Friday, March 9, 2012

Yoga and Running...sometimes I don't even recognize myself anymore

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Happy Thursday Bleeps!

Well I've been sitting here for 30 minutes and this is as far as I've gotten...I'm a little tired.  Okay, I'm a lot tired.  So let's talk about my workout the other night and today so I can go to sleep.

Tuesday night I decided to hit the treadmill hard.  I finally figured out that if I can't go fast on the treadmill after the elliptical (knees hate that) then what if I reversed it?  I was going to do 60 on the treadmill and 30 on the elliptical.

Five minutes into the treadmill I started running.  I hadn't really run on it in a while.  So let's just see how we do.  I did 20 running the other night, but my knees weren't feeling it so I walked fast for the rest.  That night was funny because I ended up between two guys that I see a lot.  They were running and pushing me.  So there's my tip for the day.  Get on the machines next to someone who is going to push you.

Tuesday night it was crowded and I ended up between two dawdlers.  I didn't care. I was running.  I was worried how the knees would be so I decided to take it 15 minutes at a time.  After 15 I felt great though.  So I kept it up.  Just as I was hitting 30 and I was ready to slow down one of my runners from the night before got on next to me.  He pushed me.  So I kept running.  Go me!  Even when my running buddy (I don't know his name, but I will call him Ben) started to slow down.

I stopped after 45 and went back to walking for the rest of the hour. I did not want to take any chances with my knees.  I was very excited though.  That was my longest run in a long time and my ipod even cheered me on "Congratulations.  That was your fastest mile to date."  Thank you Ipod nano!

Now you probably remember that Gym Crush #1 was there that night.  I quickly opted against the elliptical and joined Lisa with the weights so that I could oogle him appropriately.  My adrenaline was kicking and I was all lust-struck-stupid.  The first leg weights I did practically ripped my knee off with the amount of weights I had on.  I quickly reduced it, but I felt it in my thighs for the next two days.  **Remember kids- don't lift and's not a good idea**

So when I got home I could not sleep.  I was excited for my run.  I was excited for Gym Crush #1.  So I played around in iTunes.  I found a cd that I wanted for my workout.  I downloaded it and was pretty dang excited.  Go get: Biggest Loser Workout Mix - Sports Anthems.

I listened all day yesterday and all I wanted to do was go running.  It killed me that it was my Day of Rest. Bah...I would survive though.

So today we had Yoga and it was gorgeous we went outside for it.  YEAH.  Fresh air is always welcome.  The problem is that it was windy and we are right by a major highway.   One of the things I love about yoga is the calming sounds.  I had a really hard time focusing.  My dang A.D.D. was in overload.  Mats were blowing all over the place. My hair was falling out of my pony tail into my face.  My sunglasses were falling off my nose.  There is a tractor trailer behind us.  Oh look at who is going out to lunch.  If we do this outside again I think I need to have blinders on like horses in races to keep them from looking to the side lol.

It was a great workout, except that if you though kneeling on the office floor was hard for me...ugh..kneeling on uneven ground sucked!  It hurt.  We didn't do that much down there thankfully.  One of the big moments was when we paired off.  We had a little trust thing going on.  We crossed our arm at the wrists and held on to the other's wrists.  Then we both pulled into a squat.  Then we would let go on one hand and reach it back for a stretch.  Then switch hands.  It was great. 

It turned into a trust exercise.  The next move had one person would leaning forward and the other would be holding on to their arms behind their back (I'm King of the World!).  This is tough to feel comfortable in.  I was paired with buddy Joy.  I had a hold on her and she was going no where (I am a good partner for this).  But, it is hard to let yourself go without feeling like you are going to fall.  I was not comfortable with my turn.  However, I did love how strong I felt supporting her.  For me I had the “I’m so big she’ll never be able to hold me” feeling.  I’m not sure I would have felt comfortable with anyone less than The Rock holding me back…although Gym Crush #1 would be good for this I think.

So fast forward to the gym tonight.  The first treadmill I found was next to Gym Crush #3...YEAH.  I know better, but I started running immediately.  He was running and I had that playlist on.  I wanted to take off.  But, I can't do much after yoga.  It's supposed to be a light night. I lasted 15 minutes running and then took time off.  I got 5 more in, but only had 30 on the treadmill.  My knees were very angry with me tonight.  Could be the yoga.  Could be the heels from yesterday.  Don't know, but I'm listening to them from now on. 

Just as I was getting ready to leave I saw Ben getting on a treadmill and I ached to jump next to him and take off.  ARGH.

So here I sit with my knees elevated and iced.  For tomorrow is another day.

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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