves her Sandwich. The woman and the sandwich sitting on the couch watching a movie together. The woman and the sandwich going for a walk in the park. The woman and the sandwich playing Just Dance together.

I love going to see my family when I go to Virginia, but I superly love going for BBQ. It helps that my grandmom is now living a mile from my favorite place to eat: Red Hot & Blues, or as I like to call it Yum Yummy & Yummier! 

I could seriously eat it every day. But, I shant.  The Former Fat Girl could do it. She could eat it for lunch and dinner. She could eat it and then go back for seconds.

One of the things that I missed the most when I left North Carolina was leaving behind the BBQ.

A few years ago a BBQ place opened up in the mall food court. I thought I was in heaven. I only went a half dozen times while it was open. I would get the pulled pork platter with green beans and mac'n'cheese. It was delightful. And then the unthinkable happened. There was a huge rain storm and the food court flooded. It was closed for about 3 months. Sadly, Memphis BBQ never came back. Only the chain restaurants were back. I cried.

I like the sweet sauce. When I go to Red Hot & Blues I get the pulled pork combo. That is the pulled pork on a roll with a pickle and Grandma's potato salad...quite possibly the best potato salad EVER.  At the table I choose the sweet sauce. And generally I treat myself to a Sweet Tea...mmmm...BBQ AND Sweet tea...does it get any better?  This weekend I didn't have the Sweet tea. Usually I go for lunch. For dinner I don't really want to have that much sugar. Especially since I had half a slice of cake the night before.

What I like about RH&B is that portions wise it's all good. The Former Fat Girl would have very easily gone back for more. The new me sits and waits for the belly to fill. Yes, I secretly wish the portion of the potato salad was bigger...okay, not so secretly, but I let it go. I eat my pickle and walk away. My saddest moment is when I take the last bite of my sandwich. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I heart my mom. She doesn't love it as much as I do and more often than not she ends up taking most of her sandwich home...and then I get to eat it the next day. They gave me sauce to go and I got to have it for dinner the next night too. YEAH!

So now that moving back to North Carolina is back in the picture and within reach I am getting excited and worried. Will I be able to handle it? I really began this journey when I was living in North Carolina...except that I was only partially invested. I really how no idea how to eat. I began working out faithfully, but my eating still had lots of problems. I ate out a lot. When I wasn't eating out I was eating prepackaged frozen meals.

I am much better equipped this time around. I have much knowledge!  I am positive it will be different this time around. I will succeed! I will just reserve my BBQ for cheat meals. I will need to limit those meals to once a week....or I can make them post race meals. Now that sounds like the New Girl is going to Rock and show the Former Fat Girl who is boss. 

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

Monday, October 21, 2013

My Life is a Snickers Commercial

Happy Monday Bleeps,

You know those Snickers commercials where someone is not themselves and they are acting like a character actor?  The theory is that their blood sugar is dropping or they are hungry. They need something to eat. If they have a snickers bar they will turn back to themselves.

Just call me Joe Pesci.

This is how I get now. Just like a baby, I am on an eating schedule. I eat my meals at the same time every day. It's good for me for so many reasons. For me, habit is good. It helps me to plan ahead.   Plus, meals are important. All three. If I didn't stick to my schedule I would be a mess.

I used to not eat breakfast. And I was proud of that. Calories saved!  WRONG. I can't stress enough that food is fuel. If I'm not fueling myself in the morning you can just forget it. I'm no good. Life can get in the way so easily and lunch or dinner can be skipped or pushed off.

I am consuming much less calories than the Former Fat Girl did. She could afford to not stick to a schedule.  She could consume a days worth of calories in a meal.

I do my best to plan ahead and make sure that I know what's happening for my meals a day in advance. But, problems arise when I am away. Other people are not on my schedule. They don't know how I react if I need to eat. I do my best to keep snacks with me to ease it, but O.M.G. I can get cranky. It ain't pretty.  I don't mean to, but I need food!

