Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Hello Sunshines,

You know I was going to make great decisions today after the slips this weekend right?  Darn right!  But, let's start at the beginning of the day.

I love my little Pod-mates.  We have a great group.  We work together and we like each other.  They have been very supportive of me, but they have also been some of my biggest temptresses.  Oh yeah, that's right.  I'm talking to you Donna, Marisol, and Tracey!  :-)

The first thing I noticed when I walked in this morning was the bucket-o-candy sitting on someone's desk.  You can't hide that from me.  I'm like a sugar honing device.  It's almost like I knew it was there before I saw it.  It is full of starburst and tootsie rolls.  Thank goodness it's not chocolate.  I would not forgive them for that.  Tootsie rolls are hard enough to pass up, but I was good.  I did not eat any.

Today's lunch plans included meeting a friend out.  In the past we have been known to meet up at Five Guys Burgers (it's halfway between the offices right?)...or as I like to call it "Heaven in my mouth".  We did go to Subway once.  And so we met up at the mall food court and went to Subway again. GO US!  He's training (and I use that term loosely) for the Warrior Dash next month (I'm hoping calling him out will push him :-).  And well, we all know what I'm training for.

I opted for the 6 inch turkey on flatbread with cheese, spinach, tomato, cucumbers, and mustard.  It was tasty.  I brought my own drink so that I didn't make a meal out of it and had some yogurt, grapes, and carrots when I got back to the office.  YEAH.

I was asked by two different people about going out to lunch later in the week, but I had to pass.  I missed walking yesterday, today, and I have Bible study tomorrow.  I NEED to walk Thursday and Friday.  I would love to go out to eat every day, but I have to be smart about this.  Once a week only.  It's all about discipline.  Plus, I save money :-)

Still trying to make up for the lack of water this weekend I was chugging it all day today.  Great in theory, except that it makes me have to pee all day.  I usually try to stop around 3:30 if I know I'm going to walk after work, but I didn't do that today.

I got to the park and really wanted to make it a quick workout. The Phillies game had started and I really wanted to watch it.  I figured I would get three miles in and head home.  Problem. I had to pee so bad on that first lap I did not see it happening.  There are bathrooms at the park, but I really try to avoid them.  Besides, I've noticed a locked door on the ladies room for a while.  I could not take it though.  I had to go.  So I sucked it up and used the men's room.  EWWWWWWWWWWW.  Definitely one of the grossest things I have ever done for a workout.

So I had the game in my head, I had to pee, and my calves were killing me from the 40 flights of stairs I did on sunday.  I did not have it in my head to walk tonight.  Here's why I pushed through it though.  The best thing for my sore calves is stretching stretching them out.  That first mile they were still so tight.  I had to push to get through those laps without crying. After that mile I was feeling better..or so I thought.  Problem.  Butt cramp!  Omg can you die from a butt cramp?  I thought I was going to.  Those stairs did wonders for my tushy, but oh man it was sore.  I felt like I was starting to limp and that former fat girl started laughing at me "Man Down!  But cramp turn 3!"  I pushed even harder and by the end of that second mile I was golden.  Nothing hurt any more.  I was ready for four miles, not three.

Guess what!  I totally did FIVE!  I was in such a rhythm and I was not ready to stop. I was so depressed at the idea of only putting in four miles today.  How awesome is that?  Since when is four miles a bad day?  I amaze myself.  It's such a good feeling.

Oh and I made it back in plenty of time to see the Phillies pull off the win!  It was a good day y'all!

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.


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