Sunday, March 9, 2014

Jennie and Ms. Bibble's Day of Fun!

Happy Sunday Bleeps!

I took a few days off of the computer this weekend and it was delightful!  I highly recommend unplugging yourself for a couple of days. I love these days.

Thursday I had an orientation at work all afternoon. I got a headache while I was sitting there. It was scheduled to go until 5:30 and I was still planning on going to the gym after. Actually I was hoping it would end a little early. It didn't. It went over. I didn't drink my usual amount of water because I was in the orientation and I had the headache. I got cranky real fast. So I went home for dinner and Grey's Anatomy/Scandal.

Friday was a day off. YEAH!  Plans were to pick up Ms. Bibble and head to the mall for a while. We decided to go to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. We decided to split a small bbq chicken pizza and get an appetizer. We ordered the Sesame Ginger Chicken Dumplings. There were 6. I could have eaten all 6. They were fantastic.

I didn't order dessert, but the waiter kept walking by with giant pieces Red Velvet looked amazing. So amazing..I wanted it soooo bad. But I walked away.

We went to the bookstore first at Ms. Bibble had a book she wanted to get. I started thinking about taking books on the cruise. I have the kindle, but I get all weird about reading it by the pool or on the beach. I will need to take a physical book too. I'll save the kindle for the plain and for night reading.

There was a Starbucks there, but we decided to wait until later. We walked around and hit up the Target. Yep, we went to Target at the mall. haha. And our first stop was books...cause we are book addicts.

Then we went over to look at bags and hats for the cruise. Nothing really jumped out so we walked over to the clothes. I liked some cover ups and one really pretty sexy bathing suit. But, I didn't want to try them on. So I passed. And then I found this cute little dress that looked like it would be a lovely evening dress. Dang I needed to try it on. So I went back for the bathing suit and cover up...and I grabbed a couple maxi skirts on my was blue and white...very nerdy nautical of me.

I had too many items so I left the bathing suit out. I took in everything in a medium and a large. The dress was a hot mess. It was cute, but very impractical once it was on. It had tight top and flowy bottom, but I didn't realize that the flowy was over a tube dress. It was a static nightmare. I was sad, but it was a no go.

I LOVED the blue and white skirt, but once I started moving in it the pattern made me sea sick. It was a no go, but the solid black in a Medium was a keeper. So that left the cover up. It's a cute strapless floor length piece. I didn't want a black cover up and we thought the grey would be nice over the orange bathing suit. The medium fit well, but I tried to imagine it over the tankini and wanted a little more room. So I got the large. I like it as a dress too so I was happy.

We weren't done yet though. My main goal for the day was a shirt to wear under my running jersey next weekend and possibly a new sports bra...and that meant I would be trying more on...ugh. But, it turned out okay. The Small long sleeve running shirt was actually a tad loose. What? I needed it to practically be painted on, but that's ok. And the sports bra passed the bounce test...a 36C...still amazes me.

Okay so I got a skirt, a cover up, a sports bra, and a running shirt.  Checking out was rough...there was chocolate all over the registers. Good chocolate. Easter chocolate. Fun Chocolate. Shoot me now chocolate...but, I stayed strong!

We were on the hunt for an Old Navy, but there was none in the mall. So we walked around for a little while. Ms. Bibble wanted to look at make up and I was thirsty so I went to the food court. Grr...I got a drink at Auntie Anne's...and a stinking pretzel. I was getting hungry.

Before we left we went over to Coach...I don't buy unless it's an Outlet so I felt extremely poor there. We left and went over to Vera Bradley. I found some cute bags for the trip, but I didn't buy any. I want to think about it. I have been buying things and then seeing something I like better and taking it back. So now my list of wants is compiling.

We also went across the walkway to the Swarovski store. I am trying not to take my favorites on the coach bag, my coach sunglasses, my Tiffany necklace...I need replacements that are still nice. I found a pretty simple butterfly necklace that I like and a set of dainty tiny star necklaces. I can't decide, but I am going to get one of them.

When we left the mall we went on the hunt for Old Navy...there was one a couple miles away. YEAH!  We found it!  I went straight for the nautical sweaters where were now on sale for $12...awesome!  I still liked the Ahoy one, but then I found "Take Me To The Sea" yes please. Perfect!

 I tried on a few dresses just to see the styles. Nothing made me feel good, but I was bloated from the pretzel and not drinking water all day. I'll have to try them again later.

I can't remember if I told you that last week I bought a cool bag at Old Navy that was sort of nautical. It is white with small navy blue strips and then the bottom is a dark melon color. It was a hobo style bag. At this store I found the same pattern in a different style with two straps...I had the other one in my trunk so I went out and exchanged it.   And I picked up two colorful pairs of flip flops. YEAH!

And then we went over to DSW. I want to look for some shoes that will turn my casual looks into evening looks. Except by then we were super tired. We never did go to Starbucks and we were losing steam. I found a pair of shoes that I liked a lot, but I also had taken off my nail polish and my toes looked ugly. It was hard to feel super excited about any pair. I took a picture and will think about it.  I need to think long and hard about my feet for the cruise. I want comfort. I also want pretty, but mostly comfort.  If we are walking around I can't be worried about my feet hurting.

We left without getting anything, but we needed to think about dinner...that was a hot mess. We didn't want anything near where we were and figured we would see something on the way home. We pulled in to a shopping center about halfway home...Friendly's, Five Guys, A random Chinese restaurant with 7 cars on the curb for pick up (either really good or incredibly shady), a sports bar, and two high class grills.   The only thing that appealed to us was the sports bar, but it did not look wheelchair friendly. And so we kept right on moving.  We pulled in to a Perkins because all of a sudden I wanted breakfast.

It was monster crowded and after a silly time getting the wheelchair through the front door (we lost momentum and got stuck) we got our seat. I still wanted breakfast, but by then it was after 8 and I was losing my mind with hunger. They had a Fit menu and there was a chicken with spinach that interested me...and there was banana french toast that interested me...but there was a picture of a greek chicken pita with greek yogurt that looked light and fun. So I ordered it.

Now what I didn't know about Perkins is that they have a huge bakery menu. While we were waiting for our table we stood in front  of the counter with all of the pies, cupcakes, muffins, and cookies. I wanted to order soo bad. I escaped the counter, but the menu was on the table in front of me. Grrr

I didn't order anything. This no sweets thing is getting to be very difficult. No matter, I had plans for a distance run in the morning so it was time to call it a night.

Before I go, I'm going to get on my soap box for a moment. The world has adapted to larger people. Seats are getting larger bases. Almost everything is adapting to a larger population. But, the lack of accessibility for wheelchairs is getting old.  This may be a temporary thing for Ms. Bibble, and we all hope that she will be able to put pressure on her foot soon and move on to the next stage, but for many people this is their life. We constantly have to think about going in to places because we aren't sure how easy it will be for her to get around. It's not right at all.

Pledges for Run for Autism again can be made here:

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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