Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ramblings of a tired chick...

My boobs hurt! lol...It was a good workout yesterday.

I was supposed to have today off from working out.  Well technically I was supposed to meet a friend after work and walk at a track, but the rain came and washed away that plan.  I was also supposed to have Bible Study during lunch, but it got postponed a week.  So do I still take the day off?  Nah.  I went to the mall to walk.

**Side note- Saw three stores decorated for Christmas already...REALLY????**

It had been a couple of weeks since I've been to the mall at lunch (thoroughly enjoying walking the four miles outside everyday...come on sunny Thursday!).  My legs were a little tight and I felt like my pace was really off.  It wasn't.  I love that.  I even got smart and parked in the parking garage so I didn't have to take my umbrella in and drip water everywhere.  Smart Blonde in da house!

So as I said earlier, my boobs hurt.  My chest and arms have been feeling tight all day so I've been stretching as much as possible.  I had also done squats last night. I assumed my legs would hurt, but I supposed all of my walking has them loosened up. YEAH. Of course tomorrow may be a different story.  Remember that your muscles will hurt worse the second day.  No one ever believes me when I them that.  haha.  TRUST me, I know. 

I still have to post about that first week at the gym.  There was a lot of pain that week. Here's a little preview: we were forced to use the handicapped stalls in the bathroom because we needed to use the hand railings to lower ourselves to the toilet...I had cut in my mouth for a week because I down so hard on my lip to keep from screaming. 

Anyway, last night I was super tired.  I actually fell asleep during the last 10 minutes of Biggest Loser. The HORROR!  I did wake up to see who got sent home though, so I think I was only out for a few minutes.

**Side note- Did you watch?  Did you see Bob saying "You got this!"...awwww Now I know where I got it.  THANK YOU BOB!**

I passed out immediately after it ended and had a really hard time getting up this morning.  I actually considered calling out of work and sleeping all day.  I dare say that my body is tired.  I really really want to sleep in soon.  Do I take Saturday off from a long walk this weekend?  I should say yes, but I probably won't.  I can sleep in after the Half-Marathon :-)  Perhaps I can sleep in and walk in the afternoon...hmmm...will have to look into this. I am just full of smartness today.  Yeah, that's right.  I said smartness.  I told you, I'm tired. :-) 

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