Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pretty New Shoes and a Fashion Show

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

So I was going to tell you about my workout last night, but fun things happened today that I wanted to talk about instead.  I will tell you about the workout tomorrow...hopefully tomorrow night's will be just as spectacular.

Today is my Day of Rest.  But, yesterday I got notification that Bible Study was postponed.  So that meant that lunch was up for grabs.  Ms. Barb and I planned on walking at lunch.  The weather is turning and it's getting to be super nice out. HOLLA!  But, when asked she realized that she forgot her lunch ( actuality she ate it on Tuesday and forgot about it).  I could not in good conscious let her walk without food.  So off to the mall we went.  With a slight detour at the shoe store :-)

I was looking for a pair of beige patent leather pumps.  After a few minutes of searching we found some that I liked and that were in my price range.  They did not have my size on the floor though, so I stood there waiting for the sales lady in my bare feet.  And then I spotted THEM.  The most delicious shoes I have ever seen.  I love polka dots.  Black with white polka dot peep toes with red trim and red naturally I sent Barb over to scope them out.  I needed pricing then sizes.  Done and done.  She brought them over and I refused to take them off.  They were mine!

As soon as we got back to the office I took them out to show Ms. Lety.  Of course she wanted me to put them on.  They did not come off until I got home tonight :-)  I heart them so.  However, I could not handle sitting on the exercise ball.  I felt like I was going to pop it the whole time. haha.  And I could not find the balance needed.

So other than wanting to share my pretty little find, why am I bringing this up?  Two reasons.  The first is that I really haven't worn my heels in a few years.  I have found that it's too hard on my knees.  Besides the fact that my freaky small toes don't give me the support I really need for heels.   I weigh less now so perhaps I can put my heels back in the rotation...Cross your fingers!

It was nice to feel the shoe rush again.  I've been buying so many sneakers lately that I could not remember the last time I bought pretty shoes.  I was even okay walking in them (except at the mall...made me nervous).  They were even a hit at church tonight.  A picture was taken and it should be making it's way to Facebook soon...thanks Mrs. Anderson...haha.

The second reason is that the former fat girl loved her shoes!  LOVED them.  No matter what how big I was, I could feel dainty and pretty and normal in a pretty pair of shoes.  They are the eternal equalizer.  Well shoes and purses.  Of which my collection of both was ginormous.  I had the best collection of shoes.  Sadly, when I lost weight my feet shrank and many of them got too big.  I've been slow to replacing them because instead I have been buying the pretty clothes that fit and flatter me now. I'll drink to that!

That was a fun day, but it got better!  When I came home I found that the clothes fairy had visited me.  There was a large pile of tops on my bed.  My roommate's friend was getting rid of them.  So I had my pick.  I had so much fun trying them on.  They were fun "date/party" tops.  Half of them were too big.  But, half of them look cute on me. YEAH!   They are styles that I've never owned.  They are styles that would probably not even try on.  But they are fun and cute and I look sweet in a bunch of them. I had fun trying them on and taking pictures.  I'm still getting used to my new body.

So I have the shoes and a bunch of new cute tops.  Tony Stewart Call me!  I am ready for our date!

**In case you were worried, we did go get Barb some food after I bought my shoes**

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