Saturday, September 24, 2011

Help...I'm being chased by Kermit

Greetings from the Delaware Beaches,

So this morning I woke up and got ready to go to the fitness center.  I was all excited.  Now if you'll remember from before, the treadmill at the fitness center faces the pool.  I walked in to the fitness center this morning and it was just too sad.  The pool is empty and there was a lone floatie floating around it in.  I just couldn't do it.  It was too depressing.

Instead I decided to walk around the neighborhood.  It was a rare moment when there was no rain (HOORAY!) and it was actually pretty warm.  Besides, I don't usually walk around the neighborhood so this would be nice.  The only thing that was giving me pause was my irrational fear of frogs.

Okay, let's go back.  I am a suburbia girl.  I don't have frogs.  Three weeks ago when I was down here I left a neighbor's house and walked about three blocks in the dark to go get my car to take the kids to Mini-golf.  It was pretty dark and just about a block before I got to my car I saw Big Bubba (the biggest bullfrog EVER) sitting under a street light in someone's driveway. He was staring me down. My heart started to race a little.  Just as I passed him I started to calm down and then....I heard it.  RIBBIT!  I turned and looked in his direction and he was just sitting there. But, then my eye caught something leaping out of the storm drain and heading towards me.  I TOOK OFF.  I was running to my car screaming (it's a nice quiet neighborhood and I'm sure there were a bunch of people looking out their windows laughing at me).  I could see my car and I felt good until I realized that I still had to get my keys out.  I fumbled for what felt like five minutes (but I'm sure was only five seconds) and got my keys.

My heart was still racing when I picked the kids up.  I had to tell someone so I told them. My nephew's reaction: Aunt Jennie, what did you think would happen when it caught up to you?  My answer: I DON'T KNOW. But, he was chasing me for something and I was not about to stick around for it.

So fast forward to my arrival last night in the dark.  I was bringing one load in the house when I noticed a bunch of "lumps" on the driveway. There was no direct light on them and they could have been pine cones. Wait, that pine cone just moved!  It's okay, I can get the rest of my stuff in the morning.

Now you know. You can keep laughing.  It's okay.  I'm weird.  So there I am this morning walking through the neighborhood having a panic attack every time I came upon a storm drain. It did occur to me that my family thinks I'm at the fitness center and if I do encounter Kermit and have a heart attack no one will know where to look for me :-O

Once I decided to walk the neighborhood I figured this would be good practice for the half-marathon.  I am a lap girl.  I am a numbers girl.  It's all part of my OCD.  If you see me on the track, in the park, or at the mall you will see one of my fingers twitching. That is me counting which lap I'm on.  It's what I do.  Marathons are not laps. I will need to get used to not counting.  This is stressful for me.  I need my numbers!  But, this morning I was branching out.  I hopped on the sidewalk (because I have only ever seen the frogs on the street so this is my safe zone...I know, it makes no sense, but don't fight it...It's how I can move on.).  After about 15 minutes I realized I actually was on a loop. HOORAY!  I did two loops and decided I to face my fears and branch out on to the unknown frog infested side streets.  Less than twenty feet into the first side street there was a squished frog.  Ick.

In total I saw three squished frogs and no live ones.  It was a personal victory.  Not only had I walked the unknown streets, but I was willing to take on Kermit. Bring it!

Oh and ps-I am fully prepared for the onslaught of frog pictures, figurines, emails, phone calls, texts, etc that I am about to receive. 

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