Friday I ended up working from home. I wanted to get on the road right after work to head to Virginia. It's the difference between a 2:15 hr drive and a 4 hour drive if I leave from work. It was a good idea. Except that I didn't have food. My snacks were at the office. I didn't go shopping because I was going away for the weekend. So for lunch I went out to Starbucks for a sandwich.

I got on the road as soon as I closed up my laptop. Traffic in Baltimore. BLASTED! I got held up. For some reason I didn't have any snacks with me.  Now I normally don't eat until 7:30 so it's not that big of a deal. Time wise I was in good shape. But, I didn't have much in my belly.

Mom asked if I wanted to go to Carrabba's for dinner. Sounds good. Except that I needed food PRONTO. We got there at 8:15 and there was a 25 minute wait. And we still had to place our order.  I made sure to eat a snack before we left the house. That held me over for about 10 minutes.

I don't even want to be around me when I get cranky for food. It ain't pretty.

One of the reasons that I don't like to eat too late is that your body needs time to digest food. I don't want to eat and go right to bed. Another reason is because I do not always make the best choices when I am hungry. In fact, I'm HORRIBLE at that time.

This meal wasn't super bad. But, it wasn't super great. We had the bread to start. And I wanted the bruschetta. It was only 3 small slices each, but still. My meal was wood-grilled chicken with olive oil and herbs. That was yummy. And garlic mashed potatoes. Yum.  I split my meal and took half home for the next day.

My jeans were tight. I should have called it a night. "Are you interested in dessert?" ALWAYS!  So we split piece of cake that had fruit all over it.

Some people are used to my food-crankiness. Some aren't. It's hard to act semi normal when I am so hungry that I want to eat my fist.

So the good news, is that if you are hanging with me I am always going to know what time it is and make sure that we get our meals in.

Food fuels me for the day. And I am burning it like crazy, unlike the Former Fat Girl. Don't mess with my meals!  I am not responsible for my behavior. You have been warned. Haha.

Have a Blessed Night.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Biggest Loser: Season 15 - Episode 1

The Biggest Loser: Season 15 - Episode 1

WOO WOO!  The Biggest Loser is Back!  This season is all about Second Chances.

Lots of changes. This is the first season that the trainers get to choose the contestants. They sorted through them and brought 50 to LA. They met with them personally and then will narrow it down to the top 15. 

So why are these contestants here?
 "For a reality check."
 "Because of 40 years of fear."...she also admits to a crush on Dolvett...but really, who doesn't have one? #NotThisGirl #IHeartDolvett

Jillian describes this process as a "Life or death Intervention." So true!

So what are some of the backgrounds that the trainers are hearing?
 -One woman has a 9 yr old daughter who is 70lbs overweight and she knows it's her fault.
 -One woman has been married for 7 years and her husband has never seen her fully naked.
 -One woman is a former athlete who has gained so much weight that she is too embarrassed to go home.

Bob (Oh Bob I have missed you!) says this is going to be hard. People are pouring our their heart and souls to be picked.

The 15 selected contestants were brought to the Biggest Loser Ranch and walked through a path that is lined with flags that have pictures of every previous contestant. Lots of success stories.

The first person we meet is David. David is 43 yrs old. When he was 22 he got married. He and his wife were married for 6 months before she started having seizures. After a 10 year battle with cancer he watched her take her last breath. His wife made him promise to take care of their girls. 

The worst kept secret ever, is that former American Idol winner Ruben Stoddard is on the ranch. He won American Idol in 2003. Today is looking to reinvent himself on the inside and the outside. He doesn't want to have his  career shortened

Next we meet Rachel. She is 23 and a former National level swimmer. She gave up her swimming career for a boy and in doing so lost her identity.

Tanya is 40 years old and has a crush on Dolvett.

It's time for Allison to welcome everyone to their Second Chance. The trainers will be picking picking their teams, but first they must workout.

The good news is that Planet Fitness will be giving each contestant a 1 year membership.

My favorite quote of the night: Allison - "You cannot change the past, but this is your chance to rewrite your future."

*During the commercial they were advertising the Biggest Loser Run/Walks. They are popping up all over the country. It's your chance to be active and interact with former contestants.*

Walking in to the gym each person was wearing a shirt with a number on it. The number was how many pounds they weigh.  Ruben is the heaviest. 

