Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hopes and Dreams

I have a dream!  And up until now, only one person knew what it was (besides me).  Tonight I will share it with you.  But, first let me tell you about my day.

I woke up this morning and was eager to get to the park. I had not worked out the last two days and was itching to get back out there.  I did double up three days ago, so I shouldn't feel too bad, but I don't like to let it go more than a day without getting out there.

My plan was to walk five miles.  I had cookout to get to later and I still had that list of things to do to tackle.  So I put on the new playlist and off I went. I was feeling pretty good.  The park was packed and that was a good feeling.  I love seeing people out there making the best of a good day.  I enjoyed watching the dad bring his little girl and her scooter.  He could not keep up with her so he had to cut across the field.  There ya go for some incentive.  Give your kid the advantage of wheels and try to keep up with them.  haha.

About three laps in I was coming up upon a fairly big girl.  Normally I love passing people, but I hesitated on this one.  I didn't want her to feel discouraged that people keep passing.  I know what that's like.  It makes you want to give up.  Eventually I gave in and said hi as I passed.  She kept up with me for a few laps after that.  Sometimes you really need that "rabbit" in front of you to push you a little harder.

As I was approaching my fifth mile I thought to myself "Why not go for six?".  I had to make up for yesterday after all.  So I did.  Except that my knee started screaming the second I started that sixth mile.  I slowed it down just a little and it felt better.  So why not try for a seventh?  Ok.  And off I went.  I'm already running late for the cookout, so what's another mile?  Eight it is. Besides, I have my OCD to deal with and I'm a little numbers crazy.  Why stop at an hour and forty-five minutes when you can do the whole two hours?  Yeah, I'm freaky like that.

First, let me say that my feet felt good.  I said it before, but those new socks are awesome.  So awesome and went back and bought more tonight (Target- 3 pairs for $7 All Pro Maxspun).  Second, I have a tendency to walk the park (I don't when I'm on the treadmill) with my arms down by my side. Don't do that.  My hands swell pretty bad.  I end up with "man" hands.  It actually got so bad today that I could not make a fist.  So pump your arms as you go.  It's good for so many reasons: helps get the heart rate up, moves your momentum, and stops the swelling.

Now it's time to share my dream.  I want to compete in a half-marathon.  I have for a long time.  5Ks don't really appeal to me.  I do that every day and I'm not in it for the short bursts.  To me this is pretty metaphorical too.  I want to go the distance.  That's what gets me through it when I get passed on the track. They may pass me for a little while, but I know I'm out there much longer. 

I have done 10 miles in 2.5 hours before.  So I'm convinced I can do a half marathon in under 3.5 miles.  I would want to train for it though and maybe get my time down to 3 hours.  Can you walk in a marathon though?  That's what's really kept me from trying for one.  If anyone knows of a good half Marathon anywhere between NY and NC in the spring please let me know.  I will sign up for it. That is my pledge to you.  I will, however, ask that I have some supporters at the finish line :-)  If I have that as a goal, it will force me to get out there and walk all winter. 

As I write this my knee is throbbing (but that's also thanks to a little Wii Just Dance action tonight...not my smartest idea).  So I need a few months to condition my body and my knee to handle the almost 14 miles.  It amazes me that I can even think that I could do this.  I could barely walk 2 miles when I started this journey and today I finished 8 without batting an eye.  I only stopped because I had somewhere to go.  That is freakin' AWESOME.

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  1. That's awesome Jen!! I know there are marathons up here in NYC - my friend and his wife have done one or two...I'll keep you posted!!

  2. Wow, as I read your blog I ask myself but could I do that? I guess I need to believe. I seem to keep telling myself all the reasons why I won't be able to follow though. Ugh, stop whinning Sue get off your butt.
    I will keep reading for inspiration.

  3. Of course you can! If I can do it, anyone can. There is no time like today to get started :-)