Monday, March 17, 2014

#RNRUSA Race weekend Part 1 - Expo and Carb loading

Hello Beautiful People,

Race weekend has come and gone and I have now completed my 7th Half Marathon. It was just October of 2011 that I told you all about my secret desire to compete in one. And now look at me :-)

Okay well I got down to mom's late Thursday night. My plan for Friday was to meet my aunt for breakfast and then head right in to the expo. I wanted to get in and get out. I need to focus on eating properly, hydrating, and rest. I have a tendency to get that all wrong.  I plan for it, but something always happens to mess me up.

So we met at Panera for breakfast. I switched up the location while I was getting ready. A commercial came on and I had forgotten that was an option for breakfast. They have my favorite breakfast sandwich. It's egg whites, spinach, pesto, and roasted red peppers. And I got flavored Iced tea (my only caffeine of the day).

We got to talking about Cruise plans...I picked up my passport the night before so we are all systems a go! WOO WOO! And before I knew it it was time to go. I hit some traffic and got to the metro about a half hour later than I had planned, but that's ok. We have to be leisurely about this. I pulled out my kindle and just planned on enjoying the ride in.  Uninterupted reading time. Gotta love it.

I sort of forgot about the security at the Armory. You get searched and can't bring in any liquids so I downed my bottle of water before entering. I went straight down to get my race packet. I had registered for a medium shirt, but they looked extremely small. So I went over to the exchange and the lady said they had so many exchanges for them because they ran so small. The large looked huge compared to it, but I would rather that then never wear it because it was too tight.

Before I could get to the rest of the expo I walked through the Brooks area with all of the Rock'n'Roll gear. My eyes were immediately drawn to a sweet charcoal grey long sleeve running shirt. I liked it a lot. So I picked up a couple to try on. And I went over to the Men's racks and found their long sleeve shirt that I fell in love with. The small fit perfectly. I decided to get that because the running shirt would be available in the tent after the race. If I really wanted it I would go back for it after.  I also got a luggage tag for my carry on for my trip...just in case. 

As I was walking around I saw a exhibit for The Biggest Loser Run/Walk. I walked over and recognized Dan and Vinny from previous seasons. I felt like a groupie. The volunteer there was talking to me about signing up for a race with the discount. There weren't any really in the NC area, but there was one in DC in September. I decided that if I controlled myself I would sign up for it...and ask for picture. 

One of my first stops was at the powerbar table. If I am going to be seriously training for December (9 months to go) then I need my fuel. They had new bars to taste and I think I died and went to heaven. There was a chocolate peanut butter cookie and a mint chocolate that were so yummy...but you couldn't buy them yet. DOH. The bigger bars were on sale so I stocked up on them.

Aunt Kathy had gotten a new car since our race last year so I told her I would get her a 13.1 sticker. I walked over and found them...and some 26.2 incentives for me. I got a couple stickers (one for the car and one for motivation now), a key chain and a cup to wrap up and save for after I complete my first one. I really liked some necklaces, but I opted to wait til later.

I sort of went a little nuts with headbands. I went straight to the Bondiband table and spent what felt like an hour there. I got 4. I was going for patterns of multiple colors and trying to get ones that would cover all of the colors I wear.  Later I found another table with similiar ones. I decided that if I'm going to keep my hair short and I love them for holding my hair back for running then just do it. Plus, I could wear them on the cruise by the pool and if I'm having a bad hair day. Score!

I walked over to the Run for Autism area and the girl that I have been working with was at lunch. So I went to get something to eat too. They had a concession stand and I got a hot dog and water. I saw tater tots and that was hard to say no to, but I would be having potatoes with dinner.

When I came back I checked in with Run for Autism and then went to the table across from them. On my running bucket list is a Disney run. So they gave me a list of races...and a tote bag. Holla!

The Geico exhibit offers video of the course. There are so many little twists and turns. I wanted to see it again got get a grip on it. I like to know what's ahead of me. I always get a little choked up watching them.

Before I left I made one more stop. I kept walking by the Level belts. I got one in Baltimore and I loved it. But I wanted another. I like it as a travel option (I can keep my phone, money, and id in it). So I got a neon yellow one...and that was basically my Biggest Loser Run/Walk money. So I didn't register. I would have gone back over to see them anyway, but I saw the time and needed to leave. I wanted to stop and see my grandmom before heading back to the house.

On my way out I got another water and a soft pretzel....carb loading is fun!

The day turned out to be really nice. It was cloudy and cold when I went in to DC, but by the time I got to the expo the sun had come out. It was still cold though. When I was leaving it was nice and warm.

Now we knew that the finish line for the race moved. It was still in the general area, but for the past two years it has been right across the street from the Armory. I looked around and couldn's see one porta potty in sight...hmm...

So I visited with my Grandmom and then went back to mom's for more water and to put my feet up....and a couple episodes of Friends.  The day got away from me and before I knew it it was time to head to Aunt Carol's for dinner. She made Pierogi Casserole....*DROOL*...for those of you who don't know, it's like a giant ravioli with potato, cheese, and onion in it...the casserole also had bacon...I was starving and it smelled sooooo good...I burnt my tongue in my impatience. Well worth it though. I had a Sprite since that doesn't have caffeine and I definitely needed carbonation to help me burp this most wonderful meal.

It  was AWESOME and I cannot thank my Aunt enough, but we had to be heading home shortly. My alarm was set for 4am and we needed to stop for a few things on our way (gatorade, bagels, and snacks for mom while she waits at the finish line).  Plus, Aunt Kathy was on her way down. Registration was still open and if she made it in time she was going to run in and sign up...she made it with literally a minute to spare. She was the last one to sign up. I now had a race partner.

And now it was time for bed (easy since I didn't have caffeine since 9am)...see you at 4am..

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