Jillian says that this is the time to see who works best with whom. Day 1 is the true test. 

Ruben was full of great quotes all night. During the first workout "Only someone full of evilness would come up with this."

One of the contestants is former Olympian Weightlifter. Weightlifting is Bob's passion. He is practically salivating to workout with Holley.

Dolvett makes an early prediction: Rachel is the person to watch. She is the former swimmer. "I'll take the pain of the workout to never see this weight again.

Jay is 38 years old and used to compete in Rodeos. He wants the trainers to fight over who wants him the most. This is his Second Chance to be a role model for his kids.

Craig...ahhh Craig. To quote Jillian "He had me at Hello."  He is too sweet. He has a little girl and another child on the way. He wants to be a role model for the overweight people in his family.

Everyone loves David. "I've been broken before. But, never this physically broken."  Jillian wants to help him. She says that the gym needs to represent the New David.

*There was a nice plug for Larabars...which I have to say that I Love! Yum...try the apple pie flavor.

After the workout we find Ruben in the Ice Bath. He used to take them after football and calls them "Jesus in a steel container." Oh I hope he lasts a long time. I love everything that comes out of his mouth.  Jillian tells him that they need to get rid of his back hair. He says no. "That's my manliness."

Back in her room, Tanya shows a picture of her daughter. She gained 125 lbs when she was pregnant with her. Her daughter was born overweight. "I did this to her. I am here to save myself and my daughter."

So here's how the teams break down:

Jillian - The White team
 Craig, Kimmy, Jay, Fernanda, and Marie
Bob - The Blue team
  Holley, Chelsea, Bobby, Matt, and Hap
Dolvett - The Red team
  Ruben, Jennifer, Rachel, Tanya, and David

Dolvett sits and talks with Ruben. He wants to know why he is there. Ruben has been on a roller coaster. He lost 100 lbs. He got married. He got divorced in the same year. He's tired of being "Big Ruben". "My mama didn't name me BIG"  Dolvett tells him that they are going to put the 'Big' behind them.

*Subway commercial featuring Danni and Cortney*

Dolvett tells the Red team that their common denominator is their Strength. 

The White team admits that they don't have any big name contestants, but they are small and quiet like a snake in the grass.

Chelsea is 28 years old and on the Blue team. When she was 11 her father became an alcoholic. She took on the role of the parent to him and put her needs aside.

Jillian tells her team that they need to find their "Why". She tells them to be proud of themselves. She likes her team. This may be her favorite team ever.

So now it's time for the Weigh In.

Allison drops the news. There is no yellow line. There is only a red line. So the person with the lowest percentage on the losing team is going home. There will be no vote. But, there is a chance. Each trainer will get 1 Trainer save this season.

*Commercial - Featuring past winner Olivia for  This is for Overactive bladders. 

Before the first person steps on the scale, Jillian tells her team not to rely on her save.

First up, The Blue Team.
Holley started the week at 351 lbs. She now weighs 335 lbs for a total loss of 16 lbs.
Hap started the week at 403 lbs. He now weighs 386 lbs for a total loss of 17lbs. 
Chelsea started the week at 241 lbs. She now weighs 229 lbs for a total loss of 12 lbs.
Matt started the week at 356 lbs. He now weighs 333 lbs for a total loss of 23 lbs. 
Bobby started the week at 358 lbs. He now weighs 338 lbs for a total loss of 20 lbs.
Total: 88 lbs - 5.15%

The Red Team is next. They need to lose more than 85 lbs.
Ruben (called Hollywood by his team) started the week at 462 lbs. He now weighs 441 lbs for a total loss of 21 lbs.
Jennifer started the week at 266 lbs. She now weighs 255 lbs for a total loss of 11 lbs.
Tanya started the week at 262 lbs. She now weighs 246 lbs for a total loss of 16 lbs.
Rachel started the week at 260 lbs. She now weighs 239 lbs for a total loss of 21 lbs.
David (Needs to lose more than 16 lbs) started the week at 409 lbs. He now weighs 371 lbs for a total loss of 38 lbs.  
Total: 107 lbs - 6.45%

The Blue team is nervous. Hap is doing the math and he has the smallest percentage on his team.

