Thursday, September 8, 2011

Randomness of a Noah's Ark Kind of day

I'd like to give a shout out to my desk-pod mates. We discussed last night's post about drinking water all day and we very very conscious of how much we were drinking today.  Well all but one of us. AHEM.  She shall remain nameless for now but, at the end of the day she confessed to only drinking Dr. Pepper and not even getting out her cool drink bottle for water.  You get one pass this time, but don't let it happen again.  Next time I'm naming names!

The good news is that I drank water all day.  I had to use the ladies room just about every hour.  And BONUS got to check out my butt every hour too :-)

Currently Philadelphia is under water.  It's been a very strange day.  I woke up to rain and when I put the news on they said that 76 (OMG I JUST got it...76....for 1776...I am blonde, I am sorry) was closed in two places.  One happened to be in the area I was getting on.  Ok, slight panic.  How the heck am I getting to work?  So I ran out the door knowing I would probably be 3 hours late to work. It wasn't until I was in the car that I heard that it was closed in the other direction.  Not my direction.  I got to work 15 minutes early.  So I sat at my desk and drank my water.

Since we were planning a Happy Hour for after work I knew I had to go walk at lunch.  But, the rain plays tricks on you.  And I'm fairly certain the rain is in a conspiracy with the Skinny Devil on my shoulder.  "It's raining, you should stay in and read.  Seriously, why risk it? You know it will be slippery and you will have to carry your umbrella around the whole time.".  But, you know what?  I went anyway. TAKE THAT skinny devil.  I felt so much better about it too.  And yes, I was checking out my butt in the display window reflections (I think I might have a problem...but do they have support groups for that?)

As soon as I got back to work they announced that Happy Hour had been postponed.  CRAP-OLA.  I wanted that pretzel something fierce.  We started kicking around the idea of going anyway, but you will be proud of me peeps.  Since we are going next week I decided to skip it and come home.  My cousin is supposed to come spend the night and I need to pack for my weekend trip.  As soon as I get in the car though she lets me know that the turnpike is closed and she can't get here :-(  Fast forward an hour and she's going to try and get here another way.  YEAH.

Now here is the problem.  She won't get here until 8:30-9.  I do not like to eat after 8 because you should have at least 4 hours of digestion before you sleep.  But, I will make an exception.  What are we going to eat?  We are ordering Chinese. Bah.  There is a section on the menu that is low calorie, but ick I don't want any of those. If I'm going to have Chinese I want it to be GOOD.  What do I do?  My plan is portion control, but I'm starving now. I don't know how I'm going to last.  I'm looking at what I have to snack on and it's not much.  Dang it! I do not want to binge on my food because I'm hungry.  I need to go soon and find something to eat.

But, before I go I just wanted to take a moment to say a few things.  Thank you so much for all of your support for sharing my numbers.  Some of you may not know how hard that was, but I'm guessing that most of you do.  Last night I was asked how I was feeling about sharing that information.  My answer: I didn't sleep that night.  I was watching the number of views go up every few minutes.  I was nauseous.  The fat girl inside was terrified that people were just looking out of morbid curiosity, kind of like looking at a car wreck.  I kept waiting for one person to make a mean or nasty comment.  But, that never happened.  And I thank you! :-)

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  1. Even though we ordered Chinese food, we were good! We split one meal instead of each getting one :)