Saturday, October 26, 2013

Spa Pedicure + Massage Chair + Bridget Jones = Heaven

Hello My Lovelies and Gents,

I hope you are all enjoying your Halloween festivities.

I am struggling with all of these sweet temptations. Somehow I have avoided actual Halloween candy, but that's just driving me into the arms of the regular chocolate bars and cookies.  I'm not looking forward to Halloween night. Not at all. I always eat some. I'm stressed and I'm stress eating sweets which is stressing me more. And so this is when I tell you that I am not eating any more sweets for 2013. Except for special occasions (Weddings, birthdays, and Holidays). Generally I am good about something if I put it in the blogisphere. I don't want to tell you I failed, so I won't do it.

I know that I didn't declare it before the day started, but I had it in my mind that I was going to do this and so it began today. A day when I was shopping and eating out all day...nice timing Jennifer.

Today was my pamper me day. I woke up early...even though I was allowing myself to sleep in. Darn sunlight slipped through my curtains.  Also, I might have been a little excited about a pamper me day.

So I got up, got ready, and headed out. My first stop was at the library to pick up the book for next month's book club. And then it was off to Kohl's. When I walked in the door I found the White Jacket in a medium..back on the original sale price. Woo woo!  Grabbed it. Then I had to pass by the displays of Godiva chocolates. Be strong!

I was there looking for a dress for the wedding. I had in my head that I wanted a sweater dress that I could wear with tights. So I looked through some dresses. I took a Jennifer Lopez dress in, a couple Vera Wangs, and a slim fitting Daisy Fuentes.

I wanted to cry. They either looked too tight or too huge. I did enjoy how my butt looked in the JLo dress, but that's the only thing I liked in it. I was not feeling good. I hate dressing rooms.

So I went on a mission looking for socks for mom. Found em!  Then I went over to the toy section looking for something for nephew. Nothing. But, I did find something for the soon-to-be-marrieds!  Not in the toy section.

On my way to the registers I had to pass by my FAVORITE Holiday treat: Peppermint Bark. After the awful experience in the fitting room I wanted some BAD. But, I resisted.

I was getting hungry, but I wanted to make a quick stop at target before I went to lunch.  I was in there for 10 minutes and avoided the Starbucks in there. I also avoided all of the $1 chocolates.

Okay, while I am on this side of the street I'll just run in to Bed Bath and Beyond too. Real Quick. While I was out I was looking for a tea infuser for Ms. Liz. So I popped in there for a minute. I didn't find the tea infuser, but I did find a Christmas present for Grandmom. You're gonna love it Grandmom!  I also found another gift for the soon-to-be-marrieds. The line was long so I decided to make another loop around. Not looking for anything, but using it as exercise.  Shopping all day doesn't count if you're mostly standing still.

The problem is that the looping kept taking me past the chocolates. Bah.

By now I'm starving so I head over to Panera. It's a chilly day and I want more of that Squash soup in a bread bowl. The line is out the door though. Denied!

I had been trying to decide between two different places for my mani/pedi. I had good experiences at both, but quickly decided on one because it was next to Tropical Smoothie and I could get lunch there. I ordered a thai wrap. My side options were: chips, banana, or cookie. I already had a banana this morning, but I took another one. No cookies!

I ate my lunch while reading Bridget Jones on my kindle. It was lovely. And when I was done I walked next door.

There was no wait. I just had to pick out my nail polish. Now my original plan was to get my nails done at the end of the day. I would know the color of the dress. I wouldn't take a chance messing them up while trying stuff on. And I would end the day relaxed.

So now I had no idea what color to get. My mind was on a black dress and I found a red glittery nail polish. Festive!  That's what I wanted.

When I got back to the pedicure chair they asked if I wanted a regular one or a spa one. I've only had one spa one before in my life and I enjoyed it. And I realized that I have not had a pedicure in 2013. I've talked about it, but I just haven't because I always had a race coming up. It's a pamper me day. I took the spa.

I selected the peppermint/spearmint one. I love mint. Just smelling it relaxed me. I put the massage chair on and got out my book. I think that's what heaven must feel like. The spa pedicure included a rock massage and a 10 minute leg/foot massage.

I beat the tar out of my legs this year. the muscles in my big toe were sore when she massaged them. My TOE muscles were sore!  I almost proposed to her while she was massaging my calves. The only thing that was super tender were the muscles around my knees. I wasn't surprised, but I didn't like the reminder. I eventually put my book away and just closed my eyes and relaxed. It was so nice.

I noticed that there were other people getting shoulders massages too. Lucky!  Soon it was time to take care of my nails. My cuticles were a mess. I was happy to let someone take care of them. I LOVED the nail polish. So I asked if they had a bottle for purchase. They will check.

When the nails were done I moved over to the drying area. And then I got a neck massage. Seriously! I am never going anywhere else. I guess it was part of the Spa treatment. Ahhh.... They couldn't find another bottle of the polish, so they sold me the one they used for a couple bucks. I'm good with that.

Okay so now I had two more stops. The first was to go to Dress Barn. I love Dress Barn, but mostly I buy summer dresses. Not sure what they will have. I had checked it out online and there was a black halter dress that I loved that I wanted to try. Sadly, I loved another halter dress there previously, but it looked hideous on me.

I found some sweater dresses and a few dresses on the sale rack, including the halter dress. My fitting room was opened and I had 9 dresses to choose from.  The first dress was a teal sweat dress. It was okay, but not stunning. Then it went down hill from there. Bah. The next 5 were not good. So I swapped out the 6 I had for the additional 3. Those were the 3 from the sale rack.

The first was a cute purple dress. I wasn't keen on purple with red polish, but it was on sale. The dress was good. Not great, but it was in the lead. Then I tried on the black dress. it just me or does it look good? I kind of look really hot in it. My shoulders look fantastic, but is it too tight?  So I tried on the size bigger. Nope, not as hot.  SOLD!

The neck is gold and I don't really wear gold so I looked at their earrings. Found some. And black tights. I love love love this dress. And mama will be doing some more push ups just to emphasize those shoulders.

The neck line is high and I fear it will catch on my hair, even if I get it cut. So I am going to try and pull it up with a clip or do something to keep it off of my neck. The hair cut will need to wait. I need all of the length that I can get.

My last stop for the night was a quick run to Target. I needed some peanut butter and bananas. And since I didn't make it to Panera I picked up some Panera Tomato Bisque soup for dinner. Thank you Target!  I only wish they had the squash. Oh well.

I selected the aisle that was candy free. It was longer, but I didn't care. I also skipped the Starbucks again. It was late in the day and I didn't need the caffeine.

My legs feel goooooood. I am not going to let 11 months go by before my next spa pedicure. That's for darn sure. If only it wouldn't be appropriate to ask her to massage my butt too.

Oh and GO ME! I resisted temptation all day!. HOLLA!
Have a Blessed Night

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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