Sunday, March 25, 2012

Busting out the summer clothes

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

So guess what I did yesterday.  If you said "Got out your summer clothes" you would be correct.  I made the switch from winter to summer clothes.  It was a very interesting process this time.  Usually it's daunting.  And I think you know why....the Winter Weight.  Generally when I try my summer clothes on for the first time they are a bit snug.  It's very depressing.

Not this time!  Some are too big.   Some FINALLY fit.  I'm pretty excited.  I have a bunch of J. Crew shorts that I bought a few years ago (at the outlets of course) that I have barely worn. I bought them with high hopes. Truth be told, they have always been a bit on the snug side.  I could wear them with a baggy shirt, of course.  Now I can wear them with a tight shirt.  HOLLA!

I have a pile of clothes to donate to a flea market that benefits breast cancer survivors and I was anxious to see if I had some summer stuff to donate too.  So now let me tell you about the pair of shorts that I wore for basically the last 5 summers.

I fell in love with this pair of J. Crew patchwork Madra shorts.  At the time they had only small sizes and one pair that was a size too big.  I got that pair. I had to.  I could wear any color shirt with it and change the look. They made me feel good (they were roomie).  They looked great on my tan legs.  They were the perfect summer shorts.  Plus I love Miniature Golf so I looked like a pro.

When I was on my weight loss roller coaster they did start to get a little tight at one point.  That was my giant warning sign.  NO!  They are the "make me feel good" shorts.  I can't have them making me uncomfortable.

Well I knew the time would come eventually, but alas they are now too big for me.  I can wear a belt, but they are just unflattering.  This should be extremely exciting.  And in some ways it is.  But, these are my security blanket shorts.  Can I let them go?   Should I save them as my "before" shorts...even though they aren't a true "before"?  I considered making something out of them, but hello, my butt has been in them for 5 summers.  Kind of a gross thought. 

I may give them to a friend if I can let them go.  A part of me wants to hold on to them in case something happens and this weight loss doesn't stick.  I truly don't see that happening, but food addictions are addictions.  Who knows what my future holds.  What if I break my leg and I can't work out?  It's going to hamper my progress.   I shouldn't think like that, but the former fat girl is always there trying to make a comeback.

Now I will say that in addition to the other shorts I got in smaller sizes, I also have a smaller pair of madra patchwork shorts.  They aren't the same material and they are a little different in the color, but I am anxious to wear them for the first time.  Oh yeah, I still had the tags on them (and I think I've owned them for 3 years).

Another pair of shorts I found are my pj Life is Good shorts. They are a cute daisy pattern in a flannel material.  They have NEVER been flattering.  I had considered giving them away many many times, but I always held on to them.  Well I am happy to report that I am wearing them as I type and they look so cute on me.  YEAH!  It was worth the wait...or weight if you will.  It was a good day :-)

I will let you know what I do with the shorts...and suggestions are welcome.

Have a wonderful week.

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