Monday, September 26, 2011

I walked 8 miles in a dress today. What did you do?

 Happy Monday!

Alright, so I kind of skirted the confessions yesterday.  So here it goes:

My Aunt and Grandmom were going to be leaving around lunch time so I decided early on not to workout in the morning.  Visiting with Grandmom is just more important.  So I got up early to go to church and when I got home dad was ready to make breakfast for everyone.  Eggs and Bacon.  So hard to say no to that.

They got on the road a little early and I still had over an hour to kill before any of the games came on.  I could have gone and worked out after all, but I had already showered so I just picked up the laptop and got to work.  Soon it was lunch time and I was hungry...what to have...what to have...Well they had made my favorite for me before I got there and I had not had any so I had some Friday Spaghetti (Egg noodles, Stewed Tomatoes, and Mozzarella).  I had a small bowl full and that was it.  Not too bad.  But then I heard my name...there was a cheesecake in the fridge that I did not know about.  What do you know, it was calling Dad's name too.  Small pieces, but  I still had some.

For some reason I got stupid and forgot to drink water before my drive home.  So I was sorely lacking in vegetables and water and now I was about to sit in my car for three hours.  Apparently my brain turns stupid on game day.   

Trying to rectify the situation I filled my water bottle and got on the road.  About halfway home I stopped at the Super Walmart to pick up some veggies.  I was craving them like something awful.  I picked up some baby carrots to munch on for the rest of the ride and headed to the check out.  You know how I feel about the checkouts.  Chips.  Candy.  Combos.  Chocolate.  I'm hungry.  This is not the place for me, but I could NOT find an open aisle that didn't have them.  Shame on you Walmart!  What I did find was a small container of goldfish.  It's so freakin cute.  Looks like a little milk carton.  Excellent!  That's a decent snack for the ride home and the perfect portion.  You know if I bought the regular bag I could eat the whole dang thing.  This is two servings at 140 calories each.  Please note: serving size is 55 fish.  hahaha  I stuff at least 15 in my mouth at a time.  I gotta work on that.  Of course if you see me eat them at my desk, you also know that my OCD goes nuts with them and I line them up in squares and eat them.  You can laugh.  It's okay.

When I got home I was tired and I was hungry.  I needed to unload, unpack, and get ready for the Sunday night game.  Lest we not forget though, I still needed to eat and pack my lunch.  I did that first. You know how I feel about waiting.  I made a turkey burger with guacamole and green beans for dinner and inhaled about a gallon of water.  Ahhh...making it all better.

Today was a good day.  A REAL good day.  Totally beats last Monday.

I walked three miles at lunch and was prepared to walk at least three more after work in the park. When I got to the park I decided to push for four.  The problem was that I was wearing a dress.  But, I am committed and nothing will stop me!  So I pushed it for four...and then threw in another mile for kicks.  That's right.  I rocked the 8 miles today in a dress.  Take that chub rub!  My pace was still at 4mph the whole time and I was pretty excited until some little snot nosed kindergartner came blowing past me.  Where the hell did she come from?  **I know she's probably a nice kid, it just threw me off**  It doesn't matter.  I'm in this for the long haul.  I really really want to take on this Half-Marathon so I am not in it for speed.  I'm in it for the endurance.

Now last week I had sent my story and blog link to the Huffington Post after I saw a story that reminded me of me.  Today they emailed that they would like to feature my story. I could not be more excited!  The only problem is that I need to provide a before and after shot.  I'm all over taking a good after shot, it's the before that's giving me pause.  Ugh.  I will do it though.  I'm in this to motivate and inspire.  Wish me luck.

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  1. HAHAHA this cracked me up!! But I'm seriously proud of how far you've come. I miss our lunchtime walks as we sniff blacktop. Maybe one of these days I'll make a guest appearance and we can get it in before the weather makes it too cold to smell the tar lol!!
    Congrats on the feature too! Maybe it'll lead to a book one day. Please feel free to post in my Train with Amie group page on Facebook. I know everyone would love your stories and it'll help inspire others!!
    Keep up the awesome work woman!!!!

  2. Oh I'm all over it now :-) Thanks. Please come walk with me. I can't sniff tar without thinking of you :-) Or garages and basements.