Friday, September 30, 2011

Does the "before" picture have to be so big?

So today was a good day :-)

Last night I checked the Huffington Post and saw my Before and After shots.  My stomach flipped.  Let me start by saying that I had been putting off posting pictures to this blog because as honest as I am being with you, I did not want to face those pictures.  At the time, I loved that picture.  I thought I looked great.  Now I wince.  DELUSIONAL!  Did you notice the baby propped on my lap?  Yeah, I spent most of my sitting time with a kid, pillow, or stuffed animal on my lap.  You know, to hide the fat.  hahahaha.  DELUSIONAL.

I wanted to check the site as soon as I woke up this morning, but of course the first thing I saw on the news was a huge accident.  I believe the phrase used was "You want to be anywhere, but there".  Um...there is where I needed to be.  So I hurried to get ready and ran out the door.  My mom called on my way in to tell me it was posted.  Actually she left a voicemail. Wanna hear it?  "Hey Jennie, it's mom.  I just googled Confessions of a former fat girl and Huffington Post and there you were.  You look so beautiful.  I'm so proud.  Where are you? In the Shower?  CALL ME!"  The tears formed immediately.

As excited as I was to do this, I was also nervous as all heck.  This is unbelievable exposure.  What if the Haters start in?  I am opening myself up to so much, and it's not all good.  Guess what.  All I've gotten is positive comments.  YEAH! 

I wanted to look nice today obviously.  So of course I lightened my hair last night (just in case you can see me) and I wore the new sweater today. You remember the sweater. The one that I tried on in a large and my aunt convinced me to try on the medium.  YEAH that one :-)  It's cute, but is comes to my waist.  This is still awkward for me.  For most of my life my sweaters came down to my butt.  I needed to cover up.  Now I'm not gonna lie.  I did not wear my new skinny jeans with it. They are a little too tight for me to be comfortable showing that.  I wore the "I need a belt" jeans (but I still can't find that dang belt).

To celebrate the day we went out to lunch.  We went to Saladworks. Have you been?  It was awesome.  It was my first time.  I had the Autumn Harvest salad and the Fajitalicious half sandwich.  They don't quite compliment each other, but they were tasty.  And I resisted the cookie a the register (those devils).

For dinner I met my friends and their kids at Chuck E Cheese's.  Um...I did not know about this until I was on my way.  But, I adore these kids so I will go.  Yes, I had two small pieces of pizza.  But, they equal about the size of one slice and when I came home I made a salad to balance it out.

I did not work out today because it was my scheduled day off and I am hitting the track in the morning for two hours. My foot is feeling all better and I am ready to step it up.

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