It's time for The White Team. They need to lose more than 77 lbs.

Tumi started the week at 319 lbs. She now weighs 305 lbs for a total loss of 14 lbs.
Fernanda started the week at 250 lbs. She now weighs 238 lbs for a total loss of 12 lbs.
Marie started the week at 249 lbs. She now weighs 240 lbs for a total loss of 9 lbs.
Jay started the week at 297 lbs. He now weighs 274 lbs for a total loss of 23 lbs.
Craig (Needs to lose more than 19 lbs) started the week at 385 lbs. He now weighs 372 lbs for a total loss of 13 lbs. 
Total: 71 lbs - 4.74%

Craig is below the Red line. "I came here feeling like I could be a leader. I turn out to be the weakest link."

Jillian uses her Trainer Save. He worked hard. She knew that.

Looks like it's going to be a good season.
Have a Blessed Night.
****Please note****

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Random Wednesday: Biggest Loser, BBQ, and Bondibands

Happy Random Wednesday once again,

Big shout out to myself!  I uninstalled Bejeweled from my phone. YEAH!  I have so many other things I need to do. No game playing. I did leave magic 8-ball on there though. I still have lots of questions.


Very excited to have The Biggest Loser back. I made sure to leave the gym with plenty of time to get home in time. Planet Fitness was celebrating the premiere with free bags of Fit Popcorn. I didn't take a bag.

I did take my notes and I will do a recap this week. Spoiler: I love all of the contestants.


Sunday after church I stopped by Starbucks for my free drink before the reward expired. Across the street was a fundraising BBQ.  I paced back and forth a bunch while I was waiting for my drink. I wanted BBQ. I had food at home though. When I passed by the first time there was no line, but as I was driving back there was one. I kept going. I will get some BBQ this weekend in Virginia...mmm...BBQ...

So one of the snacks that we got after the race this weekend was a little packet of Dole Real Fruit Bites. My packs were apples dusted in yogurt. O to the M to the G! I HEART THEM!  STOCKING STUFFERS!!!!


So I don't know what's going on, but my gym crushes are a bust lately. Honestly, for months they were were my motivation to get to the gym. If I wanted to go home and veg out I would find myself going to the gym just to see them. I have only seen one regularly for a month and he doesn't do it for me any more.

Argh...I need to fix this.


So I mentioned recently that there was a big announcement at work. We were acquired. Right now it's "business as usual" except for one thing...I asked when we were getting yoga again. I was told to keep thinking positive. Um....Don't Take My Yoga from me!!!  Seriously, now is the time to provide yoga.


Tuesday was the BEST Day!  It was the day that I had been waiting for for YEARS!  The 3rd installment of the Bridget Jones series came out. I had pre-ordered it for my kindle. I happened to wake up at midnight when it transferred's killing me to not read it. But, I have to finish the two books I am reading now first. I cannot be reading three at once.

So I mentioned that I already had my team put together for the marathon relay for next year. I thought it was even lengths, but I was wrong. Some are 5 miles and some are 7. The ones that are 5 are mostly up hill. I have volunteered for either of the 7s. haha. I'm no dummy!


Does anyone else have Thanksgiving on the brain?


So it's no secret that I am a Nascar fan. It's no secret that I am a Tony Stewart fan. (Tony Stewart CALL ME!). But, I have recently become a secret Jimmie Johnson fan. Why? Because he's a runner. Good Lord I am easy.


I wore my bondiband at the gym last night. LUVS IT! LUVS IT! LUVS IT!  I want to get more. I will order a bunch of solid color ones. Stocking stuffers!!!


Today a dear friend of mine told me that she is ready to change her lifestyle. She has 3 kids and wants to be healthier for them. I love this girl so much and I am so excited for this new journey for her. We are in this together Lady!


