Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Going to my happy place now

Seriously, Calgon take me away!

Just when I got some personal things squared away, work whacked me in the face today.  I need to gain all of the weight back just so that I can split in half and do twice as much work.  Just kidding. It's not worth it.

This morning wasn't so bad. Although I walked in to a massive project on top of my usual work (that I am swamped under anyway).  I got a handle on the project and was feeling pretty good.  The deadline is supposed to be Friday so I had plenty of time.  I sent out my requests and would check back in the afternoon for responses.

Up next was training Ms. Dr Pepper (just kidding...she's really paranoid that I'm going to call her out now and drinks juice and water all day...although I did see the pepsi today).  Training her meant that some of my work will go away.  YEAH.  So it was a good morning.

I couldn't walk at lunch because I had a call in with my weekly Bible study.  I love that 30 minutes every week, but I really needed to get out of the office and blow off some steam.  Alas, it was not meant to be.  That's okay though. This was a much needed study week.

And then the S*&T hit the fan. I had just gotten back to my desk after heating up my lunch and the phone started ringing off the hook with Rush requests.  My email also lit up with Rushes.  We had a team meeting and I volunteered to stay behind and answer the phones because of my work load.  And then came the request to finish the project today.  Seriously, it took me 2 hours to eat my lunch.  I stopped drinking my water and ended up with tunnel vision for the rest of the day.  5 o'clock could NOT come soon enough.

Since I couldn't walk at lunch my plan was to walk in the park after work.  It's raining.  BAH.  Okay, I can work with this.  I went to the mall instead.  It was a little weird to walk at night, but I took the challenge. In fact, instead of my three mile mall walk I made it five!  LOVED it.  I needed that sooooo bad.  I felt so much better afterwards.  I didn't even mind the traffic on the way the way, why the heck was there traffic so close to 7pm?  Don't know.  Don't care.  I put on my Tina Fey Audio Book and laughed my whole way home.

As soon as I got home I went straight to the kitchen and packed my lunch for tomorrow and made a nice big salad for dinner.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  DO NOT SIT when you get home.  Go straight to the kitchen and take care of business.  You can rest after.  If you wait then you have a greater chance of letting that "I'll just run out at lunch tomorrow" thought creep in.  Bad. Bad. Bad.

Here is my tip for the day: PLEASE put "Oh Yeah" by Yello on your ipod.  Do you remember the ending of Ferris Bueller when the Principal is riding on the bus?  That's the song.  Let me just say that I was giggling the whole time it played tonight.  Having that deep voice repeat "Oh Yeah...even more beautiful" the while I was walking just made me walk faster (and of course check out my butt in every reflection possible :-) 

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