Monday, October 7, 2013

My First Zumba Experience

Happy Monday Bleeps!

I had a wonderful weekend. I took my laptop with me when I went for my visit with Ms. Carol and the girls, but as it tends to happen on my weekends away, I never even turned it on. Goodness I cannot even tell you how much I enjoy that. This past week on Parks & Recreation Ron tried to go "off the grid" that's how I feel when I go away.

So much happened this weekend that was nice that it will have to be a couple posts. One of the highlights of the trip was our Saturday morning. Ms. Carol has started going to Zumba on Saturday mornings at the YMCA and wanted me to go with her.

I had to figure out what to wear. I wanted something to move with me and so I opted for my running skirt with the pleats. I also packed two shirts. One was my tight "Big or Small, Save Em All" shirt and one was a plain white t-shirt that had a little more room.  I had planned on my pink knee socks if I wore the Breast Cancer shirt.

It was HOT and I was told there is no air conditioning, only fans. So I opted for the plain white shirt. But, here's the fun part of the morning. I was able to get my hair in braids again! HOLLA!  Tiny braids, but they were there. My hair was wet and in braids so that helped cool me down.

I wish I had worn my other shirt. When we walked in the room was full of pink shirts. It's October: Feel Your Boobies Ladies!  It was very nice to see everyone wearing pink. Very heart warming. And it wasn't just plain pink shirts. There were specific Breast Cancer awareness shirts.

So when I got dressed I originally just tucked my drawstring in so that I wouldn't look like I had an outie, but after one song I quickly tied it up. My cute little skirt was falling down.  Ms. Carol said that the skirt looked cute during some of the songs. I was flipping it around. haha.

I liked the class. It was a lot of fun. Plus, they played a lot of country music which I was not prepared for. They also played a lot of Pitbull that I have on my running playlists. haha. Look, any chance I get to shake my thang I take it! I shake the girls. I shake the bootie. Shake Shake Shake!  I get my groove on. I can dance. Although I was pretty sure if there was a mirror, I wouldn't have looked half as cool as I thought I was. haha. Ms. Carol said I looked good though so we'll take it.

I had a slight wardrobe malfunction, although I'm not sure that's what you would call it. I don't usually put my sports bras on that early and I must have still been ahlf asleep when I got dressed. It wasn't quite tight enough. The girls were bouncing all over. So on a break I reached back and tightened the bra up a little. MUCH better.

I did sweat a little. Not a lot. I put on my mens deodorant before class. I also drank my 20 oz during the first half and filled it back up for the second half. It's all about hydration.

So there are a couple of things that I was concerned about with this class. The first: my knees. I knew I could modify any of the leg movements, but an hour of pounding is not good for them. I modified a few and I could feel them getting sore during class, but in all honesty, I hurt it on the final stretch. I'm not sure what happened. It was fine later in the day, but it was not happy with me at that moment.

My other concern is my lack of coordination. I can get something if I practice and practice and practice. But some movements really just don't flow for me. My coordination was severely tested. I squeaked by though. haha. No one got hurt.

The class was full of women and men of all shapes and sizes. Everyone kept moving at their own pace, but they kept moving.  It was a pleasant way to start our Saturday.

I can see becoming an instructor in the was fun. Of course my knees felt like crap at the gym tonight, but we'll make it work.

Have a Blessed Night.

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