Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cleavage, Chili, and Candles day of rest!  I love Sundays :-)

I couldn't wait for work, so I wore the Wrap Dress to church today :-)  I was so excited to wear it that I even busted out the curling iron and fancied up my hair. haha. I looked Good!  Lots of compliments.  I do have to make some adjustments to it...lots of cleavage (not quite comfortable in church let me tell ya).

After church we were heading over to the Community Center for Empty Bowls.  It's one of my favorite days of the year.  Locally donated pottery bowls and soup.  For $10 you get the bowl and your choice of wonderful soups and chilis. The proceeds go to local chapters to help feed the hungry.  I always get at least two bowls if not three.  They make wonderful gifts and the cause is so worth it.

I had an hour to kill before it started though and I was meeting up with Grandma before heading over.  What to do. What to do.  I could hit up Starbucks (I always have my book with me for occasions such as this), but I was feelin' Dunkin' Donuts.  Calm down, I wasn't going for a donut. I used to have their Coffee Coolattas all of the time.  I love them.  Now I'm down to about 3 a year.  It is a beautiful day and I was really feeling a coolatta.

I used to have the large several times a week.  Sometimes it was several times a day.  Now whenever I treat myself it's for a small.  A small is really plenty.  Same with Starbucks.  No more Ventis for me.  Just a Tall thank you.  Anyway, Dunkin' Donuts may have the leg up right now because they have coconut syrup.  Oh yeah, it was a tasty treat.  I was hungry though and really could not wait for my soup.

By the time Grandma and I got there it was packed.  It took a little while to find parking (SUCH a good thing :-).  We got in and I immediately found the bowl I wanted.  I grabbed it, but still looked around a little. Grandma found hers and we were off to get our soup.  I started with the Vegetable chili.  Oh it is so good.  A little spicier than my chili.  haha.  Every time I looked around I saw another bowl that I loved and couldn't wait to get my next one.  Luckily I found another one that I fell in love with and got in line for my seconds.  The chili was heavy so I knew my next soup would have to be light.  I found a wonderful hearty Vegetable soup.  It was so delicious.  I really need to learn how to make some.  I could barely finish that second bowl so there was no way I was going to get a third bowl of soup.  But, I would still get the bowl :-)

We decided to go to the mall and walk around for a little while (very full).  The first place we walked into was Bath and Body Works for candles.  Lots of food candles.  Yes, they smell good, but you should not burn them if they are going to make you hungry or crave sweets.  Luckily they have plenty of other wintery scents that aren't food related.  It was hard though.  There was a toasted marshmallow that I loved...and OMG the Hot Chocolate smells amazing.  The only food related candles I allow myself are mint and apple. They smell good, but don't usually make me hungry.

As we were walking around Grandma mentioned that she reads the blog every day and is concerned about my feet.  In general I am fine, but the long walks are tough on them.  We went to The Shoe Dept to look at some sneakers.  I wasn't planning on buying any.  I'm really trying to save money.  Christmas is going to be tight this year.  However, I found this one pair that was on sale.  It was my size.  And it was the last one they had.  If I eat cut corners with my food budget and I don't go anywhere next weekend I can save money on gas and cover it.  They feel so good and are so pretty :-) (Check out my facebook page for a picture).  If it makes Grandma feel better then I had to do it.  Besides, I just got a bunch of Christmas presents this weekend so I'm in decent shape I think.  I also need time to break them in and the marathon is only 7 weeks away.  No more guilt.  I like them.

It was a good day.  And I made it home to watch Tony Stewart take the lead at Talledega.  He did not win, but he had a good finish.  Still waiting for that call.  haha.

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