Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nascar isn't just about a race, it's an experience

Oh my stars I am not even sure I can tell you my name right now.  Today was quite fun, but exhausting.  It was Nascar Race day :-)  You would think I was driving with them as tired as I am.

There was some good and some bad today.  But, there were lots of good intentions.

I had promised Heather that we would stop at Sonic for at least one meal this weekend.  We decided on breakfast this morning. We left a little later than we wanted (but we also discovered yesterday that the start time was an hour later than usual so it was ok).  I woke up before my alarm went off so I was dragging. You know that meant a Starbucks run.  The Starbucks is in the grocery store so we picked up some baby carrots and grapes to put in our coolers which were already full with water bottles.  I should have gotten something small to eat because it was another 45 minutes until we got to Sonic.  I was starving.  I never wait that long before I eat.

So you know that means I did not make the wisest choice.  Although I'm not too sure that there is a wise choice there.  I got the egg and bacon on the croissant with a side of tater tots.  I'm sorry.  My goal was that it would be my cheat for the day.  We had stopped at Wawa for hoagies just before sonic. I had gotten the turkey on a whole wheat roll.  That plus my carrots and grapes should be good.  And then I was planning on a salad for dinner.  That was the plan anyway.

As we got closer to the track Heather's injury started to bother her.  So being the good friend that I am, I said I would not park so far away and make her walk.  We parked about a half mile from the track (as opposed to the mile and a half that I was planning on).  As we were walking it became immediately apparent that we had to use the facilities.  We are not port-a-potty girls.  So we snuck in to McDonalds to use theirs.  Not feeling right about using it for free I bought a bottle of water.  I REALLY wanted a sweet tea, but I stuck with the water.

We walked all of the way around the track and then we saw the stairs.  I made a mistake in my earlier post "Another Left Turn".  I said that there were six flights of stairs (it had been a long time, but I took a picture today to post later).  There were actually 10.  I'm so very proud.  We did it with no stops. Go us! Of course I bribed Heather with the promise of a Margarita if she could do it.  It worked, but it was way too cold for one.

So when we looked at the weather for today it all said "Partly Cloudy high of 59".  That means that it's mostly sunny right?  These people should be fired.  ALL clouds and it was so cold we saw our own breath.  We had stopped to buy some gloves, scarves, and hats on our way, but we still froze.  It was so cold that I had to force myself to eat my hoagie (in record time), but that was all.  Nothing else was eaten.

My nose was running.  My butt was frozen.  My cheeks were burning.  It was extremely uncomfortable.  So what did I do?  Every 100 miles that the drivers completed I ran down the 10 flights of stairs and back up again to get my heart rate up and warm up. GO ME!  I could not believe I did this.  So in total I took on those steps four times today.  WAY better than my first race.

I did manage to drink two bottles of water during the race, but the cold water just made me colder so I didn't drink as much as I had planned.  And would you believe that they did not have Hot chocolate for sale?  I couldn't believe it.  We did find a place after the race (and I'm calling Heather out on it was the place where she purchased a funnel cake) that had hot chocolate.  Best $2 I spent all day.  I could finally feel my toes.

We kind of took the lazy way back to the car after the race. was planned on my part.  I needed movement.  I was already mad at myself for forgetting to start the pedometer when we got there, but I was not going to question our walking.  It seemed like forever before we got to the car.  As soon as we got there I cranked up the heat and whipped out the carrots.  Ahhh.

The plan was to go to one of the restaurant/bars at the beach when we got back for dinner and the Phillies and Ravens games.  I really like their Chicken Caesar salad so it was the perfect solution.  Except it was really late when we got to the car.  So we decided to stop on our way home instead.  We chose Wendy's.  Argh.  You have to know that we passed by so many people grilling and BBQ'ing on the way back to the car.  I wanted a burger bad.  So I got one.  I got a burger and a baked potato. And then we came home.

I am tired.  My nose is stuffed.  I'm coughing.  I can't tell you what day it is.  I think I'm taking tomorrow off from working out.  I don't want to stress my lungs.  I will say though, that this made me a little nervous about doing the Half-Marathon in December.  But, at least my feet don't hurt today.

As I end this I just want to give a shout out to all of the drivers that had pink on their car in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (especially my Tony Stewart). It was so nice to see.  SUPPORT THE BOOBIES!

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support. 

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