Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All about the Boobies

Boobies.  Knockers. Bazoongas. Hooters.  Breastesses.  Whatever you want to call them, I got em.

I was looking at some pictures this weekend. I was floored at my boobs. They were not just in front of me, but on the side of me too.  UGH.  I've always had them.  I was the first to get them in my class.  They were big!  Did you catch that?  WERE.

How often do you hear "The first place you will lose it is your chest"?  I didn't.  I thought it was a cruel joke. It took a while, but it finally started to happen.  I was talking with a friend this weekend about boobs.  Hers have gotten a bit bigger and they are popping out of the bra cups.  I know that feeling.  I will be very honest.  I have no idea how big mine actually were.  Because I never ever bought a bra bigger than 38 DD.  That does not mean that it fit though. Lord I was constantly shoving them back into the cup. Finding a corner so that I could shove my hand down my shirt and move them around.  And I was pulling the sides down.  I would yank that adjustable strap so far that they would practically be in my face. You can go places where they will measure you properly, but you gotta get naked for them.  NO WAY. Trying them on in the fitting room?  With those lights? NO WAY.  So instead, I suffered.

No wonder I had back problems.  I had a giant knot in my shoulder for years.  I was constantly slumped forward.  I was a mess. Slowly, but steadily they have gotten smaller.  My back feels better. The knot in my shoulder is almost gone.  It's a wonderful thing.

A few years ago my mom made a comment "Look how small your boobs are!  They aren't the first thing you notice anymore."  She's right.  And they are even smaller now.  This opens up a whole new world of pretty bras.  I'm no longer limited to the ugly ones. YEAH!

That brings on a whole new issue.  They are not a big and full of fat...so they are not as firm.  BAH!  I gots saggy boobs. BAH! Tonight I skipped the walking (blisters yesterday) and I focused on weights. I spent a lot of time working my chest.  It really does work.  Oh it's not perfect, but it does firm them up a bit.  Of course my roommate got to watch me stretching them out when she came home. haha.  That's very key.  I'm going to be sore in a couple of days and stretching after will help.

I used to lift weights every day, but I had been concentrating on the walking for so long I kind of forgot about it.  That's not cool.  I need to combine the two.  So I'm devoting at least two nights a week to weights again.  I love my muscles.  They are definitely leaner now and I'm good with that.  My goal was never for bulk, it was for fit.

Before I go I want to tell you about my revelation today.  I looked tiny!  I could not stop looking at my waist as I was sitting down. I was checking myself out in the mirror at work.  My mom and grandmom had made a big deal after seeing me last weekend.  They hadn't seen me in a month and said how much smaller I've gotten.  I smiled and thanked them. That's their job.  They are supposed to say that.  The pounds are not coming off the scale so I didn't really believe them. 

**side note is that I know not to always go by the scale, but it's a hard habit to break**

Maybe it was my big A-HA moment with the 13.1 miles this weekend, but I saw myself through their eyes today.  I am getting smaller!

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