Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My new title: Toddler Whisperer

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

I'm still a few posts behind. I haven't forgotten that I still want to tell you about the Celebration of Life Service for my Uncle Joe.  But, I have cute cute pictures of the girls from last weekend and they just make me giggle. I cannot wait to go back up in December. We're going to see Santa!

I arrived around lunch time on Friday. My little pal Miss Olivia was just getting up from her nap. This time she took a little longer to warm up to me, but as soon as we had lunch we got ready to go to the Farm. There is a farm about an hour away with hay rides, pumpkins, animals, and more. Miss Olivia loves their little train. I helped her get ready and in no time we were BFFs once again.

So as I said, the farm is about an hour away. We probably should have double checked the weather report.  It was nice for the whole ride, but then as soon as we arrived the black sky loomed above us. Hopefully we could get a train ride or two in before the rain came. When we arrived the hay ride was going on so the train was on hold. Naturally I checked out the snack stand: hot dogs, caramel apples, apple cider donuts (which I could smell...mmm), moon pies, cookies, hot apple cider, apple cider slushies, etc.  I resisted, but I would be back. I also scoped out the bathroom situation...port-o-potties...um...no liquids for me!

Finally the little train started loading. Munchkins only. It was a small track and only looped a few times, but it was cute. All of the kids were excited. Because the weather didn't look so hot the Conductor took them on an extra lap.  As soon as the ride was over it started to sprinkle. And it got cold.

Hmm...cold and rainy on a farm what is a girl to do? One hot cider please! Oh it was yummy...at least the 3 sips or so that I had were. After that I was attacked by bees and ran around in circles like a lunatic dropping my cider and still they didn't leave...until it started to rain harder.

We took refuge in the barn...which we first thought would be fun for the girls, but really just turned into a smelly building. Ick. We waited out the rain and then headed over to the store. On the way I bought a soda (apple cider was ruined for me at that point) and a half moon pie, homemade.

I was like a little kid in a candy store in the Farm store. So many hand crafted items. I loved their mittens and ended up buying a pair of soft fuzzy fingerless mittens. I also got a fleece pillow for my nephew's first birthday. I wanted some fudge, but somehow I talked myself out of it.

We left the craft store and headed to the area where the pumpkins were. I told Miss Olivia she could pick out a pumpkin for me. Unfortunately, it was raining again and we didn't want to go outside to pick one. We stayed in the covered area with all of the goodies and treats. Pretty much chocolate covered everything.

They got a half moon pie too and we went to the eating area to live it up. They were yummy, but oh man I felt that sugar rush. Not good when you are stuck inside. Miss Olivia dropped her napkin and needed help getting down from her bench. Aunt Jennie to the rescue!  I ran around the table and swooped her up and spun her around a few times. She loved it and I loved the arm workout. And then I remembered to pick up the napkin. I had sugar to burn so I spun her a few more times.

The farm would be closing soon so we decided to go home. We had some dinner and got ready for bed. Miss Olivia wanted me to help her with her bath. She's not a big fan of someone else washing her hair or brushing her teeth, but she was a trooper and let Mama do it.

Saturday morning Ms. Carol and I got up early and went to Zumba. We worked up a nice sweat and came home for showers and breakfast. Miss Olivia and I played a little more and then it was time for her nap. She was very upset and thought that Ms. Carol and I would be having lots of fun without her. I promised her that I would nap too. So we went in and I read her a story and she went down for a nap. I took it as a time of rest and read for a little while.

When nap time was over we got everyone ready to go to Grandma and Grandpa's. The kids would have some time with them and Ms. Carol and I would have some kid-free time.  My job when I am there is to carry little Ms. Sophia in her car seat to give Ms. Carol a break. Another good arm workout.

While we were starving, our first order of business was to go to the wine store for something for later. haha. We also stopped by the drug store because the lady at the wine store said the one we picked goes great with chocolate. Sold!  Also, we looked for my workout headbands for Ms. Carol. They didn't have any.

Then we went to a new restaurant on Main street. It was a little late so it was a little empty. The menu included burgers and paninis. There was no time to look for any place else, my belly couldn't take it. I needed food!  So we ordered the burgers. They came with fried zucchini sticks (5 of them) and a side salad.

After lunch we walked over to my favorite store when I go up there. They have the best yarn. Now I am on a total yarn freeze for 2013 since I have so much and haven't been knitting that much (thanks to all of that studying I did this year).  But, I couldn't help it. I found some that I loved.