Have a Blessed Night.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My new title: Toddler Whisperer

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

I'm still a few posts behind. I haven't forgotten that I still want to tell you about the Celebration of Life Service for my Uncle Joe.  But, I have cute cute pictures of the girls from last weekend and they just make me giggle. I cannot wait to go back up in December. We're going to see Santa!

I arrived around lunch time on Friday. My little pal Miss Olivia was just getting up from her nap. This time she took a little longer to warm up to me, but as soon as we had lunch we got ready to go to the Farm. There is a farm about an hour away with hay rides, pumpkins, animals, and more. Miss Olivia loves their little train. I helped her get ready and in no time we were BFFs once again.

So as I said, the farm is about an hour away. We probably should have double checked the weather report.  It was nice for the whole ride, but then as soon as we arrived the black sky loomed above us. Hopefully we could get a train ride or two in before the rain came. When we arrived the hay ride was going on so the train was on hold. Naturally I checked out the snack stand: hot dogs, caramel apples, apple cider donuts (which I could smell...mmm), moon pies, cookies, hot apple cider, apple cider slushies, etc.  I resisted, but I would be back. I also scoped out the bathroom liquids for me!

Finally the little train started loading. Munchkins only. It was a small track and only looped a few times, but it was cute. All of the kids were excited. Because the weather didn't look so hot the Conductor took them on an extra lap.  As soon as the ride was over it started to sprinkle. And it got cold.

Hmm...cold and rainy on a farm what is a girl to do? One hot cider please! Oh it was least the 3 sips or so that I had were. After that I was attacked by bees and ran around in circles like a lunatic dropping my cider and still they didn't leave...until it started to rain harder.

We took refuge in the barn...which we first thought would be fun for the girls, but really just turned into a smelly building. Ick. We waited out the rain and then headed over to the store. On the way I bought a soda (apple cider was ruined for me at that point) and a half moon pie, homemade.

I was like a little kid in a candy store in the Farm store. So many hand crafted items. I loved their mittens and ended up buying a pair of soft fuzzy fingerless mittens. I also got a fleece pillow for my nephew's first birthday. I wanted some fudge, but somehow I talked myself out of it.

We left the craft store and headed to the area where the pumpkins were. I told Miss Olivia she could pick out a pumpkin for me. Unfortunately, it was raining again and we didn't want to go outside to pick one. We stayed in the covered area with all of the goodies and treats. Pretty much chocolate covered everything.

They got a half moon pie too and we went to the eating area to live it up. They were yummy, but oh man I felt that sugar rush. Not good when you are stuck inside. Miss Olivia dropped her napkin and needed help getting down from her bench. Aunt Jennie to the rescue!  I ran around the table and swooped her up and spun her around a few times. She loved it and I loved the arm workout. And then I remembered to pick up the napkin. I had sugar to burn so I spun her a few more times.

The farm would be closing soon so we decided to go home. We had some dinner and got ready for bed. Miss Olivia wanted me to help her with her bath. She's not a big fan of someone else washing her hair or brushing her teeth, but she was a trooper and let Mama do it.

Saturday morning Ms. Carol and I got up early and went to Zumba. We worked up a nice sweat and came home for showers and breakfast. Miss Olivia and I played a little more and then it was time for her nap. She was very upset and thought that Ms. Carol and I would be having lots of fun without her. I promised her that I would nap too. So we went in and I read her a story and she went down for a nap. I took it as a time of rest and read for a little while.

When nap time was over we got everyone ready to go to Grandma and Grandpa's. The kids would have some time with them and Ms. Carol and I would have some kid-free time.  My job when I am there is to carry little Ms. Sophia in her car seat to give Ms. Carol a break. Another good arm workout.

While we were starving, our first order of business was to go to the wine store for something for later. haha. We also stopped by the drug store because the lady at the wine store said the one we picked goes great with chocolate. Sold!  Also, we looked for my workout headbands for Ms. Carol. They didn't have any.

Then we went to a new restaurant on Main street. It was a little late so it was a little empty. The menu included burgers and paninis. There was no time to look for any place else, my belly couldn't take it. I needed food!  So we ordered the burgers. They came with fried zucchini sticks (5 of them) and a side salad.

