Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fast Food, Freebies, and Football

I don't know about you, but when the weekend comes I tend to eat out.  This weekend was no different. I was really hungry after church so we decided to go out to lunch.  The odds were good that we would end up at Panera at some point during the weekend and this was that time.  We love their salads, sandwiches, oh and their soup too.  It's the happiness trifecta!

I got my usual turkey sandwich and this time I decided on soup. It's a nice way to get your veggies in if you don't feel like a salad.  The Garden Vegetable with Pesto was absolutely delicious.  And of course I got my apple as my side. I love the bread bowl, but I did not get it this time.  I did, however, see two little boys that had soup in the bread bowl with a side of bread. Um...WHY?

We frequent Panera so much that we all have the rewards cards. I qualified for a free smoothie (YEAH!) and mom qualified for a free pastry (Foiled again!).  You can say no to the freebies, but it's so dang hard.  We split a low-fat wild berry smoothie and a cookie.

After lunch it was time for some FOOTBALL!  Picture the clouds parting and the angels descending singing "Hallelujah" surrounded by rays of sunshine.  The Former Fat Girl loved wearing her football jerseys.  Pairing it with a pair of jeans, she could fool herself into thinking that she was skinny. Because wearing a Men's XL jersey is very slimming.  NOT.  Once I bought a Men's L.  I wore it once, but it was too tight.  My excuse was that it was not made for boobs.  That was not the problem. Hello belly...  By the time I lost the weight and could fit in the jersey the player was traded :-(

I got a new jersey for my birthday back in the Spring and this was the first time I was wearing it.  YEAH.  I enjoyed it and looked cute.  It was just nice not to feel like I was hiding all of the weight this time.  I could actually enjoy the game just for being the game :-)

I'm very happy it's football season, but it also brings with it a whole new set of challenges.  Chips.  Dips. Wings.  Pizza. Kill me now. Even if you manage to eat healthy during the game, there are dozens of commercials just laughing in your face.  It's heaven and hell all in one.

I love my Aunt.  We were going over to her house to watch the game before I got on the road to go home.  She busted out the veggies  for me.  There were also chips and salsa.  That is my snack of choice.  I let myself indulge, but not too much.  I made sure to alternate.  And then I filled a baggie with veggies for the road.  Please note there were also cookies available, but since I had my half of a cookie earlier I declined. Go Me!

I got a later start on the road than I had anticipated.  I was supposed to stop at the grocery store when I got home, but it was getting too late.  So I compromised. I stopped at Subway and got my footlong turkey on flat bread again. I got half wrapped for dinner and half wrapped for lunch.  I can go shopping tomorrow.

A little closer to home I really had to use the ladies room.  So I pulled over to the 7-11 and decided to get some gas too.  OH man, if I could get a hold of that surveillance video...I was burning calories doing the pee-pee dance for sure.  I should have gone before I pumped the gas.  Anyway, I went running into the store after and as bad as I had to go you would think I wouldn't notice anything tempting along the way.  OH no, that did not happen.  Pizza.  Hot dogs.  Buffalo Chicken taquitos. I saw it all.  Cheap and full of flavor. Former fat girl wants them!  But, I know better.  I do.  I saw some bananas on the counter so I got in line to pick some up.  The dude before me loaded up on beef jerky and two slices of pizza.  The dude behind me got a taquito.  I am horrified and jealous at the same time.  Argh.  It's so frustrating.  My head knows that it is SO wrong to order anything from a convenience store.  My former fat girl does not give a crap and wants to get one of everything.

Luckily tonight, my head won.

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support. 


  1. I would like to hear more about what team you root for and why you abandoned the team you have rooted for since birth. Also, an explanation as to why you will not feel my tumor would be appreciated. Sheesh.

  2. I will call you out Randall! I was going to give you props and tell everyone how awesome you look. And how in awe I am that you went on that Mediterranean cruise and lost weight. I can't imagine how great that food was, but you walked it off and look fantastic. However, now I just want to tell them all about your third boob.