Friday, March 23, 2012

"Today we are doing handstands" lol Oh *BLEEP* He's serious!

The Weekend is Here!

I was going to keep with my "No blogging on Fridays" schedule, but since I missed three days last week and I had such a great day today I had to share.  So I will take off another day this weekend :)

It was Yoga Friday today.  HOLLA!  So excited.  Sadly there is only one more week.  BOOO.  I did just look and found a Saturday morning class by me so I may have to sign up for that.

So I hope you are experiencing the lovely weather that we are in the Philly area.  It was nice and hot today.   That meant that we were going to be outside.  Now I had to decide what to wear.  I had a pair of pants and a pair of shorts in my bag.  I also had a short sleeve (tight) shirt and a long sleeve (loose).  It was cold the last time so I was leaning towards the long sleeve, but I was convinced that it was actually hot out.  I am not comfortable with all of the bending in the shorts.  I don't want the person behind me to be grossed out. 

That left me with the black semi-fitted yoga pants and the lime green fitted short sleeve shirt. Um...Do you remember the earlier post when I sad that I have two types of outfits: tight pants with loose top and loose pants with tight top.  I don't combine tight and tight.  My belly phobias can't handle it.

I put on the outfit and made buddy Barb give me her honest opinion.  She said I looked great.  I sucked in and checked it out.  I did!  I can pull it off now!  I was sooooo happy.

Of course five minutes outside and I was wishing I had put on my shorts.  Bah.  It was hot.  I was sweating early.  Surprise!

Before he started class the instructor said that "Today is a good day for handstands". I laughed.  And laughed.  Surely he was not serious.  We are not ready for that.  He must be joking.  That's it.  He's totally joking.

Today he had us in pretzel twists.  Twisting  our arms around each other and then balancing on one leg with the other wrapped around it.  Okay, maybe I would prefer the handstand.

He set us up for reverse handstands.  A-HA!  That's what he meant!  Reaching arms straight over our heads with palms up.  Chin tilted up.  On the balls of our feet. 

"Okay, now we are going to team up in groups of three.  That way there are two spotters."  I'm sorry, what did he just say?  WHAT????? 

Looking around you could see the look of panic in 10 girls faces. There was the denial laughing going on.  Surely any minute now he was going to say "Kidding!  You ladies are not nearly ready for that."...but he didn't.

He brought up one volunteer (although she didn't exactly volunteer) and she did awesome. We clapped and marvelled at her.  Then he picked another girl and she did great.  Yeah for them.  But, Hells to the NO I'm not doing that!

What if I fall on my head?  Or worse, what if I fall on my spotter and squish her like a bug?  What if my top rolls down my belly and my boobs are exposed and people I know walk out of the office and see?  Seriously, I had trouble trusting that I wasn't too heavy for someone in the leaning exercise.  What if I'm too heavy for these girls to hold up?  What If I kick poor Barb in the head because I panic?  Oh yeah, every single one of those thoughts went through my brain.  Well those and "OH *BLEEP*"

Tracey decided to go first.  She is tall and thin.  I think I could spot her, but I was a little short for this job so the instructor came over to us also.  He took her waist and left me with her legs.  So upside down leaning on her hands, Tracey's butt was not far from my face.  I felt a little awkward spotting her legs and frankly I think I owe her dinner now.  haha.  But, she did awesome.

I was up next.  Start in downward facing dog.  Then bring one leg in closer and bend it.  Straighten the other out and push up.  Then the spotter helps you get vertical. OH MY GOSH! I am doing this!  I am really doing this!  "You got this. Now bring your legs closer together". I did and that's when I panicked.  I felt my momentum shift and I felt like I was going to fall.  So I went up gracefully, but I didn't come down gracefully.  Don't care cause I did something I never thought I would do today.

The former fat girl would have found a dozen reasons not to do it.  And I really felt like doing that again...for about 30 seconds.  And then the new Super Me was totally up for it!  In fact, I have been visualizing doing handstands up against the wall ever since.  haha. There is a little private walkway to the ladies room and I hesitated a little and almost tried it, but I didn't.  Maybe one day I can get a spotter at the gym and try it there.  Might be a job for Gym Crush #1!

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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