After lunch we walked over to my favorite store when I go up there. They have the best yarn. Now I am on a total yarn freeze for 2013 since I have so much and haven't been knitting that much (thanks to all of that studying I did this year).  But, I couldn't help it. I found some that I loved.

Then it was time to go get the girls. I missed them!  It was hot out. Really HOT. So we stopped for ice cream. Miss Olivia got her own little cup of soft serve with sprinkles. It was so cute. It was the size of a dixie cup. I should have done that. But I got an adult size one that was ridiculously huge. I forgot about that when I ordered it.

We couldn't goof around to much because the Syracuse football game was on tv. I rarely get to see them and this was a Big game. We were dressed in blue and got orange bows for our hair. Miss Olivia and I matched. We were too cute.

By the time we got home to watch it was not even close. My boys had scored and weren't giving up, but they were playing the #3 team in the country. I wasn't expecting a win, but I was hoping for a good game. Except for the score it was.  To stick with our color theme we only ate Orange colored food so we snacked on Carrots.

After the game we watched some of Miss Olivia's shows and had dinner. When she was told it was time to get ready for bed she asked if I could give her a bath. It wasn't a bath night, but who argues when a toddler voluntarily asks for a bath?  She even let me wash her hair without fighting me and let me brush her teeth. Ms. Carol asked if I could come for every bed time. I would happily sign on for nanny duty! 

For bed time we read all four books that I brought up on my last trip. They are her favorite. She even asked if I would sleep with her. awwww...I would have except there really wasn't that much room for me.

Sunday morning Ms. Carol had a wonderful breakfast scheduled for us. It was a granola-oatmeal-marmalade breakfast. And it was YUMMMMMMY. The best part is that I got to play with the girls while she prepared it. We played out on the porch. We played with blocks and painted and just had a sweet old time.   Miss Olivia wanted a snack and got a granola bar the she offered to share with me. awww...she's so cute.

This time I mentioned that I wanted a nap too. So that meant it was okay for her to take one. We read our books again and this time I showered and really did fall asleep for a little bit. ahhh...I love naps.

When we got up we snacked on hummus and chips. We had plans to go to the park for some swinging and slides. Miss Olivia requested that baby sister and Mama stay home. She just wanted to go with me. We decided that she and I would walk over and then Ms. Carol would get Miss Sophia ready to come in a little bit.

So we headed out and walked through the leaves and around the corner to the park. We got on the seesaw and the swings, but she really wanted the slides. Sadly, the first slide she went in was a little wet so once her bottom got wet it made it difficult for her to "slide". I had to stifle my giggles because it took her forever to get down each one. Not much sliding going on. It was more scooch-like.

Ms. Carol and Miss Sophia arrived and we realized what time it was. I had to leave in an hour. *Insert sad face* so we had to go back so that I could pack up. We could walk around the block again or walk through the grass path that was a straight shot. We went that way and almost immediately Miss Independent asked me to carry her. Aww...we snuggled and walked and I started to get sad. I didn't want to leave. My little girlfriend came upstairs to help me pack. I needed a few trips to carry everything downstairs and she started to get upset that I left the room. So I told her to count to ten and I would be back down. I hauled it up the stairs. Nice cardio workout.

When we started loading the car I had promised that we would get out my hula hoop. That was an epic fail. It is perfect for me, but way too big for her. I told her we would have to go get her one so she went to climb in my car. I got her out and we made a new game out of it: Put all of the leaves in the front yard in the hoop. That was fun.  Guess I am bringing up a hula hoop next time.

So we went inside for a few more pictures.  Ms. Carol was worried about a meltdown after I left, but really I think she needed to worry about me more. I started tearing up and crying at the thought of leaving. Little Miss Independent was my little snuggle bug. She took to me like no other. It was so cute. If I had a car seat I would have brought her home for a week.

I love these girls and it was very easy for me to carry them around and watch them while Ms. Carol was able to doing things around the house. I love her too (our pictures didn't really turn out so well), but I am crazy for these girls. The plans are coming into place for my move back to North Carolina. It's going to happen sooner than I anticipated. Leaving these girls may kill me. I will be putting on the frequent flier mileage for sure. It's too far of a drive for a weekend, but if I need to get a part time job for plane ticket fares it will be worth it. 

