Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm exhausted...time to pamper myself

Happy Friday Bleeps!

Can I get a Woo Woo for Friday?????  Oh thank goodness. I am seriously ready for this weekend.

This has been an exhausting week. I enjoyed my time with my family last weekend, but when I go away I generally get home late Sunday night. Then I have to unload, unpack, and prep my food for the next day. Mondays are pretty much ridiculously long and painful. I am very tired.

This week I was adament about hitting the weights.  So Monday and Tuesday were about the weights. And then Wednesday was about the distance. I have decided that I am alternating walking and running distance weeks. I need to keep up my endurance walking pace in case of injury.  I got a little too excited that this week was a walking week.

I'm tired. I know you hear it all of the time, but it's true. I need some more relax time. That's different than Rest Days. Rest days mean no workouts, but that doesn't mean real rest. How soon is that cruise???? (not til next year)

So after my distance night I am toast the next day. It's hard when you get in bed within a couple hours. The muscles tighten up. Makes me look like John Wayne when I walk.  I have made it a little better by packing my shower bag and showering at the gym after the distance. Luckily the showers aren't that gross. It feels good on the muscles and I don't have to talk myself into it when I get home. I've also taken to stopping at Subway for a footlong that night. Half for dinner and half for lunch the next day. Ahh...this week it was the Tuscan chicken. So really I can just pack my gym bag for the next day and that's all I have to do besides blog when I get home. AND I'm even throwing several outfits in the gym bag on Monday so really I just have to put in a new water bottle, protein bar, and sneakers. I'm getting good at this.

Ms, Tracey and I have been walking during a couple of lunches a week too so that's been nice. Getting my mileage in.  We walked yesterday which was nice and then in the afternoon my brain got overloaded. It's not even Halloween yet and I'm feeling overwelmed. I am literally booked every weekend between now and 2014. Every weekend includes travel for at least an hour each way, but mostly they are for 2 to 4 a drive to Florida.

*Side note: Happy Birthday to my sweet snugglebug nephew. Dominic turns 1 today.

Okay so back to yesterday. I started thinking about things I need to do for these weekends and stuff I need to get. I immediately thought that I would skip the gym and go to the mall for some shopping (Christmas, wedding, and birthday presents). I have even convinced myself that I would get a massage. Then I sat myself down and negotiated. I would go to the gym. It didn't need to be a heavy heavy night, but I would go. And I could get a free hydromassage there. If I did that, then I would spend saturday pampering myself. I had originally planned on going to the park for another distance day. But, I am cutting it down to a small run. Then I shall go get a mani/pedi. And the place I want to go to happens to be across from Dress Barn. I am going to a wedding next weekend. I would like a new dress.

I will be a big girl. I need to get my hair cut. I have put it off (it's been 6 months) since I was so traumatized last time. But, I need the ends cut and I don't want to scare the other guests.  Plus, I have to chemically enhance it. I think I'll even relax with a movie and some sparkling wine.

I had also planned on going through all of my clothes, shoes, and pocketbooks this weekend. I need to purge. If I am out all day then I will just do it next Sunday.  It's been on my list of things to do for months. I am itching to get rid of things.

OH I checked and I am going to order the white jacket from Kohl's online...they have mediums. I love this jacket! It was rough to wear today though. I can't eat in it for fear of spilling things.

Ms. Tracey and I decided that we wanted to go out to lunch today. It had been a long time since we have done that. Yesterday we narrowed it down to Saladworks and Panera...Panera won.  I haven't been in a while so I got online to see if they had anything new...the first thing I saw was picture of a new salad and soup for the pick two. Roasted Turkey Harvest Wheatberry Salad.  Looks good, but what's in it?  All-natural, antibiotic-free roasted turkey, field greens, romaine lettuce, our wheatberry and pistachio blend and Gorgonzola cheese, tossed in our maple balsamic vinaigrette....Um you had me at MAPLE balsamic vinaigrette. And the soup? Vegetarian Autumn Squash Soup. Um...yes please.

So that's what I got. And a cookie. DAMN IT. Why do I do that? I picked a fantastically healthy and delicious lunch, and then I crumble with a cookie. Pun intended.  I get so mad at myself. I am doing this a lot. But, I am stressed. And I stress eat. I guess I should be happy that I stress sweet eat and not stress full meal blown eat. That's progress. It's still frustrating though. The belly isn't going anywhere as long as this continues. Cause my knees can't take additional running to burn it off. Tonight I had to run 4+ miles just to break even. I made it 5 just for good measure.

While we were at lunch Ms. Tracey we discussed my going through my clothes this week. I can't remember if I shared this or not because it's been a secret for a trimester, but Ms. Tracey is pregnant. :-) We're very excited. Anyway, a friend of hers asked if she had gotten her previous maternity clothes out yet. They aren't quite the right season so I asked "Why are you asking if I am going through my clothes? Do you want them for maternity clothes?" She laughed and said no. "I'll try not to be offended." She laughed again. It was just a reminder that she needed to go through her stuff too.

Going back to that soup...the delicious FANTASTIC soup...I want more. I'm thinking of making that my lunch tomorrow. It was fabulous on a cold day. And let me just say that it would make a lovely addition to Thanksgiving dinner as a great alternative to candied yams. Can you buy it by the pint? I need to learn to make this....hmmm do I have a day that I could do that?

Have a Blessed Night.

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