Sunday, October 27, 2013

Empty Bowls 2013

Hello Beautiful People,

I was going to skip a post tonight in exchanged for continued relaxation, but I just had a good day so I will share. I am going to make it quick though. My boyfriend Aaron Rodgers is playing right now and I must concentrate.

Before I get started I have to tell you that I forgot something in yesterday's post. While I was getting my nails done they had the Food Network on tv. There was a special on Pies. I seriously couldn't even avoid food in the nail salon. And then they did a show on drive-thrus that aren't Fast Food. You basically get a big giant meal. And people were shoving food in their mouths sitting behind the wheel. It made me nauseous.

Now another reason why I can't make this too long of a post is because my nail polish from yesterday was an epic fail. My toes still look fantastic, but the polish peeled off of my finger nails all day. BOO. So I will need to put on new polish tonight. Bah!

Today was Empty Bowls. I love this day. Soup and pottery. Two of my favorite things. Plus, the proceeds go to such a great cause. 

I got up early, or so I thought, and chemically enhanced my lovely locks before my shower. I got ready and made some pumpkin spice brulee tea and got on the road. I was going back to my old church for service before soup time.

As I was driving back by my old place I realized I don't really miss it. It didn't feel like I was going back home or anything. That's a good thing. When I got to church I walked in and realized that I am a moron. I was 30 minutes late. I went there for 6 years and after 5 months I forgot what time service was. DOH.

It was nice to see everyone though. I do miss the people. And gym buddy Lisa was playing. I haven't seen her in a bit and I miss my gym buddy. I hope we can coordinate again soon.

Okay, so Empty Bowls starts at noon, but you are a fool if you wait that long to get there. Parking is limited...and I do mean limited. So we hustled over there and were one of the first to arrive. We had to wait, but that's okay. When those doors open it's like Black Friday. Madness ensues.

My goal was one bowl for me and two for Christmas gifts. I was all over the place. I am drawn to so many. In the end I found two lovely dark blue bowls for gifts and just as I was heading to pay they put out a new yellow one that screamed my name. YEAH! That one is for me.

I paid and got in line for my soup. I forgot to bring a container for a to-go. Doh. Oh well. They had a butternut squash soup. Sold! I handed over my biggest bowl. Then I tried to balance one bowl full of soup and two additional bowls and make my way to our table...which is always in the far back corner. Thank goodness I made it. The soup was good.

Several of us at the table had it. I offered one of my bowls to Ms. Jamie to go get some if she wanted it. So now I was down to one bowl...I ran up when there was a lul in the line and got the very last of the black bean soup. O.M.G. that was incredible. It was so tasty. Sadly, there wasn't much left when I got there. I am glad I got what I did. I definitely got my veggies in for the day.

So when we were done we walked to our cars to drop off our bowls. Then we went into the studio to use the ladies room. The line to get back into the community center was out the door and through the parking lot so we went elsewhere.

I got to see where all of the pottery magic happens. I think I would like to learn out to make pottery. It's going on the bucket list. Plus there's the whole Ghost fantasy going...Tony Stewart CALL ME!

After our stop we went for a walk along the hiking trail. It was a nice way to spend some time. It was beautiful out and we got to see some beautiful trees and a lovely pond.

I haven't seen Ms. Jamie and Miss Addie since the beginning of the summer so I tagged along to Target. I didn't get anything. I just visited. I almost got starbucks, but I didn't really want any caffeine. Plus, I was planning another mug of tea when I got home. See that Teavana investment is paying off!

I got some things done when I got home that I will talk about later, but then I sat and finished a scarf. YEAH!  It's been a good day. And it got better!  Heather came home and brought me a pair of hot pink knee high socks with glow in the dark skulls on them. YEAH!

Before I go, I'm just going to reflect on something. The Former Fat girl wasted sooooo much food. She would buy the fresh food with good intentions and then throw it out after it spoiled. She would buy more food than she could eat. It was a waste.

This past week I cringed when I saw all of the tables of food outside of conference rooms. I know the theory is "better to order more than you need", but seriously. There are so many people who go to bed hungry every night. It's time to be more responsible about our choices.

Have a Blessed Night.

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