Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fat jokes are NOT funny

Since I've started the blog, I have become very aware of just how many fat jokes I am hearing.  And let me just say that it is disturbing.

One night at Happy Hour the bartender was a very large gentleman.  I lost track of the number of times he insulted his own weight for a laugh.  Everyone was laughing, but I just silently wept.  It's bad enough when others do it, but it was even sadder to me when someone does it to themselves.  His favorite line was: You want to know if you are drunk?  Look at me, do I look skinny with hair?  Throughout the night he kept putting himself down through jokes and it just made me so sad.

I was watching the Fashion Police special on E! about the Emmy awards.  There was one actress (I'm sorry, but do not remember her name) who was just lovely.  She is a large African American woman who wore this gorgeous yellow gown.  It was an Empire waist chiffon gown with a matching wrap and a beaded bodice.  She looked stunning.  I was happy that everyone gave her props and nominated her for best dressed.  And then came the comment from Joan Rivers "She pushed everyone out of the way to get to the buffett."  Seriously?  Was that necessary?  She did everything right with her gown and she still got laughed at because of her weight.

Today on Friends it was the episode where Monica and Chandler got married.  Do you remember Ross was dancing with the little girls to impress Mona?  Well the last girl to dance with him was a little chubby and wanted to stand on his feet like the other girls.  Of course he made a comment under his breath.  What mom lets their kid audition for the "fat girl" role?  What kind of self esteem is that kid going to have now? 

One of my favorite shows is Mike and Molly.  I love this show.  They are so funny.  Oh and they are so Fat.  When I first heard about it I was ecstatic.  FINALLY!  There is a show on that doesn't load the cast with actors and actresses with impossible bodies.  The main characters met at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting.  I thought this was going to be so great.  I do love it, but the number of fat jokes in it is starting to get to me too.  All I can think about is what it's doing to their heads too.  Why can't it just be a normal show about overweight people?  Why all of the fat jokes?  I could live without the Chunky Monkey and Big Fella references.

On a side note: KUDOS to Melissa McCarthy (LOVED her as Suki on Gilmore Girls) for her Emmy win for portraying Molly.  The tides are turning people.  And that's a good thing.

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.


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