Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Biggest Loser - Episode 6

It's Halloween Week on the Ranch...

And that means a big twist!  There are 10 contestants left.  If they lose 100lbs as a group, then no one is going home.  If they don't, then one person goes home.  They vote as one.

So naturally there is a challenge.  There are 10lbs of candy in the kitchen.  For every pound eaten, they get a pound advantage on the scale.  Will anyone take it?  I will be very disappointed if they do.

The bonus for this All-For-One team is that the trainers get to work with people they have not before.  This could be very good.  It will be a shock to their systems.

Awww...there is Love at the Biggest Loser Ranch!  I won't spoil it, but yep they are cute...

There is a team challenge.  There is a maze that they must make it through.  There are apples all through out the maze and they need to get 150 lbs of them for a 5 lbs advantage.  However, if anyone is in the maze when time runs out then they get a 5 lbs disadvantage.  They end up with a nice advantage.

 Sadly, it does not help. Someone is going home.

I will note that I was not a big fan of this person. It really was not a surprise when s/he was voted out, but the difference since being home is awesome!  I am now a big fan.  One of the best "And today I am..." speeches I have heard.  I love this show!  CHANGING LIVES.

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