Then it was time to go get the girls. I missed them!  It was hot out. Really HOT. So we stopped for ice cream. Miss Olivia got her own little cup of soft serve with sprinkles. It was so cute. It was the size of a dixie cup. I should have done that. But I got an adult size one that was ridiculously huge. I forgot about that when I ordered it.

We couldn't goof around to much because the Syracuse football game was on tv. I rarely get to see them and this was a Big game. We were dressed in blue and got orange bows for our hair. Miss Olivia and I matched. We were too cute.

By the time we got home to watch it was not even close. My boys had scored and weren't giving up, but they were playing the #3 team in the country. I wasn't expecting a win, but I was hoping for a good game. Except for the score it was.  To stick with our color theme we only ate Orange colored food so we snacked on Carrots.

After the game we watched some of Miss Olivia's shows and had dinner. When she was told it was time to get ready for bed she asked if I could give her a bath. It wasn't a bath night, but who argues when a toddler voluntarily asks for a bath?  She even let me wash her hair without fighting me and let me brush her teeth. Ms. Carol asked if I could come for every bed time. I would happily sign on for nanny duty! 

For bed time we read all four books that I brought up on my last trip. They are her favorite. She even asked if I would sleep with her. awwww...I would have except there really wasn't that much room for me.

Sunday morning Ms. Carol had a wonderful breakfast scheduled for us. It was a granola-oatmeal-marmalade breakfast. And it was YUMMMMMMY. The best part is that I got to play with the girls while she prepared it. We played out on the porch. We played with blocks and painted and just had a sweet old time.   Miss Olivia wanted a snack and got a granola bar the she offered to share with me. awww...she's so cute.

This time I mentioned that I wanted a nap too. So that meant it was okay for her to take one. We read our books again and this time I showered and really did fall asleep for a little bit. ahhh...I love naps.

When we got up we snacked on hummus and chips. We had plans to go to the park for some swinging and slides. Miss Olivia requested that baby sister and Mama stay home. She just wanted to go with me. We decided that she and I would walk over and then Ms. Carol would get Miss Sophia ready to come in a little bit.

So we headed out and walked through the leaves and around the corner to the park. We got on the seesaw and the swings, but she really wanted the slides. Sadly, the first slide she went in was a little wet so once her bottom got wet it made it difficult for her to "slide". I had to stifle my giggles because it took her forever to get down each one. Not much sliding going on. It was more scooch-like.

Ms. Carol and Miss Sophia arrived and we realized what time it was. I had to leave in an hour. *Insert sad face* so we had to go back so that I could pack up. We could walk around the block again or walk through the grass path that was a straight shot. We went that way and almost immediately Miss Independent asked me to carry her. Aww...we snuggled and walked and I started to get sad. I didn't want to leave. My little girlfriend came upstairs to help me pack. I needed a few trips to carry everything downstairs and she started to get upset that I left the room. So I told her to count to ten and I would be back down. I hauled it up the stairs. Nice cardio workout.

When we started loading the car I had promised that we would get out my hula hoop. That was an epic fail. It is perfect for me, but way too big for her. I told her we would have to go get her one so she went to climb in my car. I got her out and we made a new game out of it: Put all of the leaves in the front yard in the hoop. That was fun.  Guess I am bringing up a hula hoop next time.

So we went inside for a few more pictures.  Ms. Carol was worried about a meltdown after I left, but really I think she needed to worry about me more. I started tearing up and crying at the thought of leaving. Little Miss Independent was my little snuggle bug. She took to me like no other. It was so cute. If I had a car seat I would have brought her home for a week.

I love these girls and it was very easy for me to carry them around and watch them while Ms. Carol was able to doing things around the house. I love her too (our pictures didn't really turn out so well), but I am crazy for these girls. The plans are coming into place for my move back to North Carolina. It's going to happen sooner than I anticipated. Leaving these girls may kill me. I will be putting on the frequent flier mileage for sure. It's too far of a drive for a weekend, but if I need to get a part time job for plane ticket fares it will be worth it. 

So all in all it wasn't the healthiest of weekends, but we're going to focus on the positive. While meal choices were not the best, there was very little snacking. And what we did snack on was healthy. We also drank our water and stayed very active all weekend. We'll do better next time.

Have a Blessed Night.

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.


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