Monday, October 24, 2011

Why I no longer like Sick days

Argh...still sick...okay, I know that it's still the same day, but I was starting to feel better this afternoon and then about two hours ago the throat got scratchy again. BAH.

So let me tell you how my day went.  After I woke up and decided there was no way I was getting out of bed with this ickiness I forced myself back to sleep.  I got in another 4 hours and was pretty excited.  I know my body needs it.  The first two hours that I was up were horrible.  It really felt like there was a nail file going to town in my throat.

I stayed in bed and got out the laptop.  I put a movie on and just played around online.  I tweeted.  I facebooked.  I blogged.  I went through my emails.  And then I started playing games.  BAH.  There is nothing wrong with that normally.  I, however, am a different case.  This is why I don't like being sick.  I don't feel well enough to pay attention to the book I'm reading.  I probably shouldn't knit (don't want to transfer germs).  I can't sleep all day or I'll never go to bed at night.  And that leads me to computer games.

That is how I would pass hours and hours in my former life.  Instead of working out I would play on my computer.  And that's what I did today.  I lost hours playing games.  Bah. I don't want to fall back in to those old patterns.  Once in a while is okay, but I seriously did this all day long.  I am not happy with myself.  The only time I moved today was to go to the kitchen or bathroom...and that was not a lot.  I didn't even drink a lot of water today.  Argh.  Stupid sickness!

I am extremely hopeful that tonight I will get more sleep and should be good by tomorrow.  I don't want to get sick again, but I also don't want to slack.  Wednesday is Bible study at lunch and Choir practice at night so that's another day off.  I have to do something tomorrow!  I will probably go to the mall to walk and not take my chances with the fall evilness in the air causing my allergies.

So there you have it.  I was antsy and cranky today because I don't like my lazy sick days anymore.  I'm going to look at this as a positive thing.  I am a different person now.  However, I am not going to lie.  If there was ice cream in the freezer today it would be gone by now.  Some habits are hard to break.

I will say that a lot of my surfing today was marathon related and that is a positive thing.  What I discovered, that I had missed previously, is that the finish line is right past the Starbucks in Rehoboth...I'm toast.  Haha.  I can just see me being the girl that runs in right before the finish line. haha.

There was a bright spot on tv...I think Harry Connick Jr and I have a connection.  He was on Ellen again today.  I was home the last time he was on too...YUM.  That's another thing that has changed for me.  I used to love daytime tv.  I would tape hours and hours of soap operas and watch them every night instead of working out.  Now the only show I want to watch is Ellen.  She's just plain funny...and she's fun to watch dance.  Everyone should dance a little every day :-)

There was some exciting news today, but I'm going to keep quiet for a little while to see what happens first.  No, Tony Stewart did not call me...yet.  It's something else that I've been wanting for a long time.  Maybe I'll share later this week.  Until then, have a good night and get some sleep.  Your body will thank you.

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