So all in all it wasn't the healthiest of weekends, but we're going to focus on the positive. While meal choices were not the best, there was very little snacking. And what we did snack on was healthy. We also drank our water and stayed very active all weekend. We'll do better next time.

Have a Blessed Night.

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Baltimore Running Festival: Part 2

Happy Monday Bleeps!

I enjoy a good race day as much as the next person, but I seriously dislike when that alarm goes off at 4am. I snoozed a bit. Perhaps too much. We were walking out of the door when I saw my reflection and realized that I had forgotten to put any make up on. DOH!  Not gonna be taking a lot of pre-race photos let me tell ya!

I wasn't sure what to wear for the day. The forecast was for rain and I'm pretty sure I saw animals in pairs heading to the Inner Harbor the day before. Cold and rainy. Fun stuff. I opted for the Pink theme for October. I wore my long sleeved 'Fight Like A Girl' hot pink top, my black pleated skirt, and my hot pink running knee socks. I also wore my black and hot pink- pink ribbon Reebok RealFlex. Hair in pig tails with a hot pink head band. I didn't wear any of my new ones because I hadn't worn them before and didn't want to be messing with them while running. I did pack a sweatshirt and sweatpants for the car ride home.

So my plan for the weekend was to knit on the ride to and from Baltimore each day. It's a good hour plus to kill. This worked on Friday...but um...I sort of forgot that it's pitch black at 5:30am...and it was cloudy so it didn't lighten up until we were pulling in to Baltimore. Doh.

I struggle mightily with morning runs. Hydration is key, but I have to pee so quickly once I start drinking water and I have this fear of port-o-potties. So my new rule is to hydrate the day before, limit my water in the morning, and carry a bottle of water with me during the race. That way I am hydrating as I go.

I still had to go a little when we got there...argh...but we were in the middle of the city. I had hope. Things got infinitely better when I realized that the walkway behind the outfield in Camden Yards was open. It was the last stretch of all of the races...I could use an actual bathroom. Could I BE any happier? Nope!  :-)

I told them that if it came down to it and I had to use the facilities towards the end of the race that I was pulling in and using those bathrooms again. Time be damned I did not care. I will do anything not to use a port-o-potty.

 The Running Festival included a 5k, a half marathon, a relay marathon, and a full marathon.  The Full and Relay started first. The 5k started from the same spot 15 minutes later. And the Half marathon started 1:45 later a few blocks away. All of the races finished by the stadiums.

We took a bag to bag check and on the way to the starting line we were held up because the buses for the relay teams were heading out. That was kind of cool to watch. We also saw several of the wheelchair racers on their way to the starting line. Mad respect for them!

It was fun to watch the Relay and Full Marathoners take off. One day that will be me. In the meantime, I am more than happy to cheer them on.

Okay, so the question is: would I wear my headphones or not? I really wrestled with this. It wasn't forbidden, just discouraged. By wearing them I would forfeit any award that I would win. hahahahaha...well I think it's pretty safe to say that I wasn't winning any so it was a sacrifice that I was willing to make. They wanted us to be able to enjoy the crowd experience and I did. I don't have to listen to an ear splitting level, I just need a beat to pace me.  Besides, I saw lots of other rule breakers. I felt okay with this decision.

This was a very full race. Over 4000 people.  It took us forever to find a spot to sneak in. We were definitely starting towards the back, but there was still plenty of people behind us. In general, the way races work the slower people start in the back. There were so many people in this one that it didn't happen. It took me the first mile, up hill, to get past most of the walkers. This was fine by me. My plan was for a light run. I was very worried about opening the blister on the base of my toe. It was not worth a good time. Besides, if I ended up opening it, then the chances are that I would slow down considerably at that point.

Basically, I felt like this was God's way of slowing me down. Besides, I saw so many amazing things. I literally lost count of the number of visually impaired people I saw walking with canes. I saw many people pushing walkers (physical walkers, not walking people) who had problems with their legs. You know I cried. How amazing and inspiring. I did stop and talk to a few people and cheered them on.

