Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Biggest Loser - Episode 5

Another Exciting Week on the Biggest Loser Ranch...and off

Tonight's big twist was that one player was going to win immunity and get to go home for a week...with their trainer.  Now the catch is that the person who goes home will be the only one whose weight counts for the weigh in.  Way to shake things up Biggest Loser.

This was determined by a Plinko board (you remember Plinko from Prices Right).  Now let me set the scene.  There is this large board where the contestants had to place their name in one section on the bottom.  Wherever the Plinko chip landed would be the winner.  Um...Only the black team has not voted off a member.  You knew the odds were with them.  Bob is going home with someone! LUCKY.

The field was split. Half were excited about the idea of going home, and others really did not want to be the winner.  Why?  It would be a distraction.  Sure you would get to see your family, but you would also have your trainer with you. The visit home would not be a picnic.  Honestly, I think having Bob critique my daily lifestyle would set me back weeks of progress.

The lucky winner was Sunny from the Black team.  She was beyond excited and Bob ripped into her.  The fate of her entire team is resting on her progress.  Will she be able to focus?  Will she fall back into her old life?  The rest of the team was not as excited as she was.  Sunny had the lowest percentage lost on the team.  Not exactly a vote of confidence.
Back on the ranch they are having a challenge.  They have to fill up two glasses with soda and maneuver their way through a maze of strings and dump them in a giant tube.  The first team to fill it to the line wins.  Each person on that team gets to send one person from their friends and family to the Biggest loser Ranch for two weeks.  Everyone wants this.

They used Orange Soda and learned that there are 17 teaspoons of sugar in 20 oz of soda.  YIKES.  This was a hard pill to swallow.  One guy admitted to drinking 10 cans a day.  Ugh.  I used to drink Diet coke from morning until night.  I can't even think about the damage I did to my body.

Back to Bob!  So he is in Texas for the week and they take him out to dinner.  They go for BBQ...mmmm...BBQ.  His first comment "There is nothing here that I can eat."  Bob's tip-Don't have it every night, but when you do have it choose the lean meats.

Highlight for the night- Bob on the bull!  Rewind, can I watch that again? My favorite moment by far.

I won't spoil the weigh-in, but I will say that Sunny rocked it!  Bob got through to her this week.  She had her A-HA moments, but she also got the support from her family that she didn't have before.  Instead of stopping for donuts on the way to school, she and her son went to Subway for eggs and veggies.  Every night the whole family went for a walk.  She changed her life and it showed on the scale.  YOU GO GIRL!
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