Thursday, July 2, 2015

Prepping for my Missions Trip

Hello Beautiful People,

As I mentioned yesterday, I will be leaving for a Missions trip this weekend. I am equally excited and anxious.

We will be going to Georgia from Sunday to Saturday. We won't be too far from HOTLANTA. I'm super excited. haha. We will be doing physical labor and all I keep thinking of is sunburn, exhaustion, and sleep. I breathed a sigh of relief when I learned that there will be air conditioning in the cabins. Hooray!

We are bringing a cooler with Gatorade mix and lots of water. My OCD control issue is going crazy about this. I am a water freak, but in general I have control and plan ahead. We're going to be out all day and I don't know where or what the conditions will be. I am sure it'll all be fine. Just things I stress about.

Food is my main concern. We are at the will of the camp for breakfast, lunch and dinner for most days. I have checked and there is a Subway close by so I may be living there if I don't have good options. I am also packing peanut butter, bagels, and bananas for breakfast options in case it's not good for me. We are also bringing along protein bars.

We will be responsible for our own meals for some days and we looked up what is in the area. There is a Zaxby's chicken. It was mentioned that the kids love that. I have never been so the other day I stopped at the one near me to check out the menu. I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich and it was really good. I'm good with that :-) 

For clothing we need to be modest and we need to be practical. We may ruin our clothes. The shorts need to be finger tip length and the shirts need to be baggy. I don't have a lot of shorts that match those criteria so I stopped at Good Will over the weekend. I was a sweaty mess so I didn't try anything on. I found 3 pairs of shorts. I was aiming for large (erring on the side of caution). I found a medium and 2 larges. When I got home I tried them on after my shower. Um...either I blew up or 2 of them were childrens, not womens, because I could barely get them over my thighs.

That wasn't a big giant blow to the ego or anything. Just kidding. I may have cried a little.

The big issue of the trip for me has been a bathing suit. I repeat modesty is essential. I have two tankinis and bikinis. So the bikinis are out. One of my tankinis has a sheer top. It's not tight, but it floats up to the top when it's submerged in water. It's pretty for lounging, but not practical for activities. Besides, while I was swimming underwater the bottoms kept falling off. Um nope. I tested out the tighter tankini only to have my straps keep popping off while I was driving. So clearly that is not a viable option.

I did buy new bottoms for the first suit, but it's not practical for this trip. I also bought a new cover up that is super cute with long sleeves and a hood. They had it in small and XL. I wasn't thrilled to get an XL, but I need it baggy and it's too cute not to get.

I did have the genius thought that I do have a one piece at my mom's. It's in my polar plunge bin. So I called mom and she mailed in down to me. Thank goodness.

We had a meeting with the kids to go over activities for our free day. They chose whitewater rafting. We have since learned that it is a lot further away than the camp listed. So we may need to switch to something else. One option is tubing. I could be down with that.

I also checked out the State Parks in the area. Lots of trails for hiking. I'm beyond excited. Some of the kids didn't look super thrilled that I was excited about that. hahaha. I am all about taking advantage of the parks around us. I especially want to hike to some of the water falls.

I'm excited for everything about this trip. And I'm secretly hoping that all of the physical activity and lack of access to extra food will get me out of my plateau.

Have a Blessed Evening
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