This race was full of people of all shapes and sizes and all levels of abilities. It was a true example of just how capable we are if only we make that effort. For every one of you who sit there and say "I can't do that" I am telling you right now that you are wrong.  The goal is not to finish the fastest. The goal is to finish. There were unassisted legally blind individuals walking this 5k. Don't even think of looking me in the eye and telling me that you can't do it. Because I know that you can!

The first half of the race was all up hill. That was fun. For the most part it was a straight shot. There were a few lateral moves that sent us through intersections with cars waiting for us to pass. That was great. These people were taking pictures and waving and cheering us on. Gotta love that.

I walked one block. That was the steepest one. I just had a panic attack about my calf issues. As soon as that block was over it was pretty much all down hill...ahhhh.

Am I glad that I was listening to my music? YES. Once again in a clutch moment "Let's See How Far We've Come" came on with a half mile to go. That is all of the motivation I need to kick it up. I was moving faster and faster and saw that finish line in no time.

It wasn't my personal best, but it was in the range. Between the hills, the people, and the keeping it light I was right around where I wanted to be. And I was thirsty. after the finish line we had a little walk and then had to turn the corner to Celebration Village. All I kept thinking was "WHERE IS THE WATER????"  It really wasn't that far, but I'm used to someone handing me water right at the finish line.   I was happy to find the water and had almost forgotten that we got medals too. haha.

After I got my water and medal I got in one of the long lines for food. That's when it started to sprinkle. Nothing big, just enough to cool me off. I got my half of a bagel and half of an orange. Then it was time to grab my bags of pretzels, my dried fruit, my power bars, my gatorade, and my fruit cups. I was running out of hands and didn't really have anywhere to put the powerbars went in my pants and the dried fruit got shoved down my bra. Man, I needed a bag.

At this point my body temp was dropping considerably and it was getting colder. I walked over and grabbed one of the silver wraps they had for us. Too bad I didn't have an extra hand to wrap it around my shoulders. 

I met up with Heather and Xavier in with all of the vendors. Free coffee. Free cereal. Coupons galore. There was music. There was carnival food. The Ravens cheerleaders were there for pictures. There were bouncy games for kids. It was fun.

We had all taken a spin on the chick-fil-a wheel and won coupons for free items. Except that had to be used in the Baltimore area...hmmm...

Soon it was time to go. We headed back to the car and came across someone giving out free bags. I dislodged the food from my clothing and was then able to finally wrap myself in the wrap. ahhh...getting better.

This was a HUGE Running Festival pretty much taking over the whole city. The marathon ran the perimeter and therefore blocked many of the ways out of the city. Security was amazing, but there were some moments that gave me a pause. Several times I saw large amounts of policemen running in the same direction. Everything worked out okay though.

Before we got to the car I was able to see one of the wheelchairs headed towards the finish line. He was about to finish in just over 2 hours. Now I have a lot of faith in my legs to hold out for me for that long, but I can't even imagine using my arms like that for 2 hours. #AMAZING.

So we got stuck in that traffic trying to leave. It took us a long time to get out. We had snacks, but we were hungry. Once we were on I-95 we quickly pulled over and used our chick-fil-a coupons...ahhh...FOOD!

It was a long day and we were pooped when we got home. I needed to run to the store at some point. I could technically wait until Sunday, but I wanted to go get some things. I knew that I would not go out if I showered first. And so I went. Stinkiness and all. The funny thing is that there was this pretty good looking dude smiling at me and all I kept thinking was "if you like me now, you should totally see me after a shower!" hahaha.

I was ready for bed by 7:30 pm.  Heather was out too. We had zero energy. It's weird. I could run a 5k every day and be fine, but it's the excitement of big races that drain you. You feed off of the energy of everyone around and that's amazing...but then comes the crash. I didn't really fight it. I gave in and was asleep by 8pm. Totally worth it though.  I've already put together my Relay team for the Marathon for next year :-)

Have a Blessed Night.

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