Monday, March 10, 2014

Hills...hills...and more hills

Hello Beautiful People,

Okay so it's crunch time. My plans for the weekend fell through, but I still had to get a distance run in. This race is starting to make me feel a little crazy. Half the time I think "Oh I am fine. I can do this." and the other half I start freaking out worried about injury and finishing.

People sponsored me. A lot of people have supported me. I can't just coast through this. I need to put in the effort. The snow and the horrible good for nothing cold didn't help. I have to believe that they were the only things that held me back and not the Former Fat Girl getting lazy.

So the plan for Saturday was to get up early and get out there. I needed to test out the new sports bra and shirt. The race starts at 7:30 am so I had hoped to get out there close to that time. I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be too cold/hot.

That was the plan. But, I slept in a little...and then my belly was a tad upset...and I hadn't drank enough water the day before. So I didn't really get started until 10:30. I grabbed my bag and bottles of water and headed out to the park. The problem: The park was still closed...DOH.  So I headed back home. My cousin told me that the loop around the neighborhood is a mile. Okay. I'll do that. Actually that works better because I can use the bathroom if I need to and I can keep bottles of water on my car.

The goal was to walk 10 miles. Just walk. I hadn't run a long long distance in a while. I'm not sure what shape my lungs were in. I shouldn't push it. I think we all know that I never stick to my plan.

The loop is not just a's a giant isn't flat at ALL...half is going up...half is going down. New plan. I ran down the hill. And I walked up the hill. The last leg of the loop was up hill along the road outside of the neighborhood. Now remember, it's the country and there's still snow. It was tricky. And then when I got to the top of the hill the neighbors were burning some dead branches. Um...smoke is not the best thing for your lungs normally let alone a distance. My lungs burned a little. Grrr

Once again my body and mind synced up after 3 miles. I was feeling good. Legs were tight from the hills, but I was feeling good. The good news is that the new playlist ROCKED. I moved even during my walks. I was fast. I did worry about my knees running down the hills. That was a lot of pounding.

My pace for 10 miles was really good. Considering the hills, the lack of training, the weak lungs...I was Rockin!

I am constantly amazed at myself. My body has come so far. I have pushed it and it has responded. I have trained for endurance for over two years. I was unsure about a flat 10 miles after the past couple of months, but it completely surprised me by kicking ASS on those hills. I did run up some...just not all.  My body remembers that. It's not the body of the Former Fat Girl anymore.

 I feel really great about next week. The clothes were good...except that I wasn't paying attention and didn't put on cotton underwear. I was having a little wedgie issue, but those are my normal running underwear so I'll pass on that.

The plan is light this week. My legs have been super tight so there are lots of walks, stretches, yoga, and massages planned for the week.

I have been packing my race stuff so that I don't forget anything and planning ahead for Friday. I have to focus on staying hydrated and eating right. It's a little difficult with a ride on the metro to the Armory where there isn't a lot of food options. I will have to pack a bag.  It's all about planning ahead!

 I am ready to ROCK'N"ROLL!

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