Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who wants a Fat President?

There has been a lot of political stuff annoying me lately.  I prefer to leave political affiliations out of this blog.  It doesn't matter what my political preferences are, Fat knows no boundaries.

I just can't let this go though.  The Governor of New Jersey is all over the news.  Will he or won't he run?  The whether or not he is a good candidate should be based on his record, but all I'm hearing about is his weight.  COME ON! 

Last night the news had a guy walking around with pictures of him and the two other leading candidates and asked people what they thought about their appearances (and the voiceover mentioned him versus the "attractive" candidates).  Now let it be told that his picture was a little bigger than the others and in his he was raising his arm and talking while the others were not. Every person they showed said he was "Fat".  At least that's what they showed on the news anyway. Shame on you FOX 29!

The late night hosts are going nuts with their jokes.  And you know how I feel about fat jokes.  This is insane.  It's not like he's conducting press conferences with a turkey leg in one and and a hamhock in the other.  He has admitted that he has an eating problem.  Let it go.

Think about it though, they aren't just joking about him. They aren't just asking the public what their opinion is about him.  They are referring to every fat person in America. What any fat kid is hearing is that they shouldn't be President because of their weight.  So when you're laughing at those jokes, just remember that there could be an awesome kid that would make the best world leader in thirty years, but won't take a chance because s/he's is afraid of being laughed at.

Now for the worst part, my confession.  My first thought when I saw that he may run: I don't want a fat President.  I hate that I thought that.  I truly do.  I'm not trying to justify my reaction, but I am so focused on taking care of myself and trying to get others to do the same, that it's hard for me to put faith in someone who abuses their own body.  That job is stressful enough without the health problems that come with the weight.

It's fine to have your opinion about this, but is it really newsworthy?  

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