Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Random Wednesday: Sweaty bums, Cupcakes, and Push Ups

Happy Random Wednesday Y'all!

So this week Tony Stewart had his 3rd surgery on his broken leg. Let me state again: I am available as a personal nurse!  Tony Stewart: Call Me!


I forgot to mention some things about our Zumba day. Ms. Carol and I were discussing our sweat.  First off, the men's deodorant that I have been using has been making such a difference. YEAH!  But, my butt still sweats. Second, we discussed that we don't like to wear light colored leggings for working out because we don't want people to see our sweaty bums. And third, I told her about how I keep a towel in my car to sit on so that my seat doesn't get all sweaty.


After my couple weeks of being sick when I had things keeping me from the gym I got back on the exercise ball at work. I haven't been on it in a while because it hurts my knees with all of my running. It was nice to be on it, but my knees locked after long periods of time. At least I was working my core at work!


Sunday night I met up with former Work Husband, Phil, and his fiance, Jen, for dinner. They are getting married next month and I hadn't seen them in a while.  I asked them about their wedding plans. What's for dinner? And more importantly, what kind of cake will there be????

They will be having cupcakes make by a bakery that was on Cupcake wars. They still have to make the decision on the flavors and of course I offered to help. I looked up the website and just about died. I picked out a blueberry/lemon one, a mimosa one, a malibu baybreeze one...I'm getting hungry.

The odd thing, is that they don't just sell cupcakes, they also sell


So tonight was my first distance training night for my next big race. I have less than 8 weeks to get ready. I wanted to just make it a walking night. So I walked 8 miles. It was a great pace. It was also painful.

Before I even started my knee was swollen. ARGH. And as I was walking I could feel my sneaker rubbing on my toe. When I finished I limped back to the mats for stretching and push ups. My foot was burning. It is time to retire the sneakers. I have a big blister on the bottom of my foot. Just in time for the Running Festival this weekend. ARGH.

Dear Santa, I would like a new pair of sneakers please. Luckily I have others to rotate through, but I will need a new pair before the next race.


Mr. Wil went to Hawaii last week. So excited that he brought me back a Waikiki Starbucks mug. Woo Woo. He also brought back two boxes of Hawaiian chocolate.  I was not happy with my eating last week so I resisted it.

Don't be too proud. I was still eating a bar of the Columbian chocolate. I also somehow bought a 3 Musketeers bar at the checkout line at Walmart. Argh.


A friend was recently visiting with her family. She doesn't get to see them often and was telling me how seeing them motivates her to be healthy. Not because they are healthy, but because they aren't. She realizes how important it is to eat right and stay active. Any motivation is a good motivation!


Yesterday I was planning on going out at lunch. I need to get some new shoes for work. Our power went out in the morning and we started running on the generator. Then we got the email that the power was out in the area. That mean that the traffic lights were out too. Ugh. It's not easy to get out of the parking lot without a light. So I stayed in.

Then later they told us that we were not able to make a left because they blocked the road. A few minutes later they told us that the right was blocked too. In fact, if we went out and tried to return to the office we could receive a ticket from the police. I spent my lunch hour reading and then I got antsy. I wanted to eat something. For no reason. But, being told we couldn't go anywhere made me want to eat. There is no rationale behind it. I wasn't in danger. I should be at my desk working anyway. No reason. Just wanted to eat because I was told I couldn't go anywhere. Dumb.


My push up challenge is coming along. I'm doing well and my arms look amazing. I have no idea when I will actually see my challenge buddy, but I will be ready for him!  Today I told him that I planned on 8 miles tonight and then I would do 100 push ups. He challenged me to 200. I was only able to do 100 at the gym. My hands were swollen from my miles. Fear not though, I knocked out another 100 when I got home. BRING IT MISTER!

Have a Blessed Night.

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